GOP advances good policies.

Recently I’ve heard from a number of grassroots Republicans about what a horrible, terrible job Georgia Republicans have done since winning the Governor’s Mansion and gaining majorities in the Legislature. The unrest has boiled to the point that a person told me about a plan by a GOP District Chairman to give the Governor a list of “instructions.” “Surely you mean this person has a list of ‘suggestions’ for the Governor” I asked. “No, ‘instructions’” was the reply.

Setting aside the arrogance of this District Chairman, I think it’s high time for the GOP to trumpet what’s been accomplished and what plans are in the works. To that end, let me bring to your attention this article by Kelly McCutchen of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. Here are the highlights:

First, the House Taxpayer Bill of Rights Study Committee met on Oct. 11 to consider whether Georgia should adopt a limit on state and local government spending. As the concept is applied in Colorado, spending growth is limited to the previous year’s spending adjusted for population and inflation. Tax revenues above this limit are automatically rebated to the taxpayers unless citizens approve a plan for spending the excess.

For more on this, read my earlier post.

and this:

Wireless technology is not only revolutionizing Internet access, but could soon provide affordable access to rural areas. A new technology called Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is revolutionizing the voice communication market. Even newer is Video over Internet Protocol, which will provide similar competition to traditional television broadcasters, cable providers and satellite services.

These increasing competitive options make the timing excellent for the Senate Emerging Communication Technologies Study Committee, which met to consider the ongoing role of the Georgia Public Service Commission (over and above regulation by the Federal Communications Commission). If the committee continues as its initial leaning indicates – toward a free market position – the results will be positive for consumers.

and finally:

The third meeting, of the Senate Eminent Domain and Economic Development Study Committee, highlighted the greatest potential threat to freedom in our state – eminent domain abuse.

Three good things going on right now – under Republican leadership.


  1. Eddie T says:

    It’s almost like you guys pretend that Democrats were the ones that introduced SB5. How things change….

  2. Silence says:

    I completely agree, Buzz, though, remember, in politics good works are only good works if the voters know about them. Sonny has done a relatively excellent job, but people are too pissed off at he and his staff to listen to anyone talk about the good things they’ve done. That’s where the hang – up is.

  3. Warrior says:

    Tort Reform
    Fair Congressional Maps
    Land Conservation Act
    Ethics Reform
    Program-based Budgeting
    Budget Cuts
    No new taxes (unless you smoke)
    Elections Reform
    Equal Jury Strikes for Prosecutors
    Fewer Health Insurance Mandates
    Saved HOPE

    Working on….education funding, eminent domain, illegal immigration, sexual predators, and energy

    If you don’t like that list, you aren’t a Republican!

  4. Booray says:

    Give the governor “instructions?”

    What anti-social planet of morons do some of these GOP activists come from?


    And thinking that somehow the governor’s “staff” is getting in the way of people appreciating his accomplishments? That’s so insider it’s almost as irrational as the “instructions” fool.

    People really, really, really need to think before they speak/post/decide on the “instructions” they are going to give the governor.

    It only helps them avoid looking like knuckle-dragging fools…

    Booray Bussey (not smart enough to either give the governor instructions nor so self-consumed that he fails to see the wonderful state of affairs Republicans find themselves in after so many years of wandering in the wilderness)

  5. rickday says:

    :::applause for all the fine MEETINGS the GOP has rolled up their custom made white shirt sleeves and knocked out::::::

    not to mention how our poor state is nowl safe from Adam and Steve!

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