Gary Black and Senator Brian Kemp

It’s interesting that the subject should coincide so clearly with the nomination of Harriet Miers. I was reading Ann Coulter’s column today, and it hit me that she just as well could have been talking about Brian Kemp. I’ve never seen her so biting in her comments, and so I borrow her rhetoric to say, “(Kemp) Miers is no more qualified to sit on (as Commissioner of Agriculture) the Supreme Court than I am to be a sumo wrestler.


  1. Romegaguy says:

    A well-written analysis. Bravo!

    As a millionaire horse owner, Kemp is apparently (as I have stated before) qualified to head up FEMA.

  2. Not that I particularly care, but don’t you think if Black was the head of the Mass Ag Council he would have been handing out Organic Farmers for Kerry bumper stickers last year?

    I think it’s interesting that some Republicans are very demanding of loyalty when it comes to whether a political newbie can run for office and yet at the same time they welcome the news of elected Democrats switching over to their side.

  3. ConservativeFire says:

    Wow, it is funny how Gary Blacks supporters have been put on the defensive after they have been out done and embarassed over and over again. First it was the awesome mail piece Kemp sent out, then it was the new brouchure that they had in Savannah, then the website, and opne thing after another. Since they are on the defensive, they have to to try and attack kemp for being stupid like they did the other day and saying he is unqualified today.

    Ok, I will say this, Black has been to more cow shows then Kemp, and yes, he has been a LOBBYIST for Big Corporations. Does this qualify Black to lead this department? Apparently not, and he is feeling the heat because he knows that Kemp is bringing it to him and running a real, aggressive and kick *** campaign that Black knows he can’t match.

    Kemp’s the man!

  4. ConservativeFire says:

    And another thing, keep in mind, that the Kemp’s website says that their plans and policies are coming soon. And I bet that they will blow Gary’s out of the water. Kemp took a little bit longer to get a brouchure and website but he kicked Gary where it hurt with both of them, and he will do the same with the policy proposals because I am sure they will be well thought out plans and not a couple of talking points about team work, and environmental stewardship and how he shows cows.

  5. Booray says:

    That is a very, very long post.

    Not sure where I stand on this race, but that comes across as fairly defensive.

    For what it’s worth…

    Booray Bussey

  6. southerngopga says:

    Looks to me that Gary Black’s campaign is running scared. You can tell that this came out of Black’s camp, his staff must not have nothing better to do all day then post comments on various blogs.

  7. Silence says:


    Sorry about that. Writing at 1 in the morning sometimes brings not-so-desired-result. I too, rubbed my eyes this morning when I got back in. 😀

    ConservativeFire – you little Brian Kamp campaign lackeys need to learn to write. Give me some fact, some documentation, some figures, give me some real arguments for your man, not sugar coated rhetoric. And please, at least learn to make your gross bias a little professional, at least.

    Booray, Southerngopga, not running scared. It comes across as defensive, yes, because I was answering accusations that have been thrown by Kemp/Cagle’s people over the last couple of weeks.

    Unlike some, I don’t have time to read this thing consumately every day, and most of the time, I’m playing catchup, though I wish I had more time for it.

  8. Silence says:

    That really is a long a** post, fellas, I apologize. Wow.

    One other question, ConservativeFire, and, again, I’m asking for numbers, not mindless ravings — what “big corporations” are you speaking of?

  9. Bill Simon says:

    “Cow shows”, “Chevrolets” and “white goats”…man, this blog stuff really allows for a connection between rural South Georgians and us big city-folk Georgians. 😉

  10. jackson says:

    I thought it was funny that you (Silence) posted the actual responsibilities of the position, then have hammered Kemp on not being qualified. As a fun project, I figured I would list first, the responsibilities (that you provided) and my opinion on who would really be better at overseeing the responsibility, based on the bios you provided:

