Handel & Taylor — The Silent Campaigns

If you haven’t heard, Karen Handel is running for Lt. Governor Secretary of State [EE: Sorry, up since 3am with a sick baby]. Likewise, Mark Taylor is running for Governor. You might not have heard that because both campaigns have been rather silent.

I have heard several reports of chaotic organization within the Handel campaign. Notwithstanding those rumors, which I do not really believe, I do think it is interesting to note the relative quiet campaigns. A friend of Taylor’s tells me that on Taylor’s part it is intentional. There is a lot of chatter out there right now about the races, particularly on the Republican side, and Taylor feels no need to come out now. He is out raising money and meeting with movers and shakers, but is not generating headlines. I assume the same goes for Handel.

Somewhat humorously, this friend of Taylor’s compares Taylor’s strategy to that of Ralph Reed. Reed, he says, has been staying below the radar, raising money, organizing counties, and meeting with movers and shakers. Taylor has been doing the same thing. The difference, the friend says, is that Reed won’t stay off the front page of the paper, even though he is not the one out drumming up the headlines.

Several consultants and elected types I’ve talked to have said they are sensing that a lot of candidates have decided to stay out of the limelight right now. “Casey and Ralph have sucked all the air out right now. No one is paying attention and, if they are, that’s all they are hearing. We’ll sit out for now,” said one Democrat candidate to me. I think she has a point.


  1. It doesn’t really surprise me to read that Mark Taylor is “flying under the radar” for now.

    I think that the Cathy Cox campaign, in generating all this press, is pulling a Howard Dean.

    Basically what that means is that Cathy Cox is creating a lot of momentum early by generating press and cris-crossing the state, campaigning, to try and place an aura of inevitability on her campaign for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

    And it seems to be working on the Democratic side because you’ve got a lot folks who are swooning over all the positive press that Cathy Cox is getting.

    But here’s the second part of “pulling a Howard Dean,” all that momentum may fizzle out by the time people actually start paying attention.

    Mark Taylor has yet to unleash his full strength yet because he knows that no one is paying attention yet.

    So I guess the moral of this story is to wait and see, because while Cathy Cox is building all of this momentum, Mark Taylor hasn’t made a significant move yet. And trust me, we’ll all know when the “Big Guy” makes his big move.

  2. 4ofspades says:

    As far as Handel’s campaign goes, what’s there to make noise about at this point? Unless you’re RR who has to fight off bad press, all any candidate should be focused on is raising money, getting endorsements, and getting in front of republicans. I heard that she spoke at Oconee County this week, and people who heard all three candidates speak in Augusta on Sat said she had a great showing.

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