Immigration Protest Fizzles

Immigration is a hot button issue that many in the GOP establishment do not seem to understand. While the President is pushing a amnesty worker program, the grassroots want tightened borders and little aid to immigrants.

Some folks up in Atlanta had a rally on the issue. It seems it was poorly staged.

Some conservative lawmakers, with support from a local radio station and paid volunteers, continued Monday to try to boost public backing for legislation to deny taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants.

“If legal Georgia residents are not first in line for taxpayer services, then who is?” asked state Sen. Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) at a rally outside the Capitol.

Uh, paid? It does not say much for a rally when the people rallying were paid to rally.

For more, see Buzz’s post here.


  1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I just have to wonder…if this had been 5 years ago, and it were a Democratic rally which had paid volunteers, if the AJC would have reported that?

  2. buzzbrockway says:

    The AJC had another article on the rally where the comments directed at Perdue were more pointed:

    Conservative author Phil Kent said Perdue had been “sad to say . . . silent” on the “outrage” of some illegal immigrants receiving college tuition breaks.

    Perdue was on a trade mission to Japan and China on Monday. Spokeswoman Heather Hedrick said the governor plans to work with legislators on the issue.

    “Although illegal immigration is primarily a federal issue, we will take action at the state level to limit the drain on taxpayers-funded programs by illegal immigrants who do not contribute to the system,” Hedrick said.

    The Gwinnett Daily Post put their story on the front page above the fold with the headline: “Perdue feels heat on immigration”

    There’s no doubt many in the GOP are angry about illegal immigration and supportive of Senator Rogers’ efforts, but I’ve heard no anger directed to the Governor.

    I wonder why a GOP County Chairman and a Conservative author would publically chastise the Governor when clearly he’s supportive of this type of legislation?

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Because both Phil Kent and ASH are political flakes in our world and the only way for them to garner attention is to say irrational things.

    One day, perhaps Phil Kent will tell us how opposed he is to adultery…thta is, adultery engaged by anyone else but him.

  4. TigerLily says:

    Local news mentioned paid participants as well. If Anthony Scott Hobbs thinks this is how you get the Governor’s attention, he hasn’t been around GA poltics long enough.

  5. Possum, the AJC usually drops a reference to something because of pressure from the governor’s office or some other elected source. Maybe this little rally while GOG was conveniently out of country was a way to get the media to start talking about the issue without Sonny having to open his mouth.

  6. Ben King says:

    Sonny has had a mixed message on immigrants and immigration. At least around hispanic media, he’s had very complimentary things to say about immigrants. I can understand why the anti-immigrant base wants him to come out strongly.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Chris, the Governor’s office wouldn’t be “pressuring” the AJC to revise a comment showing ASH in a bad light. Apparently, you’re not aware of how the Governor feels about ASH. Of course, how could you…you’re a Dem. 🙂

  8. Romegaguy says:

    Chris is that an admission that other Governors have pressured the AJC to hide the truth in order to print more “favorable” articles?

  9. Hammertime says:

    ASH is a flake who is stealing from the Cobb GOP. It was a sad attempt that embarrassed those who are really working on this issue. Perdue – and any Governor – always says, “I don’t respind to specific legiuslation until it lands on my desk (unless it’s on his agenda). He didn’t with tort reform, photo ID, or the congressional map. It’s standard procedure and doesn’t indicate a lack of support.

  10. Hammertime says:

    It appears that ASH, Kent and King don’t really want anti-illegal immigration to pass. They’d rather blow an opportunity just to get quoted….and the only way to get quoted in the Atlanta media is to attack the Governor.

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