Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally.

I was curious if any Peach Pundit readers attended today’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally at the Capitol today. I’m interested to hear any first hand accounts of this event.

There’s no doubt this issue is on the minds of Georgian’s and people want action, but I found this quote curious in the AJC article covering the rally:

“Sonny. Pick a side. We have,” one sign read.

“What side is the governor on? Nobody knows,” read another.

Some in the audience, including 28-year-old King Mitchell, acknowledged that they had been paid to come to the rally and hold up placards.

Who paid this guy and why?


  1. Romegaguy says:

    My understanding is Phil Kent and Anthony Scott Hall put together this whole shindig. They hired people to be there (by some accounts most of the non-elected people there were paid to be there) to make it look like this is a big issue that is becoming a bigger issue across the state. It’s like when Guy Millner was last running for Gov and would pay African American senior citizens to come to his events so that it would look like he was gaining support in their community.

  2. Melb says:

    What made me mad is the line where he says “we’re tired of the left trying to frame pro-open borders and pro-illegal immigration as anti-immigration,” all the while he is trying to frame the debate. I hate the fact that these politicians are trying to play politics with this issue. I think that immigrants should have drivers licenses (with a different color to know this is not a document that declares citizenship) so that they can get insurance on their vehicles, get bank accounts, and we know that they know the driving laws in Georgia, and we have an account of how many illegals are in the state. I don’t think that we should have open borders, in fact they should tighten the borders, but the fact is these immigrants are not leaving, they work here and drive here. The bill in particular is going to deny higher education to children and they think that hispanics are not going to come to the state? Most of the parents don’t even think about that, and the only reason their children end up going to college is because they go to k-12 here, which will not be stopped by this bill or going to the emergency room for that matter. This also seems to hurt nationally the image that Bush and his supporter are trying to push with hispanics and it could hurt districts like Jill Chambers who lives in a 40% hispanic district, though admittedly most of them probably dont’ vote, but enough could that could impact her closely heated district. I understand that driver’s licenses for immigrants in Georgia is out of the question due to the attitude in the state, but this bill isn’t going to help the situation either. Is there any kind of actual immigration reform that the state can offer without making the situation worse???

  3. Hammertime says:

    It is sad when people have to pay for rally supporters. I guess ASH doesn’t have much of an audience. The Governor is opposed to illegal immigrants and the Senate is working on a comprehensive bill. What’s the big deal? Hobbs is a goofy talk show host out to embarrass the Governor. he has as much credibility as Bill Shipp and Bobby kahn.

  4. Melb says:

    The Senate’s comprehensive bill is anything but. Major changes: immigrant children cannot go to college and the DMV becomes in charge of immigration issues. And really what does opposed to illegal immigrants mean? He doesn’t want them to come here? But has no plans for what will happen to the economy if they leave and no way to make them leave or not come here and will not restrict the businesses for hiring them? BUT don’t worry because he is opposed to them!

  5. Romegaguy says:

    To plagarize from the political insider this a.m., why not add a penalty for businesses that hire the illegals?

  6. Melb says:

    I think that it is something to consider, but it could cause businesses to leave Georgia and go where there would be no penalties for hiring immigrants and it could hurt farmers who wouldn’t want to break the law, but have to have their crops harvested. Or the businesses could raise prices and pass that on to consumers even if they were fined, or they may be willing to pay the fine for the cheap labor. But they are the reason immigrants come to Georgia. If the republicans want to solve the immigration issue by not making them come to Georgia, or making them leave or in general opposed to them they are going to find that the actual solution are few and far between. If they want to look at the latino situation from a different perspective of how can we get latinos to work in a helpful way with all of georgia’s communities more doors will open. One idea that I said earlier is giving them a driver’s license. Latinos are also willing to pay more for them and this would help alleviate costs elsewhere in the state. Secondly the legislature could pass a law to make companies who hire illegals to fill out W-9 which is a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). This is a number which the federal government gives to immigrants who don’t have social security numbers but has the same amount of numbers for them to pay taxes. Even though this is out there many companies do not use it.

  7. Rome, I think that’s a liberal solution to a conservative problem, so I don’t see how anything like that would ever actually get passed. The same way raising the fuel tax is the only real way to increase fuel economy, instead of the ridiculous CAFE standards we currently have (where I and others who drive sedans and coupes subsidize the lack of fuel economy of SUV/Truck drivers through “fleet average”). Actually that is a libertarian solution to a liberal problem but you get the idea…

    BTW, some 7 year old kid is not the person who made the decision to immigrate here. What ever happened to the sins of the father…?

