Lt. Governor’s Debate Open Thread

Did you go? Hear about it?

Discuss it here.

Only one rule, and it’s a biggie: Much like Vegas, “What happens in the open thread, stays in the open thread”. Keep it real, but civil. Don’t make us send you to your rooms.


  1. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Do we want a Lt Gov candidate with such baggage that even the Titanic couldn’t get out of harbor? I think Reed’s candidacy hurts the party, even at this early stage. I foresee him taking others down with him should he somehow win the nomination. I can only imagine how the Democracts are hoping and praying that he is our candidate. Let’s not let that happen. Common sense and even a quick review of the record will show Casey Cagle to be the ideal candidate for Georgia. Vote Casey 2006.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Umm…perhaps you folks didn’t read the premise of the thread, and I, for one, would like to hear someone’s review of the event. I’d be surprised, frankly, that Ralph would even show-up.

  3. Erick says:

    Ralph did show up. A guy who supports Cagle emailed to tell me that Cagle did very well, the Dems put Ralph on the defense, and Ralph did not receive much applause.

    Likewise, a Ralph fan emailed to tell me that Ralph held his ground, batted back all the accusations hurled out him, was the only one with a real plan, and was well received.

    Take your pick.

  4. GaInsight says:

    Just so Bill, landman, GaWire, and all ya’ll don’t get your panties in a wad, yes, I’m a Ralph Reed supporter. I don’t work for him, but I do know, and am willing to say, what the truth is about this race: Ralph Reed is the candidate to beat.

    After the event was over, I happened to be talking to a Cagle supporter who was, I believe, unaware that I’m with RR, and he made the following statement, or something to the effect thereof: “Casey gave the best performance of his life. Ralph just got up there and played around, and Ralph was STILL better than Casey.” The guy is smooth, professional, well spoken, well qualified, and he has the tools to get the job done, not to mention the vision to do it. Casey may have a little bit of a platform certain others may have put together for him, but he doesn’t have the tools to get it done. Certain other powers that be have been propping him up for years in the Senate, even as he was being used to promote the personal agendas of those powers that be. That’s never a winning formula for a candidate, statewide or otherwise.

    GaWire, just for the record, am I correct in assuming that in the Lt Governor’s race, you’re willing to ax RR because he’s a lobbyist, but in the case of the Ag Commissioner’s race, all of a sudden the candidate’s profession doesn’t matter? Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth.

  5. Kettering Howell says:

    I agree with GI. I am undecided in the race at this point, but it does seem to me that CC is lacking some of the important tools that would be needed in order to win this race, not the least of which is the ability to raise money.

    Here’s the scenario: the press fizzles out on the whole RR/scandal thing long about January or February, long about the time Casey Cagle enters a period of several months in which he CANNOT solicit or accept monetary donations. This will be the same amount of time in which Ralph’s fundraising will be the strongest. Expect RR to come out of this with a warchest laden with extra cash, which he will use to wage his own private media war, which will burn an indelible message into the minds of the voters, who will, just about that time, just begin to pay attention. Ralph’s message is the one which will resonate in their minds, and most importantly, the memory which they will carry to the ballot box.

    Viva la Ralph!

  6. landman says:

    Ga Insight,theres no panties in a wad here, just some personal convictions and beliefs when it comes to personal responsibilty and morals.Trust me when I tell you that no one supporting CC underestimates RR’s ability to debate and his talent at public speaking.The fact that he is so smooth is what turns some people off,he comes across as a smoth talking special interest lobbyist that he is.

    KH,if you are truly undecided which reading your post leads me to believe otherwise, a couple of things to think about:

    1.Money will not be an issue,RR will out raise CC,but CC will have the war chest to run this race effectively and get the TV spots to get the message out.
    2.The scandels and investigations are not going away,McCains committee hearings will last well into the spring.Do not kid yourself there is some serious payback coming from John McCain.Abramnoff will be singing like a bird ,once its CYA time,because thats what special interest guys do,and in this case the special interest will be doing whatever is possible to reduce prison time.
    3.Grassroots count and the real Grassroots that count are State Legislatures,County Sheriff’s,County Commissioners,and three important private groups,Bankers,Realtors,and Builders and CC will have these.