    1. grocery stores, convenience stores, (Advantage: Kemp)
    2. food warehouses, bottling plants, food processing plants,meat processing plants (Even)
    3. pet dealers and breeders, animal health, (Kemp: You said millionare horseowner right?)
    4.gasoline quality and pump calibration, antifreeze, weights and measures (No advantage, but why is an Ag Degree needed here?)
    5. marketing of Georgia agricultural products domestically and internationally (Based on marketing of their campaigns so far, Kemp by a mile)
    6. pesticides, structural pest control, boll weevil eradication (Black)
    7. seed quality, Vidalia onions, plant diseases (Black)
    8.nurseries and garden centers (Kemp)
    9. state farmers markets (Kemp)
    10. fertilizer and lime, potting soil; feed, apiaries (Black)
    11. Humane Care for Equines Act (Kemp)
    12. bottled water (A wash)
    13. The Department publishes a bi-weekly newspaper: The Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin which is available online as well as in printed form. (Again, based on their websites/printing: Kemp)

    The reason I picked Kemp for several was that as a successful business owner, I know that he has the ability to oversee those businesses or efforts. However, I am sure some will disagree with my assessment. Its not scientific but it makes My point: Even if Black has more experience in some areas, the department doesn’t just deal with farming. Marketing AND selling skills matter. Leadership matters. Business acumen matters.

    And some of you folks keep forgetting one thing: Its an election, not a job interview where voters are keeping score on who knows more about seed quality. Not just farmers are voting in this thing. We still have to put up a strong CANDIDATE against Irvin. There are a lot of qualified people that could serve in office and do a hell of a lot better job than some of the clowns down at the capitol (I am talking about Republicans here). But being a candidate and doing what it takes to win is much different.

  11. SeminoleGOP says:

    Silence, good post. But looking at some of your accusations of other folks on here, are you not grossly biased as well? I would say so. Just because you write a novel doesn’t mean that you are any less of a lackey, does it?

    Brian Kemp is running for Ag Commissioner, so let’s deal with. Kemp is not backing down. There those who said he couldn’t win his senate race in 2002, but he did that.

    His campaign contributions prove to me that he has acceptance and approval from Georgia Voters from every segment of society, and I think this is necessary because the Ag Commissioner is a servant to all Georgians, not just farmers.

    It seems to me that Kemp understands how Agriculture affects everyone, not just farmers. He understands that 20% of Georgia’s economy is made up of Ag related industries. He understands that 1 out of every 6 jobs are in Ag related fields. He understands that there is a high chance that this sector of our economy will be gone within a number of years because of foreign competition—due to our cotton coming from Brazil. Kemp seems to understand that we do not need to depend on other countries for food as do for oil.

    Kemp, as chairman of homeland security, understands the threat of bio terrorism on our food supply. He understands this better than anyone else, and he has already been working to protect Georgians in the Senate.

    He has government experience, legislative experience, business experience, Ag experience, leadership experience, the ability to win and on and on.

    Sure, Gary Black does have experience. I know Gary and he is a good guy, but he cannot beat Tommy Irvin.

    I think this provides some logic and insight but I cannot write ten pages on the subject, just some bullet points.


    Max H. Cerelli

  12. waterboy says:

    Silence nailed it right on the head……something the other campaigns have avoided like the plague – GARY BLACK HAS EXPERIENCE and EXPERIENCE MATTERS.

    SeminoleGOP (Max Cerelli) – Your comment about Kemp “His campaign contributions…..he has acceptance and approval from Georgia Voters from every segment of society” prompted me to review his last disclosure statement – are you kidding???? It is basically a list of people that he knows in Athens – hardly statewide support. Now go look at Gary Black’s contributors and the list of supporters. (Here’s a shortcut to see the supporters:

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Max sez: “Just because you write a novel doesn’t mean that you are any less of a lackey, does it?”

    Ouch! Silence, I think Max is going to kick your butt with his pair of cowboy boots.

  14. Silence says:

    Shouldn’t be too awful, it’s pretty well padded back there. I’m in no way connected to Gary’s campaign, just for anyone asking, I’m not Chase, or Whitney, or anyone remotely connected to Gary.