  8. TigerLily says:

    Actually, Chip Rogers does have a bill that addresses the hiring of ILLEGAL aliens. Where is my Webster’s Dictionary??? Are you still a child when you go to college? If your parents are ILLEGAL and you are born on US soil, you are legal.

  9. A good portion of these kids actually join the military in order to get citizenship. Just another job that a lot of citizens these days don’t want to do because of the pay/work conditions.

    And I believe on the national front immigration activists want to change the born here = legal clause.

  10. Ben King says:

    Also, there are plenty of situations where the kids may not be born here, but have lived the majority of their lives here.

  11. dking says:

    I paid the willing American day-labor to attend the rally at the Capitol yesterday. I am D.A. King, and am president of The Dustin Inman Society

    Out of my pocket….I want credit…..

    I write a column in the Marietta Daily Journal, on-line @ , a blog on our site and I actively oppose illegal immigration.

    How radical ehhh?

    The entries here that say it is somewhow improper to give homeless Americans lunch money to make their voices heard on our intentionally un-secured borders, illegal immigration, English being an optional language in Georgia and the declining wages created by our being colonized by Mexico and the Third world are very telling.

    For those of you who cannot grasp that illegal immigration, from all over the world, has actually increased since the horror of 9/11/2001 [ remember that?]… I say that you do not deserve the efforts of the Americans, including my real, legal IMMIGRANT sister to protect your mindless existence.

    I hope that all 10,000 or so illegals that will come into your children’s republic tomorrow go to YOUR house.

    Ask yourselves why the AMNESTY of 1986 produced an increase in illegal immigration. Ask yourselves why Louisiana resisidents are not getting the re-building jobs that are being given to illegal labor at the presidents directives…

    Ask yourselves how many illegal aliens…from anywhere, are enough.

    Ask yourselves why we even have borders.
    Yuck folks, por favor, engage minds before hitting keyboard…

  12. Melb says:

    You have so many problems I really don’t know where to begin. I have been waiting for the chance to find out how people like you think. First nobody is saying it is wrong to give a homeless person a lunch, but it seems to almost everyone if you have to pay them to rally then they really don’t feel that strongly about the issue in the first place. If you want to fight common American logic than go ahead. Secondly most Americans will agree that there needs to be tightened border control, even Ronald from back in the day said give them amnesty and tighten the borders, problem was he didn’t tighten them. Thirdly the immigrants that caused 9-11 did not come into America illegally to work. The immigrants that are coming to America illegally are coming throught the Mexican border to work and make money and send the money home to their families and then after a few years they go home and rejoin their families. Fourth, generalizing all hispanics as Mexicans or others from third worlds that are colonizing our nation is a stereotype combined with an absurdity. Also, Yo pienso para mi y no me gusta personas estupidas como usted. Si, dumbass!!

    And the reason the people of Louisiana are not rebuilding is because the people who are getting the contracts are not hiring them. Your comments show how little you know about the issue of illegal immigration, maybe your sister should give you some pointers! If you ever have tried to deal with immigration, help out, and find real solutions you would understand how ridiculous you sound.

  13. Melb says:

    This bill of Rogers will stop businesses from hiring cheap labor, if it ever passes, which there is no way, it is about as close as immigrant drivers licenses. And if it did pass would incur all the problem written about above and this bill would hurt GA’s economy worse than any fine ever could. Though this is backing up the remarks of Rogers it still is not a real solution to a real problem.

  14. buzzbrockway says:


    I had asked who paid people to attend the rally and why. I asked for two reasons:

    1) In my mind, a rally where people are paid to attend is a phony rally pushing a phony issue. If it’s a real hot issue, the people will come.

    2) The issue of illegal immigration is a hot topic among GOPers in Georgia. I was suprised people had to be paid to attend what should have been a rather large gathering.

  15. TigerLily says:

    Just another example of ASH not using the GOP grassroots but instead was worried more about his radio show and headlines. It was a poor way to use elected officials that want to solve a serious issue that many people are afraid to tackle. I have a feeling the next time he calls for folks to attend a rally, they won’t be there as his props.

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