Bobby, You Have a Fax


One state official may be regretting he didn’t update his list of phone numbers before he faxed a message critical of Gov. Sonny Perdue to the governor’s chief of staff instead of the chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia as he intended.

Members of Perdue’s staff were chuckling over the mistake Wednesday when they discovered a fax from David Moskowitz, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer who serves as a member of the State Ethics Commission. That’s the bipartisan panel that is supposed to judge complaints of ethical violations made against political candidates.

The fax, with a cover sheet from Moskowitz’s law firm, included a program from last week’s Republican fund-raising dinner that listed the major donors. The cover sheet was addressed to Bobby Kahn, chairman of the Democratic Party, and the man who had served as the governor’s chief of staff under the previous administration – the one Perdue defeated – Roy Barnes.

If a Republican did that, the Democrats would be clamoring for his resignation. I assume the GOP will be doing the same. But, I won’t hold my breath for Mr. Moskowitz’s resignation.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Actually, if the GOP was smart, they would dispatch a business-type letter to Moskowitz urging him to consider resigning. Don’t “clamor,” don’t yell, just act in a mature, business-like manner. Demonstrate that we don’t act like hysterical children.

  2. GAWire says:

    I agree, Bill . . . but, pitching a fit and jumping up and down screaming always seems to be more gratifying!

  3. Romegaguy says:

    I have been laughing soooooo hard at this story since I read it early this a.m. Geesh you would think this guy would know to change his phone list at least once in the last 4 years…

    Maybe we should help Mr. Kahn out by making the Dems and GOP parties (and caucuses) have to report how much they raise, where they have raised it, and how they have spent it. Of course that might disprove the claim that the Dems raised more this year at their annual dinner than they have in years past…

  4. emily says:

    Romegaguy–check out the disclosure page of the SOS website. Some interesting stuff down at the bottom–like the disclosures of the Dem and Rep parties for the last 7 years.

  5. Booray says:

    Yesterday, Mr. Kahn was ubiquitous here, writing many great epistles about the supposedly unethical behavior surrounding an obscure mansion-renovation fund.

    Today, after being at the center of partisan controversy involved the very agency charged with enforcing our ethics, he is… silent.

    Has the cat got Mr. Kahn’s e-tongue today?

    Booray Aristotle Bussey, AKA The Goat

  6. Actually I think Mr. Kahn’s absense has more to do with the Yom Kippur holiday. I guess they haven’t upgraded the synagogue to have free wi-fi yet. Maybe something the broadband blog can address?

  7. kspencer says:

    At first blush I agree with most posters here. On second read of the article, I put on some brakes. Before I go asking for a resignation, I want more facts:

    What was the “critical message” – in particular, was it a request for action that would have come under his commission? What relevance did the attached program have to the message?

    See, basically I got to thinking. The commission is bipartisan, not non-partisan. We did not ask or instruct any of the members to cease conducting political business, only to keep such political business out of the ethics commission purview – no conflict of interest.

    So again, it may be an ethics problem, but I don’t know enough to say so. Hopefully Mr. Kahn will enlighten us by providing the actual information (not an interpretation) so we can make a more informed decision.

  8. albert says:

    shucks, Bobby didn’t send the fax. I’m certain he would have called a press conference to decry this sort of underhanded act.

    How lame,,,,, and efficient.

  9. Bobby Kahn says:

    As Chris noted, I have been out today. Don’t think the synagogue will allow wifi for use on Yom Kippur, by the way.

    I have not seen the fax in question, since it went to a fax machine I haven’t used in some 3 years, as many of you gleefully point out.

    Here is what I know:

    1. David Moskowitz paid $250 to attend a GOP dinner (the one Ralph missed). I have known David since college debate days, so he called to let me know he was there, before I heard about his attendance from someone else, or saw his contribution on the disclosure (I do read those things). He said he went at the invitation of his legislator. I of course berated him for attending the event, but asked him to fax the program to me. I like to read those as well.

    2. A Peach Pundit scoop, though not to Gov. Perdue – David gave to Gov. Perdue’s re-election, after being solicited by the campaign. Now I’m really going to be sick.

    3. David sent a fax to my old fax number. According to one report, the cover sheet said “Read it and vomit

  10. Hammertime says:

    He’s being asked to resign becuz he’s too stupid to serve on the ethics panel, not becuz he’s too partisan.

  11. TigerLily says:

    Actually, the new law does not go into effect until 2006. Mark Taylor could ask for DMs resignation AND still replace him….if he wanted to.

  12. albert says:

    Sgt. Schultz for us old timers… I know nothing, I Know nothing.

    Well,,, now you know. Now start making excuses for your pal.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Bobby, numerically, don’t Republicans own the Ethics Commission already? I thought we had 3 of the 5 appointees anyway. So, “stacking the deck” is a poor defense for asking someone to resign.

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