    Max, your arguments are well formulated, much better than most of the immature rhetoric that gets spewn on this site. I must, however, respectfully disagree with you. In answer to your question, I’m not biased, I’m calling it like I see it. I would much prefer have Kemp in the Senate, or running against Michael Thurmond. He’s a good man, and we need men like him around. But he just ain’t qualified. Politics, particularly in the south, places a great deal of value in experience and time in the trenches. Specifically relative to ag issues, Black has that, Kemp does not.

  15. jackson says:

    Waterboy: Do you really think that general election voters care about endorsements and contributors? Are we going to beat Tommy Irvin by saying,”Hey, I have better endorsement and contributors than you?”. You are not going to out-experience Irvin. So is that your game plan?

  16. SeminoleGOP says:

    Well said Jackson. Black cannot out do Irvin. Irvin can make four times the list he can, and he has more experience. Kemp has experience, a well diversified list of experince. Once again, Gary has ag experience but not any broad experience in anything else. Just my take.

    Thanks Silence for approving of my remarks.

    Kemps done such a good job in the Senate that I know we need him in the Ag Department because he will provide a breath of fresh air.

    Are those list of supporters doing anything but holding a spot on the website?

  17. waterboy says:

    jackson – Game plan? If you mean supporting Gary Black’s campaign with money and grassroots campaign support, then yes, that’s my game plan. You miss the point of having the network to beat Tommy Irvin. Those supporters are doing much the same as I am – telling friends and neighbors about Gary’s campaign and raising money. Heck, I’m not even on the supporter list yet.

    Seminole – We agree, Kemp has been a good senator, but so have a host of others. Why not stay put for a few more terms and see what develops? That’s better than quitting the Senate to run for an office he is not qualified for and will not win.

  18. SeminoleGOP says:

    The whole “we want Kemp to stay in the senate” is getting old. This is just a cover as to say, “we (those of us on Black’s Camp.) don’t want Brian Kemp to run against us because he is a force that we can’t overcome.” I mean the Black Camp. is feeling threatened from Kemp and it would make their life easier if he were to stay in the Senate.

    News Flash: Kemp is in the Ag Race in full force, if he doesn’t run for Ag Commissioner and just waits around in the Seante, we are going to have to put up wit Irvin for 5 more years—5 more years of stagnation and failure.

  19. Silence says:

    So, Seminole, you’re saying that Gary Black can’t beat Tommy Irvin, with his record of stagnation and failure, but Brian Kemp can?

  20. Jack S says:

    Silence is at it again. From previous posts, it’s clear he’s part of the insider, “we’re so much smarter than you

  21. southerngopga says:

    I agree Jack S, it is disgusting that the party and capitol crowd thinks that they have to stick their noses in everybody’s race. We are becoming just like the democrats…..wait a minute half of these people are democrats.

  22. Silence says:

    Yes, yes, thank you (takes bow).

    Just because I choose to use logic, evidence, and proof in some of my argumentation, doesn’t make me a “better than you…” You distance yourself from that standard by virtue of the fact that you, like CF and Jackson, refuse to allow anything to pass your lips but blind, sugar coated rhetoric. Now I’m going to become the pot, and say this: I’m not quite sure who you are yet, but even that fact outstanding, I’d almost bet money you’ve voted for, given money to, or supported, in some way, a lobbyist/former lobbyist for public office. And just for the record, Gary was the President of the Agribusiness Council, not their lobbyist. If you want to split hairs, which you obviously do, Brian Tolar is their official lobbyist.

  23. Cotton Boll says:

    Gary Black is the only one who can beat Tommy Irvin. The industry supports him, voters all over the state support him, he knows the business, he knows how to lead.

    Waterboy: I’m not on the list for Gary yet either, but I am riding to Moultrie to see him at the Ag Expo next week and see about getting on that.

