Carter for Senate?

In today’s WSJ Opinion Journal Political Diary, to which I subscribe, there was an article on Jack Carter, son of GA’s own former-President Jimmy Carter, and his current run for the U.S. Senate in Nevada. While, this doesn’t necessarily pertain to GA politics directly, it will be interesting to see how involved Jimmy Carter will be in his son’s race.

Jack Carter, son of the former Democratic president, is exploring a run for Nevada’s senate seat in 2006. If early poll numbers are an indication, don’t expect to hear the word “dynasty” and Mr. Carter’s name in the same sentence. But weak as he polls, Democrats have yet to field other candidates to challenge Republican incumbent John Ensign.

The article goes on to mention some latest poll numbers: Ensign currently beating Carter 59% to 25%, with 16% Undecided; and, also mentions his low name ID compared to his sister, Amy, who grew up in the White House during JC’s term.

Interestingly enough, the article also highlights the fact that Jack Carter has admitted to past drug use . . . something he obviously can’t deny since he was discharged from the Navy for “smoking dope and dropping acid while at nuclear power school” as the article puts it. It seems his father’s desire to serve didn’t fully rub off on Jack . . .

Article courtesy of Christian Knoebel and the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal Political Diary.


  1. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    I’ laughing at the idea he could be a US Senator. But hey, if his bumbling, dense father could be president, anything is possible.

  2. al91206 says:

    It’s ALMOST as funny as having a cokehead alcholic for our President now – right UGA Wins???

    Maybe when the rest of the USA figures out that diplomacy, and HELPING others instead of bombing them works then we’ll ALL live in a better place….

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