Mac on the comeback trail.

I stumbled across this article written by William John Hagan for the Houston Home Journal and posted on his blog:

The massive outpouring of support for Collins demonstrates a determination, among Houston County voters, to stop Jim Marshall from becoming our next congressman. For two terms Marshall has worked against the people of Georgia through a liberal economic agenda and his repeated support of the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, with whom he votes 73% of the time.

It sure seems that Collins and his supporters are drawing a contrast to Marshall.


  1. GAWire says:

    The fact that he has voted with Pelosi 73% of the time should be enough to give him the boot . . . even for liberal Georgia Dems!

    I would love to see some polling numbers based on voters in that district. I just don’t see how a majority of voters would pick a liberal that isn’t even a typical GA Dem over someone like Mac Collins, who has a proven track record of quality service for voters. I am not totally informed on the demographics of that district, though, so maybe someone out there can provide some more specific analysis on this district and the race in general.

  2. emily says:

    I’d like to see how often Linder or Norwood voted with Pelosi–probably not far off the 73% number. Voting 73% of the time with Pelosi doesn’t just mean on controversial votes–it’s all of them. Most votes aren’t even close. I think the 73% number is actually incredibly LOW, actually, and shows quite the conservative streak in Marshall. I’d like to see the percentage that he votes with Hastert. Probably higher or at least close.

  3. WHAT?! You mean he voted with Nancy Pelosi to honor Rosa Parks and to designate August 22nd National Shark Awareness Day??!#%

    As emily has said, that statistic is pretty meaningless. If you think Jim Marshall is some kind of avowed or stealth liberal, then you’re WAY out of the mainstream of every single Congressional district in Georgia and probably 99% of the districts in the entire United States.

    Besides, I bet voters prefer someone who was 73% with Pelosi to someone who was >99% with DeLay.

  4. GAWire says:

    Yes, I am aware of the way comparable voting percentage works. But, that is why I was wondering if there are any specific numbers or analysis on this district and Marshall in comparison to others, so we can see what kind of voting history he has and how that relates to the district’s constituency.

    That statistic IS meaningless assuming that he voted with Nancy Pelosi only on issues such as honoring Rosa Parks and National Shark Awareness all the time, but what about on the contreversial issues?

    Also, I do know some of the comparable voting percentages in relation to DeLay, and I think you would be surprised how wrong your assumption is. He was the Party Whip for goodness sake!

    One final note, it’s one thing if you think DeLay is a corrupt, scandalous fella, but if you are measuring political genious, comparing Pelosi to DeLay is apples and oranges. As a matter of fact, the only way Pelosi and Dem leaders could defeat him is to use the media to hype up bogus charges, which include things that both Pelosi and most congressional members are guilty of.

    I’m not necessarily defending DeLay, b/c that is a different discussion for a different day, but comparing voting records for members in conservative districts with Tom DeLay vs. Pelosi . . . well, no matter how corrupt a Texas conservative Republican may be, it will always be better than San Fran, CA lib.

  5. By the way, did you know that in the 2001-2002 session of the general assembly, Glenn Richardson voted with Democrat Tom Bordeaux 74.5% of the time! And with Democratic LEADER Larry Walker 76.5% of the time!

    Sounds like Republicans need a new speaker if they are operating under “Houston County” rules.

  6. As you can see, the first Republican speaker of the House voted with Democratic leaders more often than the current Democratic congressman from Macon votes with Democratic leader.

    Putting things into perspective makes you see how weak the argument against Marshall is, particularly in the Houston County article. Blaming Jim for the fact that 70% of family owned businesses fail by the second generation because he didn’t vote for estate tax repeal? Since less than 5% of family owned businesses even fall under the jurisdiction of the estate tax, surely the other 65%+ of those failing businesses can be attributed to something other than Marshall’s voting record.

    Oh wait, I reread the article and it is even better than I previously remembered. Apparently, 70% of family businesses used to fail until Mac Collins voted to repeal the death tax. Oh that’s rich. Another thing we learn is that Houston County sent a clear message to Jim Marshall that they want him back in Congress, but that the secret service estimates only about 200 people showed up. Last I checked Houston had closer to 45,000 voters. Wonder what the other 44,800 think about this race?

    I’m just amazed PP would waste its time with such a lame article.

  7. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Mac is the conservative voice that these counties need in DC. He wont play games by being conservative here at home and toe the liberal Democrat line at the Capitol.

    Mac also is a great friend of the Vets and military around Warner Robins. He can better represent them by being in the party in power and not being on the outside of every decision that is made in the House.

    Mac is the candidate and will be the Congressman.

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