    Jack: if you were in agriculture, you would feel different about Gary. He looks after us. I would get in a foxhole with him anytime.

  24. Jack S says:

    Here’s the bottom line, folks. These Black guys are running scared, that’s why they have to post a bunch of non sense on this site.

    I talked to a friend of mine in Moultrie who is on the list for Gary, but not doing much. According to him, Gary probably wont finish this race. He’ll likely drop out because he had no idea what he was getting into – running for statewide office without having run before. Even his own “supporters

  25. jackson says:

    “like CF and Jackson, refuse to allow anything to pass your lips but blind, sugar coated rhetoric”

    Excuse me? Silence, seriously. I appreciate the fact that you are, for the most part, polite and though I dont agree with you on this race, it seems that you have some thought behind your post. But that is the stupidest comment I have seen on this site, bar none.

    Blind, sugar coated rhetoric? Please. My post made a point – and one that you obviously dont have the skills to address as evidenced by your flippant comment …. and lack of response to my contention that it is going to take more than just an ag degree and experience working with farmers to win a brutal, statewide election against tommy irvin.

  26. Hogan says:

    Cotton Boll, I bet you would like to get in a foxhole with Gary, hell Gary would like it too……. ya’ll could talk about cow shows and peanuts. But, anyways it good that you are prepared to be in a foxhole with Gary, because that is exactly where Gary and Daughtry are going to squirm and crawl to after the primary. Or atleast thats what it sounds like to me after reading all of these post.

  27. Romegaguy says:

    I wish it was January already so we could compare fundraising by both candidates. I also look forward to Joel I mean Kemp to quit rewriting Gary’s plan and finally publish their plan. Kemp has been scared of Gary and his organization from day 1. That is why they had to hurry up and announce before the GOP convention (since Gary had said he was going to announce at the campaign). That is why they had to come up with “He is a Democrat” in hopes that would slow down the flow of dollars and support to Gary’s campaign as well as making people forget who asked Gary to get in this race. Kemp was also scared he would lose his Senate seat which is why he decided to run for something else other than take a chance of being beaten.

    By the Way…Kemp has only had one somewhat tough race and that is why he beat the highly disorganized Doug Haines…

  28. waterboy says:

    I hope the Kemp campaign will print the comments from this blog and let Brian Kemp read them. I’m sure he would not be proud of the way his “supporters” are stating their case for his candidacy (ie: “squirm and crawl”, “I’d be wetting myself”, “will cut his throat”). Boy, what fine advocates.

    Cotton Boll – Glad to know you will be among the crowd at the ag expo next week to see Gary.

    Good comments and solid points Silence and Romegaguy.

  29. Capt. says:

    Waterboy, no one is intending to hurt your feelings. Most of those comments seem to be figures of speech. I know when people talk about your boss like that, it hurts a little. It is part of the game, especially when you are always on the defensive, like the Black campaign.

    I would assume, while all of you guys on the Black campaign are all on this blog trying to prove that Gary Black is a good candidate, Kemp and his team are on the road taking care of business, actually working and blazing the trail to victory.

    I guess you can look on the bright side though—when Gary loses in July, I am sure he will still be on the payroll of the Agri-Business council as a registered lobbyist as he is today. Running for office while taking a paycheck to be a lobbyist for special interests… if Gary was so tight with your other boy Sonny–he would probably know that this conflict of interest may be against Sonny’s “code of ethics.”

    Who knows though. I mean, I guess it will be depressing after Gary loses in a way– Especially when you put his loss on top of his Democrat Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kusinich’s loss. Democrats just can’t win anymore can they?

  30. waterboy says:

    Capt – Thanks for your concern for my feelings, but you should focus your concerns on the handful of Kemp supporters. Try encouraging them to utilize professional conduct when representing their candidate. I’m not on the Gary Black campaign staff, but I am part of the grassroots campaign team that will carry the day when this one is in the books.

    Buzz – I’m with you. This is starting to rival the Lt. Gov race. I like Cagle in that one.

