Homeless paid to attend rally.

The AJC has a followup story on Monday’s rally against illegal immigration: Homeless paid $10 to attend immigration rally.

As he admitted here at Peach Pundit, D.A. King paid 14 homeless people to stand at the rally and hold signs:

King said the people he hired to hold signs at the rally are homeless, regularly congregate near the Capitol and share his views on illegal immigration.

“Trust me, they are angry,” King said. “When the day comes when I cannot pay an American for an hour’s worth of work for making their voices heard, it’s a sad day,” he said.

King Mitchell, 28, said he he(sic) was paid $10 to hold a placard, but also personally agrees with those who want to clamp down on illegal immigration. Mitchell said he stays at the Gateway Center, an Atlanta homeless shelter.

Anthony-Scott Hobbs, chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party and the rally’s chief organizer, has said he had not hired anyone to attend the rally.

State Sen. Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta), who opposes the legislation targeting illegal immigrants, denounced the hiring of paid rally participants. “This is too complicated an issue. We don’t need people to pay people to agree with them,” Zamarripa said. “We need cool heads and moderate voices.”