Ralph Reed defends himelf…

Follow this link to read the article about Ralph Reed defending himself on accusations he knew about taking gambling money.

This is almost absurd. The emails between Abramoff and Reed show that Ralph “allegedly” was VERY MUCH involved in how the money was spent, who was being targeted, and which companies to flow the money through. At this point, you’d have to really be foolish to believe Ralph Reed’s side of the story…

If we’re not careful, Ralph Reed’s going to take a lot of Georgia Republicans down with him…


  1. Tater Tate says:

    I’ve been absent for a while, but I see very little has changed on the Pundit. I’m sick of this Ralph’s going to take us down crap. I’m glad you CC guys have convinced yourselves of that. You’re going to be run over like a freight train.

    Ralph has taken us to where we are in Georgia and we are not going to abandon him now. Those who are out to destroy him make me sick. Grow up. All these stories tell me is that Ralph knows how to make money. He also knows how to get things done and if he brings that energy and know-how to the General Assembly then we’ll be a better state for it. People like Ralph are always attacked because they are lighting rods for our cause. You stand behind those people, not jump into the water with the media/liberal sharks.

    My surveys tell me Ralph’s support is standing firm. But let’s assume you are right and he drops out. I can assure you there will be a lot of people working for CC’s next opponent with all their might, and there will be one, because his campaign will not be forgiven for running the race it has run thus far.

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