  31. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I didn’t even read the rest of the posts…

    Gary Black — Special Interest Lobbyist

    Brian Kemp — State Senator

    Hmm… I don’t know about you, but I’d like to elect someone who isn’t bought and paid for by the ag community. We need a fresh approach and fresh leadership in that department…

    Seems pretty simple to me!

    Brian Kemp all the way!

  32. Billings says:

    Amen to that Bull Moose. I have been saying that on here and everywhere else for months. Someone pointed out a good point a few posts ago where they made the point that Gary Black was still being paid as a lobbyist. It seems to me that Gary will be focused only on a couple of peoples’ interests, not all Georgians. We have had enough of that with Tommy Irvin. It is time for a fresh start.

    Black supporters are avoiding the whole lobbyist thing because it seem sto me all they can manage to talk about is writing skills on this blog and being professional. I guess being professional means to praise Gary Black, despite the fact he is a special interest lobbyist and a liberal democrat.

    And once again, I don;t know if the Black camp. can talk about professional…everytime you see his staff they are in the corner sucking down beers.

    You just can’t get ahead. The Black campaign continues to try and bring Kemp down with articles like this one and little whisper campaigns because they know that they cannot beat him otherwise.

    Go Kemp!

  33. Capt. says:

    It seems to me that on this site alone, the Kemp supporters outnumber the Black supporters and just imagine that state wide. I know Black has his Christmas card list that he posts up and he says it is a “grassroots” team. Most of those people probably don’t even know they are on the list and those that do probably don’t want to be and will not work for you.

    Unlike Gary’s supporters, Kemp’s are actually going to work for hm and that will win this campaign.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the comment from Black’s supposed supporters, “Man, i sure wish I would have known Kemp was running because I would have gotten behind him because he can beat Irvin and make a good commissioner. I have committed to Gary, but I am still voting for Kemp.”

    Waterboy, that is that strong grassroots team you have. I wouldn’t say they were strongly united behind gary. A false sense of arrogance never wins a campaign my friend.

  34. Romegaguy says:

    Most legislators I have talked with say they cant wait for the 2006 session to come and go so they can endorse the better candidate for Ag commissioner (Gary) without worrying about the constant whining that Brian would do if they did it before then…

  35. Silence says:

    Well, since someone else brought it up, the reason this site is imbalanced by Kemp supporters is cause I reckon ya’ll are all Joel’s choir boys, more so than Kemp’s. At any rate, I’d like to challenge all of you to define for me why exactly Gary Black was (is) a “special interest” lobbyist. Which, for the record, I wouldn’t be running away from that. He’s an advocate for our state’s farmers. End of story. There’s no shame in that, in fact, I’m proud to say he’s been representing their interests for almost 15 years. Which, by the way, for those of you who clearly don’t understand the process, the Ag Commish will CONTINUE to do, advocate before the General Assembly the interests of the farmers.

    How is that distinguished from a regular lobbyist? If his interests are so “special” (which I assume ya’ll mean in a negative light), what does that say about our farmers and ag folks around the state? Should we even have a Commish for that seat? Is it just going to be “special interest” (Mimics Dr. Evil and Mini Me with quote motions) beauracracy?

  36. SeminoleGOP says:

    Romegaguy, why so much personal hostility towards Kemp. Do you secretly have a crush on him and you’re trying to cover it up with all the animosity?

    You’re posts are just bizarre.

    Oh and waterboy, you obviously have a crush on Gary.

  37. Bull Moose says:

    How about an advocate for the state’s citizens and work in partnership with the farmers, not the other way around! And there is more to the Agriculture post than just farming.

    I’m not even sure why I’m posting, because it’s not like I’m going to change anyone’s mind on this…

    Gary Black is just another special interest lobbyist and trust me, we don’t need anymore of those in elected office — this is Georgia remember!

