Open Thread

The baby is sick, the wife has strep throat, and I’m trying to close a law practice. I’ll have more on the polling later. Sonny’s numbers are hella better than the President’s.

Consider this an open thread . . .


  1. Get well soon…

    Re: Sonny, they better be if he wants to win. Still, I’d prefer to see job approval and re-elect instead of personal approval. I’d tell a pollster I personally approve of Sonny (always been nice to me) even though I have no intention of voting for him.

  2. Ben King says:

    and, honestly, his personal “niceness” could work with charges that he hasn’t accomplished much, and he could be hard to take seriously. kind of an ‘aw, shucks’ image problem.

  3. albert says:

    Alrighty then….

    Hasn’t accomplished much???? What planet are you living on. Barnes didn’t leave much to work with. The state was in the hole when he took over. He’s correct the budget and signed some good legislation into law. What more do you want from a Governor?

    Well, I guess that was a dumb question. Dems (and Federal legislators both Rep. and Dem) love Santa Claus. I suppose if you duct taped a white beard on him there could be a resemblance…..

  4. stephaniemills21 says:

    As this is an open thread, I would like to point out to everyone that there is no news concerning Casino Ralph today. What are you all supposed to argue about now?

  5. Silence says:

    t-RUST me, Steph, we can, and most likely will, find something. We’re Republicans, remember? We’re not happy unless we’re feasting on the pound of flesh we’ve extracted from one of our own.

  6. Albert, I guess in the fantasy world you live in the huge rainy day fund that Barnes left Perdue had nothing to do with his ability to make it through recession years upon entering into office without raising taxes. Oh nevermind, scratch that last part about not raising taxes.

    Actually I can forgive you. With the way Perdue charged into office in a Massachusetts like fashion I guess you’d look for someone to blame and Barnes is an easy target afterall.

  7. Ben King says:

    I actually think that the GOP has accomplished a lot in the short time they’ve been in control. I think very little of it is “good legislation”, but we can have that debate another time (really, I’d rather not get into that right now.)

    If you will re-read my point, Albert, you’ll see that I was careful NOT to say “Sonny hasn’t done anything”. My point was that some have, and will, say such things. Regardless of its veracity (which again, I’m glad to debate you on), such a charge could be coupled with his ‘nice’ factor to paint the picture of a helpless mama’s boy.

  8. HeartofGa says:

    Actually, some of the things that contribute to good government are intangible. For example, I want both leadership and a clear vision from our governor, and Perdue has offered neither. His election was a result of the “perfect storm” of Barnes’ arrogance, teacher dissatisfaction and flagger hostility. Come on, republican or democrat, Perdue’s a nice guy, but how many watched his career and anticipated that he would become governor? Here’s a test question. If we had a real crisis, and the governor addressed the citizens, would I feel more or less confident after he or she stepped away from the microphone?

  9. Maurice Atkinson says:

    It’s too early for substantive debates. 30 folks seems like a weak turnout given the circus atmosphere of this race.

    Was anything mentioned of scandal?

    Bill, did you get phone numbers?

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