From the People That Brought You Tort Reform

Read this and ponder the implications.

The chief lobbyist for the Medical Association of Georgia has filed claims alleging that she was fired because she wouldn’t go along with a cover-up of wrongdoing within the organization.

Kathy Browning, who helped lead the association’s successful civil justice reform campaign during this year’s Legislature, said the cover-up involved not disclosing to the association’s membership an alleged embezzlement of more than $135,000. Most of the money, which came from physician donations, was to be used for the group’s tort reform lobbying campaign, she said.

Now, here’s my question. The subheading says “Suit: Stolen Funds Used for Tort Campaign”. But, if you read the article, it seems to suggest (at least to me and it is early) that money that should have gone to the Tort Reform battle was misappropriated.


  1. Ben Raspail says:

    You’re right, Erick. Sounds like the funds stolen were from the PAC and would have gone into the tort reform efforts. I think there is probably a lot more to this story that we’re not getting from this article. From what I’ve heard, this Kathy Browning character has a bit of a checkered employment past. Apparently, she was forced to resign a position in Max Cleland’s SoS office and was also wrapped up in the Bobby Whitworth Pardons & Paroles scandal. Perhaps MAG’s biggest mistake was making a lifelong bureaucrat with a sketchy employment history it’s chief lobbyist. My gut feeling is that this thing is going to blow up. Good thing tort reform passed last session!

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Ben, didja ever think that her “checkered past” may be due to her wishing to blow the whistle on Cleland and others with regard to the Pardons & Parole Board?

  3. Ben Raspail says:

    Bill, how many times have you been fired from a job for “blowing the whistle” on some wrongdoing? Clearly, whistleblowers need protection from wrongful termination. But, come on, let’s be realistic: she’s been fired THREE TIMES (that we know of) for whistleblowing?? Either Mrs. Browning is a cloaked superheroin who descends upon corrupt government entities and associations with the sole purpose of cleaning house, or she is somehow wrapped up in these scandals. My guess would be the latter…I don’t believe in coincidences like that.

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