  38. Capt. says:

    I keep hearing about all this that gary has done for farmers, but what has he done? We have entered into a new age of techology and a new culture of Agriculture and gary black doesn’t have what it takes to lead us in that new time, just as tommy irvin isn’t.

    A lobbyist is not qualified to lead.

    what has gary done to help our timber industry, cotton industry and so on??

    Nothing. If we want another tommy irvin, another commissioner that is stagnant and inefficient, filled with special interests and insider politics that are bad for GA then gary black is the ineffective guy you are looking for.

  39. Silence says:

    Ask away, Jackson. Ask some logical, rational questions and I’ll be more than happy to answer. Thanks for the questions, Capt, I’ll be happy to answer those, when I have time. In the meantime, the luck of the Irish has failed, Florida lost a nailbiter, the Dawgs ain’t working hard enough, and it seems like every other top 20 team has lost today. Holla, Nittany Lions, your 15 minutes of fame is over. Hooah!!

  40. Cotton Boll says:

    Reduced permit fees; weight variance on hauling crops (and forestry) from the field; removed sales tax on gas used for chickens, greenhouses, and farm irrigation; secured farmers right to use fertilizer and seed technology; and more. That is what I can recall off the top of my head. Gary is a proven leader for the ag industry.

    Also, as was mentioned some time ago, Gary Black is no longer registered to lobby for agri-business council. Some folks have said otherwise. I checked.

  41. Capt. says:

    yes, a proven leader for a small portion of the ag community but not a proven leader for georgia. it is time to send a message to these johnny come-latelys to the Rep party and to these special interest lobbyists like ralph reed and gary black.

    Kemp will send that message to black because kemp is good for GA.

  42. Romegaguy says:


    Borrowing your question what has kemp done to help our timber industry, cotton industry and so on??

  43. landman says:

    Silence(Maverick),So we Kemp guys dont really like Kemp,we are just Joel’s choir boys,your so called logic kills me.Kemp will win this primary for several reasons,being a real Republican leader and not a Democrat Lobbyist is just one.

    Buzz,I think the reason you will see this race get more attention than expected is because alot of Republicans think we are past the point where we need a small group trying to hand pick
    a candidate (much less a Democrat),while trying to discourage real long time Republicans to stay out of the primary, is BS.There will be egg on some of these faces come July.

    It sounds like Black needs to start putting disclaimers on his ads like …Im not a democrat anymore…really,and Im not a lobbyist anymore….Really,and the guys who told me to run for this position said I wouldnt have to address all this they would handle it…really,and I really,really wish I would have run in the Democrat Primary where I belong.

    Bottom line Kemp wins the primary and defeats Mr. Tommy in November.

    On a side note how many times did Joel defeat you Silence?you are so bitter,it must have been multiple events,this election cycle will only add to your pain,sorry.

  44. waterboy says:

    Good list Cotton Boll (“reduced permit fees; weight variance on hauling crops (and forestry) from the field; removed sales tax on gas used for chickens, greenhouses, and farm irrigation; secured farmers right to use fertilizer and seed technology; and more”) – it doesn’t even include the issues Gary worked to defeat that would have been bad for agriculture and consumers. The items that Cotton Boll listed are good for all Georgians because they help farmers and agribusinesses compete in a global market. Since ag is our largest economic engine, it makes sense that we would want to keep it as healthy as possible and that is exactly what Gary Black has done. Too bad the Kemp folks have to have that explained to them.

    Capt. – Romegaguy, myself, and others are still waiting on that list of issuues that Kemp has tackled to help farmers and consumers. Helloooooo…can you hear me now????

    landman – while your posts are incredibly weak and without merit, would you at least try to explain the democrat reference?

  45. landman says:

    Waterboy,since you seem to be all knowing and us Kemp guys are just weak and without merit,I would think you would know that your boy Black is nothing more than a Johnny come lately to our party.This will probably be the first year he doesnt pull a lever with a D behind their name.Ask any other candidate running for offices this cycle if they voted in the Democratic Presidential Primary. Hell I bet he voted for Irvin last time.

