1. dking says:

    I paid the willing American day-labor to attend the rally at the capitol yesterday. I am D.A. King, and am president of The Dustin Inman Society http://www.thedustininmansociety.org

    Out of my pocket….I want credit…..

    I write a column in the Marietta Daily Journal, on-line @ http://www.vdare.com , a blog on our site and I actively oppose illegal immigration.

    How radical ehhh?

    The entries here that say it is somewhow imporoper to give homeless Americans lunch money to make their voices heard on our intentionally un-secured borders, illegal immigration, English being an optional language in Georgia and the declining wages created by our being colonized by Mexico and the Third world are very telling.

    For those of you who cannot grasp that illegal immigration, from all over the world, has actually increased since the horror of 9/11/2001 [ remember that?]… I say that you do not deserve the efforts of the Americans, including my real, legal IMMIGRANT sister to protect your mindless existence.

    I hope that all 10,000 or so illegals that will come into your children’s republic tomorrow go to YOUR house.

    Ask yourselves why the AMNESTY of 1986 produced an increase in illegal immigration. Ask yourselves why Louisiana resisidents are not getting the re-building jobs that are being given to illegal labor at the presidents directives…

    Ask yourselves how many illegal aliens…from anywhere, are enough.

    Ask yourselves why we even have borders.
    Yuck folks, por favor, engage minds before hitting keyboard…..si?

  2. So let me get this straight. The President’s suspension of Davis-Bacon fair wage guarantees in the rebuilding of the Gulf may mean that documented American workers will lose jobs to undocumented illegals who are willing to work for less than the “documented” wage?

    Maybe those labor unions and their policies aren’t as bad as some of you conservatives think. And just maybe some of you will understand that if you’re a hard working American who goes by the book, Bush’s ideology is disastrous for you. Lower taxes, sure. But you have to have a job to pay taxes.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Chris, those labor unions and their policies ARE as bad as we fiscal conservatives think.

    However, Bush is a moron when it comes to setting conservative-based policies in this country, and labor unions are not the Band-Aid that will rectify the effects of his idiotic policies.

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