The Poll

Peach Pundit has learned that the poll referenced by Silence four posts below was paid for by the House Republican Caucus. With that established, was the poll leaked because the Speaker is worried about Reed’s impact or because Keen’s people are trying to build pressure for Reed’s withdrawal?



  1. Bill Simon says:

    I would say the Speaker is a smart enough guy to test the waters on the impact of Ralph on the entire future of the GOP in Georgia and that he directed it after the story came out a weekend ago about Ralph’s eLottery entanglement and working to de-elect 10 House Republicans if they didn’t vote against the bill in 2000.

  2. Booray says:

    Maybe they were just taking the poll to test the general political waters, period. And testing Reed was just part of it, since he is certainly part of the political landscape. The story I read about it leaked other numbers beyond Reed, so I’m not sure there is any reason to believe this was directed at him.

    I am no fan of Reed (to the extent I still care about the Lt. Gov. race) but this may be reading too much into things.

  3. albert says:

    JC Watts was one of the congressmen Reed worked to defeat. Seems kind of odd to try to run off one of our more prominent figures.

    Hmmm,, Greed is Good???

  4. Silence says:

    This had nothing to do with Reed. Trace the pattern. Richardson hires Tony Simon, from the Senate side, to come work in his “political” shop. Waits until the waters get rough with both Sonny AND Ralph. Waits until several weeks after Insider Advantage poll. Polls.

    One of two things is going on: Keen is restless, or Richardson is restless.

    Which one? Or both?

  5. albert says:

    The fact is the whole Party is worried about Reed. Poll or no poll I’ve talked with the leadership in various parts of the state. All are unanimous that Reed is damaged goods and blankets every race.

    His double mindedness has marginalized every Republican. The Party was only recovering from the SB 5 debacle and now comes Reed with his say one thing and do another.

    Why would anyone want to support this man? His followers make excuses just as the Clintonistas did. Now he is in a damned if he does and damned if he does scenario with this race.

    As a Party, our only hope is that people will see him for what he is and vote against him.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Hammertime, the House may have passed it, but, the “The Ten” were targeted before that vote. Apparently, they didn’t target their resources very well, did they?

  7. albert says:

    Melb, the basic philosophy of both seem to have strong similarities. And the reaction of their followers are the same.

    The philosophy is that the ends justify the means. The ends being, what’s in it for me at the cost of everything else. Neither seems to have an ethical base.

  8. Silence says:

    I hesitate to say this, because I’m not at all sure about it, but I was thinking more along the lines of perhaps Richardson was hoping Sonny’s numbers had taken a dive since the school closing debacle. I could be wrong, but that thought definitely floated through my head.

  9. Silence says:

    Well, I may decide to, one day, (dare I say) come out of the closet? I don’t want my credibility TOTALLY shot 😀

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