    At the end of the day Experience,Qualifications,and Integrety will carry the day.

  7. Kettering Howell says:


    I hear from a source close to the Ga realtor’s association that they’re planning to stay out.

    Also, this witch hunt of McCain’s is an ethical embarassment in and of itself because it’s a personal agenda McCain has against Ralph, and nothing more.

    Do you REALLY think McCain is a choir boy himself?

  8. Rebel says:

    Landman you mentioned smooth talking special interest lobbyists…so the “Bankers, Realtors & Builders” that you think will support Lowell are not special interests? His developer buddies in Georgia seem to be a big special interest and one that Georgia voters just might care about.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Hmm… Rebel… You are so biased — oh I forgot you’re supporting a different candidate… Go back to that effort… with support like your’s, Ralph will be sure to lose! Work harder Rebel!

  10. GAWire says:

    Oh boy . . . I just can’t get away from this race, can I? Never once did I say that I don’t support Ralph because he is a lobbyist. If you will read what I said about Ag candidates, I didn’t endorse either candidate or predict the outcome b/c I don’t know enough about them – I simply gave an analysis on what perception might be like from voters. My sentiment against Ralph is based on personal experience.

    GaInsight, you are wrong. This comment . . .

    “””The guy is smooth, professional, well spoken, well qualified, and he has the tools to get the job done, not to mention the vision to do it. Casey may have a little bit of a platform certain others may have put together for him, but he doesn’t have the tools to get it done.”””

    . . . explains to me why you are wrong. You are saying that Casey Cagle’s platform is wrong because he had help putting it together. I guess the reason we haven’t seen Ralph’s platform is because he is working on it all day by himself . . . or perhaps he is the victim here b/c he has to spend all day defending his ethical flexibility.

    These little debates, forums, and other small events aren’t going to matter at all in the final outcome. This will be one of those exceptional races where fundraising won’t even necessarily be a deciding factor. This will come down to grassroots, and the voters deciding which man they think will be the better leader. Landman is correct in that most folks could care less about Reed’s smooth talking. They will hear about Casey Cagle’s experience; they will see his voting record in the Senate; they will see his plan; they WILL NOT hear himself having to defend against accusations. Then, they will decide.

  11. Bill Simon says:

    GI Sez: “The guy [Ralph] is smooth, professional, well spoken.”

    Hey, GI, the same can be said for Vernon Jones. Both Ralph and Vernon are as slick as ducksh**.

    By the way, “Smooth, professional, well-spoken” sounds like a very good used car salesman as well.

  12. landman says:

    Rebel( Jim C).,I was not referring to the organizations,but rather those individuals that derive their income in those fields.

  13. Warrior says:

    Most Senators supporting CC is positive.
    McCain and AJC attacking RR is positive.
    Where are their negatives?

  14. albert says:

    Bill, how slick is ducksh**?

    Was this debate attended by anyone? I have not seen or heard from anyone who attended or had knowledge of the event.

    Over the weekend I was talking to a local minister. The conversation always ends up in politics for some reason. This fellow, who is not a politico at all indicated he could not support Reed at all. The trust factor has been serious ruptured. I wonder just how many of the rank and file who show up to vote are going to hold their nose when it comes to this election.

    “GI Sez: “The guy [Ralph] is smooth, professional, well spoken.

  15. kspencer says:

    As others have noted, on this subject the AJC probably shouldn’t be considered an unbiased source of news.

  16. Bill Simon says:

    Doesn’t matter. Jim Galloway is a pretty accurate news guy. The fact that he has left-wingers for bosses doesn’t affect his writing style.

    Dissing the AJC for their left-wing editorial page, as Ralphie likes to do, really doesn’t do much for people who can think on their own and understand what’s going on in the world.

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