  46. Capt. says:

    All of you Gary guys are so defensive. I guess all of the losses yall have probably been a part of will make you bitter. I guess being afraid of the defeat and embarrassment that Kemp will bring to the Black campaign will make you a little illogical and defensive.

    According to Kemp’s websiteKemp is on the Future of Forestry Study Committee, the first major attempt by the state to save the forestry industry in GA. Where was Tommy in this endeavor? Where was Gary? They were both, as always, missing in action. I guess Gary was probably kissing Tommy’s butt at a Democrat fundraiser while Kemp was fighting for Georgia and the timber industry.

    Oh and landman, Gary I am sure did vote for Irvin. Everytime you see Gary he talks about how great Tommy has done–when he has brought nothing but failure and stagnation, that is how I know Gary will do the same thing.

    To the Gary campaign staff on here—your boss is a liberal democrat, and a special interest lobbyist, and nothing but an Irvin clone. He and the rest of his staff on here are in WAY over your heads.

    You guys cannot compete with the team that I have seen Kemp with. They are the best.

  47. waterboy says:

    Is that it….the Future of Forestry Study Committee???? I googled the bill and found that KEMP DIDN’T EVEN SPONSOR IT! See for yourself: (

    I did notice that the GA Agribus. Council, where Gary serves as President, is named in the resolution, so I’m sure they have someone on the committee. Kemp is only on it because UGA is in his senate district.

    That’s weak boys….REALLY WEAK. Just more of the same from you Kemp campaign folks. I’m honored that you think I am on the campaign staff for Gary Black. I must getting to y’all – facts and substantive evidence will drive pretenders like you boys crazy. Better get used to it.

    landman – so if you ever voted in a primary on the democrat ticket then you must be a democrat???? Is that your logic?

  48. landman says:

    Waterboy,the logic is he is a Democrat and the Republican Party can do better.You sound like a young staffer,just do a quick poll and ask all the other real Republicans running for statewide office and ask them in what party’s primary they vote,much less the very last one.If you are not a staffer keep your powder dry ,because this isnt even going to be close,Kemp will defeat Black by 15-20%.

  49. ConservativeFire says:

    You can tell that waterboy is a little inexperienced in the process. The fact is there is a difference in voting in a Dem primary in a local sheriff race or coroner race, but it is another thing to vote in the LAST YEARS LIBERAL DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY. I mean there is something to be said whe you knowingly, on the record, go in and vote for a liberal democrat like John Kerry or Al Sharpton. It is unforgivable in the eyes of Convervatives. You cannot BS your way out of it like you Black staffers are trying to do. There is no way out of the corner that gary backed into when he voted against America, against the conservative movement, against freedom, against tax cuts, against our military and against all of us when he voted for Carol Mosely-Bruan in that primary.

    It is a disgrace to the Republican Party. He will not win because of it.

  50. ConservativeFire says:

    Oh yeah, and Gary does know which primary he will be running/voting in right? I mean, I know it will be natural for him to ask for a Democrat balot in July like his done for the last 50 years. I am sure that he has been firends with Mark Taylor since he has been a special interest lobbyist for 15 years, will he vote for Taylor?? Just wondering.

  51. Romegaguy says:

    And when Sonny and Mike Bowers voted for Michael Dukakis, that was ok for you Kemp guys right? Was that a disgrace for the GOP too?

    Still waiting for that list of Kemp Ag accomplishments in his 3 years of being in the legislature.

  52. Silence says:

    landman (Mr. Chairman),

    Thanks for your comments. In answer to your question, I’ve never worked opposite Joel. Thanks for the kind thoughts, though.

    Although WB and I disagree on the CC/RR race, I have to agree with him that it looks rather weak for you fellas (and ladies) to be simply frothing at the mouth with the same redundant accusations and baseless claims, when I started this thread with the hope that someone, ANYONE, could come back to me with similar logical, rational, proven points.

