Recall Ellis

The Erickson household is still recovering from strep/stomach bugs. In any event, today the Recall Ellis effort makes it way to court in Macon. The effort has five very well articulated points that show Ellis falls within the recall statute.

Remember, in a recall, the facts presented do not have to be true, there just has to be probably cause to believe they are true. Once that is established, all a judge is required to do is determine if a reasonable person could conclude there was a legal violation if the facts, as presented, were true.

I think they meet that burden and this should go forward.


  1. macongop says:

    It will interesting to see what the outcome will be today. Even though this is the same Judge that threw out the last challenge by RecallEllis, I think the group has their case a little more organized now. I just hate the fact that if Ellis is recalled, he can run again for Mayor.

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