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Jimmy Franklin is being encouraged and intends to run for the Georgia Supreme Court next year. Will he be challenging Harold Melton from the right?


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Jimmy Franklin is a good man and would make an excellent Judge at any level.

    If he runs, he’ll have tremendous support and will win.

  2. DoubleDawg3 says:

    While I don’t know Jimmy Franklin personally, after reading some more about him (and everyone’s glowing reviews on here)…as well as refreshing my memory on the July 20th post on PeachPundit about Harold Melton…I hope he does run, he seems far more qualified for the post.

    Furthermore, what exactly is our Governor doing appointing a Justice that agrees with Leah Sears on anything, anyway? – WOW, talk about GOP leaders blowing judicial nominations this year (by the way, that’s certainly not a knock on John Roberts of course).

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Word has it that the Governor told Jimmy Franklin that he wasn’t a good enough Republican for the Governor to appoint…

    Funny — Jimmy Franklin was fighting for the conservative cause back when Perdue was trying to elect Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Mike Dukakis, and Bill Clinton to national office…

    Run Jimmy Run!!!

  4. Romegaguy says:

    Miers’ nomination was better than Howard Mead running for state court of appeals… neither was really qualified for the job but at least Miers had practiced real law in a real courtroom.

  5. kingmaker says:

    The reason Jimmy Franklin was not tapped is because he is a TRIAL LAWYER!!! The business community was against him from the beginning. During his service for the AG & the Governor, Melton got the reputation as being pro-business. Debate amongst yourselves whether this reputation was merited. His recent decisions notwithstanding, Melton will enjoy the support of the business community. Further, if anyone learned one lesson from the last Sears election, it is incumbent judges do not lose reelection bids.

  6. Incumbent Democratic judges do not lose when their Republican opponent is videotaped lying about his credentials. In the spirit of the polling discussions on this site, I’d offer that there really isn’t a large enough sample to draw any statistically valid conclusions about other incumbents in the “modern” era.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Wrong, Kingmaker. He was actually acceptable from not only the business community, but both Senator Isakson and Senator Chambliss.

    The reason is…well, I’ll hold off on the real reason until such time where it will have the most impact. Tapping out the answer in such a small forum won’t have anywhere near the effect as publishing it next year if Franklin gets in.

  8. kingmaker says:

    Believe what you wish, Mr. Simon. The forces that successfully pushed the tort reform bills through the Legislature were very uncomfortable with the appointment of a personal injury attorney to the state’s highest court. As such, Mr. Franklin never stood a chance.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Jimmy Franklin is not a personal injury attorney.

    He was acceptable to President George H. W. Bush who nominated him to the Federal Bench (his nomination was stalled by a Democratic Senate).

    Senator Saxby Chambliss, Senator Johnny Isakson, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas all made it known they fully supported Jimmy Franklin to be appointed to the Georgia Supreme Court.

    He is highly qualified and experienced and will do well and likely win in a statewide race for the Supreme Court of Georgia.

    Obviously you can see that I strongly support and am encouraged by this news and can only hope that Jimmy will decide to make this a race.

  10. kingmaker says:

    If you don’t believe Mr. Franklin is a personal injury attorney, just Google “James Franklin” Statesboro. The first site that pops up is Legal Pointer’s Personal Injury Law Directory http://georgia.legalpointer.com/query/S.GA-Georgia/C.Statesboro which lists Mr. Franklin.

    Further, go to Mr. Franklin’s biography page at his law firm’s web site, http://www.ftrsm.com/profiles/1074712, and you will see that his area of practice includes “Litigation-Civil & Med. Mal., Product Liability, Tractor/Trailor, Auto Accidents.” While I don’t dispute he may do some defense work, he has a reputation across this state as a plaintiff’s attorney. And that makes folks very nervous.

  11. Silence says:

    Comments: Franklin is imminently qualified, regardless of his political stance. Remember, politics are supposed to stay out of the judicial process (raps knuckles on desk).

    Kingmaker: if it was tort reform that kept Franklin out, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say it was the Docs who were mostly against him, not businesses? If so, then it shouldn’t be an issue anymore. The Docs are a lame duck group for awhile now…they got everything they wanted in tort reform…they won’t likely be coming back for anything else for awhile now.

  12. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, Kingmaker, if you happen to enter a grocery store and they got some employee sloppin’ the floors with no “Warning! Wet Floor” sign out and you just walk into the water puddle because you’re looking at the aisle signs, not the floor, and you slip and fall and bust your tailbone.

    If the grocery store says “Hey, he took responsibility when he came in. See, we have a sign on the door that says ‘This store is not responsible for any injury or death that you or anyone with you might encounter.’ So, we are absolved from paying for his self-inflicted injuries.

    Kingmaker: I Guess YOU would shrug and say “Well, okay, I’ll see you guys later and work this issue out on my own”, wouldn’t you?

    See, “personal injury lawyers” ARE a necessary part of our life in America because torts happen to innocent people sometimes and when businesses and insurance companies try their damndest to screw the injured party, a personal injury lawyer is who they have to call in order to get compensation.

    Kingmaker, you’re nothing but an ignoramous if you think the “individual” deserves to get fuc*** by circumstances that were directly caused by someone else’s negligence. Who the hell are you to sneer at “trial lawyers?” What contribution do YOU make to this world?

  13. I agree. Or what about when a Republican governor you trusted elevates Harold Melton to the Supreme Court? Sounds like a class action suit ready to be formed among state committee members and party activists. Without trial lawyers and the huge damages they would win from Sonny, Republican governors will never learn.

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