    RomeGaGuy — in answer to your question, in the 2005 session, Kemp had his name on some 90 something odd pieces of legislation…seven or so of them were related to Ag remotely.

  53. landman says:

    Silence,So what you are saying is that Gary is a long time Republican supporter and did not vote in the Democratic Primary last cycle?Are you also saying that he hasnt been a lobbyist for the last 16 years?The answers to these questions that I have commented on are facts not accusations and baseless claims,and its these facts that are going to kill him in a Republican Primary.

    What’s that old saying …if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….We ll you get my point.

    Im curious if you haven’t worked opposite Joel why the disdain for him ,just wondering ?

  54. Cotton Boll says:

    Met with Gary Black today at the ag Expo in Moultrie today. Great guy and the farm industry supports him all the way. Gary seems to know everyone he meets and I am glad my name will be added to his supporter list. I saw Brian Kemp there, but he didn’t seem to know anybody. Same goes for Dee strictland.

    Senator Chambliss and Jack Kingston were there with the US Ag Secretary Johanns. Great crowd of folks at this event.

  55. SeminoleGOP says:

    I also drove up to the Ag Expo and I can attest that Kemp was there in full force. He has a political machine down there. I drove up and there were so many Kemp signs, banners and etc that you would have thought Kemp WAS the Ag Commissioner.

    In fact, if I didn’t know Gary, I wouldn’t have even known that he was there. He and his staff seemed non-existant. I don’t know who was more invisable and incoherent, Gary Black or Tommy Irvin.

    Gary probably walked in the expo thinking he was the man because those were his people, but it appeared that he was completely outdone and embarassed again in front of his couple of ag friends. Kemp stole the day from what I saw.

    I don’t know who lit that place up with signs, but if I ever run a for office, I am hiring who did it.

    Gary may not have noticed and sure he was trying too hard to kiss Irvin’s butt or Saxby’s. He had to work hard at it because both probably ignored him.

    Yes, a vote for Michael Dukakis was a vote against America, no matter who did it.

  56. Groseclose says:

    I am somewhat reluctant to post on this thread because in doing so I might lend personal credibility to the divisive, often hateful rhetoric that these previous comments embody. Nonetheless, knowing both of the serious candidates in the Republican primary (sorry Dee) and having a substantial appreciation of Georgia agriculture and its consumers, I thought it would be helpful to share a few of my thoughts.

    There is no doubt that Brian Kemp has been a successful politician in representing Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties. He has gained respect within the Republican Party and the State Senate for twice winning a tough senate seat. He has been a successful land developer and a community leader. However, these qualities alone do not qualify him to be the chief executive of the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

    As a Republican party, we cannot be blinded by perceived political qualifications. We must search for candidates that are not only electable, but more importantly are qualified to serve in the respective office. Just as we would not nominate a non-lawyer as an Attorney General or someone with no real experience in the insurance or bonding industry as the Insurance Commissioner, Georgia’s largest industry cannot afford to be under the direction of someone that is politically qualified, but minimally experienced. If Republicans forsake good governance for political acumen, we too will suffer the fate that Georgia Democrats have recently encountered.

    Gary Black is much more than minimally qualified and with the support of a united Republican party, he can defeat Tommy Irvin. It is going to be a tough fight with this entrenched Democrat, but the GOP is better served by nominating a qualified candidate than opportunistic one. People on both sides of the aisle are tired of opportunistic politicians and if Brian Kemp is nominated, the people will see right through his cloak of ambition and we will be stuck with complacent leadership under Tommy Irvin for four more years. If Gary Black is elected, he has the potential to serve Georgia agriculturalists and consumers for decades to come. If Brian Kemp is elected, both of those core constituencies will be forsaken when the political winds blow to push him to higher office. We need genuine leadership for this important constitutional position.

    I want to address a few of the arguments that have been made against Gary Black:

    Gary’s a Democrat: Some of have seized on Gary’s vote in the presidential preference primary as indictment that he is a “liberal democrat.

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