Our Newest Blogger

So, we’ve added GA Wire and Buzz Brockway to our front page lineup. That does not solve the problem I have. We have always intended to be a non-partisan or, at least, a bi-partisan site. Decaturguy has been doing all the heavy lifting on that end and I’ve wanted to give him some help. Now we have it.

Please welcome our newest Peach Pundit Blogger, Mr. Democrat himself, Bobby Kahn.

Mr. Kahn was gracious enough to answer the call and volunteer himself. Sure, we’ll disagree sometimes. He knows as well as I that the majority of participants on this site are from the GOP. Let’s be polite, welcome Mr. Kahn, and have a great debate on the issues and politics that affect Georgia.


  1. landman says:

    There goes the neighborhood! Bobby I look forward to helping the Party kick your *** in every meaningful race.We gladly welcome some more of that Barnes’ magic!!!!

  2. Bill Simon says:

    I do not believe that Bobby Kahn would offer to officially join this site. He’s too busy driving his PT Cruiser around town with a camera poking out the side window, looking for Governor Perdue to bend over and split his pants or something.

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