Witch Hunt, Part MCXIII

A poll commissioned by Republicans now sits on the desk of every ranking decision-maker in the state GOP, whether here or in Washington. The news is good if you’re Gov. Sonny Perdue. Not so good if you’re Ralph Reed…

This has led state Republicans to emphasize the need to protect their quarterback. Which brings us to Reed, who wants to be lieutenant governor. In the GOP poll, 11 percent of Georgians view Reed favorably. Sixteen percent view him with distaste. And 42 percent know who he is. Do the political math — for this is the strange phenomenon that has GOP strategists concerned.

If 42 percent know who Reed is, and only 27 percent offer an opinion of him — whether good or bad — then 15 percent are purposely keeping their mouths shut.

GOP analysts think Reed may be generating hidden negatives — that Reed supporters who have stuck with their charismatic leader in the past are beginning to have second thoughts. But they aren’t yet ready to voice them.

Nothing new under the sun, eh? Now, let’s all join in and have a Rip-Ralphie-Again party. So much fun. I can’t wait.

Oh, darn, I forgot to tell you who that quote was from. Oh well, you should be able to guess it pretty easily anyway. Jim “Gotta hate Ralph” Galloway, by way of the Atlanta Journal Constitution Political Insider, Monday edition.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Silence, just because a reporter is hell-bent on exposing the REAL story behind the man (i.e., that the man is a charlatan and a crook), that really doesn’t mean Jim Galloway “hates” Ralph Reed.

    Galloway is just out to expose how big of a crook (checkout #4 in the list of definitions) Ralph is…and, we should all be interested in finding out all about him. Or, are you only interested in left-wing crooks?

    The fact is, your blind loyalty of Ralph reminds me of the type of blind loyalty that drove Hitler and Stalin into power. Your life must be so devoid of anything to look forward to that you must turn your attention to following a man who acts as nothing but the shadiest character in American politics since Bill Clinton.

    Here’s another interesting article that was published yesterday, but in TIME Magazine.

  2. Publicola says:

    I wonder what numbers Casey Cagle received in this poll? It seems Ralph Reed’s support is leaving him, but is it going to Cagle? I don’t think so. The door is wide open for another candidate.

  3. Silence says:

    Isn’t that just a hoot? All of a sudden, when the press suddenly supports your pre-formed opinions (regardless of whether they’re true or not), they’re impartial and in search of the truth. Just like so many of these Christian Coalition types. One minute they’re screaming about how partial and biased and untruthful the media is…then, two days later, they email me an article, wanting me to take it as gospel because it supports some of their pre-formed opinions. What a bust.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Silence, I’ve never been one of these screaming conservatves that rails against the news when it is done by left-owned publications.

    The fact that Cynthia Tucker, Jay Bookman, Julia Wallace, and several of the other libbies are all on the AJC board, that doesn’t mean the news reported by the AJC is false. Their opinions (i.e., the stories on the Op-Ed page) are, a lot of times, out to lunch.

    But, the news reporting side, when written by people like Jim Galloway, Alan Judd, Tom Baxter, Nancy Baderschater (sp?) and a few others, is pretty top-notch.

    You should get Bill Maher’s recent book, “New Rules.” As he puts it, it’s not that the MSM is a bunch of left-wing Commies, they just happen to be incredibly lazy when it comes to doing full research on a story.

    The same cannot be said about Jim Galloway, whom I know makes darned sure he has the proof to back his news stories about Ralphie Poo before he presents it.

    Silence, where is your sidekick, GAWire?

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