Gary Black for Agriculture

Likewise, Gary Black has up a site. There is a lot of white space, but I’m actually impressed by his color scheme — black and green.

Interestingly, a campaign study preformed by George Washington University several years ago studied the effectiveness of campaign signs (yes, not only a political geek, a useless knowledge campaign political geek I am) and colors. The theory was that the standard red, white, and blue signs drown each other out.

The study found that several colors were most effective. The study was buttressed by a University of Chicago advertising study the same year that found the same color contrasts to be effective. In order of most effective, the sign colors were:

  1. Black and Gold
  2. Blue and Green
  3. Black and Green
  4. Whilte with Red and Blue contrasts
  5. Red, White, and Blue

This is not to say that other colors are not as effective, but in terms of memorability, visibility, and ease of reading when driving 55 mph down the road, the studies showed those colors were most effective. Using white effectively to add a third accent color or highlight color adds to the effectiveness.

Finally, in a separate study performed by George Washington University, black and gold contrasts were viewed by voters as less favorable than others because of the radical contrast (and probably because it reminds people of the Saints and what a disgrace they are to the NFL).

I actually think that red, white, and blue work very well. However, my preference is to contrast the colors by having white be the primary color with red and blue as accents. It keeps the traditional campaign color scheme, while providing some needed contrast. My personal theory is that the traditional red, white, and blue contrast signifies a campaign sign and individuals are more likely to pay attention to such signs when election season roles around.

Mentally, when people are thinking about who to vote for, they start looking for yard signs. Because of past patterns and practices, a lot of people tune out single color signs and signs that are not red, white, and blue.


  1. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Is this a blog on Gary Black for Ag Commissioner or a study on campaign colors?

    (And win we did at Knoxville!)

  2. Capt. says:

    Of course it is about the campaign colors UGA, what else is there to talk about on Black’s website? There is nothing of substance. Couple of bullet points maybe that a freshman in a poli-sci class could have come up with. Oh yes, and let us not forget, he did post his Christmas card list up on the website to, as if that is going to win the election. If it does, maybe I can run and just put everyone I know on my website and win the race while offering nothing else as Ag COmmissioner. As I see it, it appears as if there is no difference between our Current Commissioner Irvin and candidate Gary Black.

  3. waterboy says:

    Good heavens at the list of supporters – interesting mix of folks from all across the state and political connections. Like the photos too….not a bunch of “screen saver” that you can download like lots of sites post. Do people really download those things????? Seems sorta weird.

    That was a great win indeed UGA!

  4. Mike Hassinger says:

    You should also note the candidate’s name and the office he is seeking. Agriculture is the “green” industry, and the candidate is Gary Black. Green and black are really the only choices for a color scheme -good thing that color-combo ranked as high as it did.

  5. Erick says:

    Excellent point indeed. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the trivial stuff and miss the bigger point. Green for Ag and Black for the name.

  6. Romegaguy says:

    Agriculture is still the number one industry in this state. Gary is the Executive Director of the state’s largest trade association of agricultural related businesses. He will continue to outraise Kemp (who will have a Democrat representing his district after the 2006 elections). I can tell you that if Kemp decides to debate Gary, that he will be made to look like such an ignorant jackass that he wouldnt qualify to be the next FEMA director.

  7. GAWire says:

    Which one will look bad in a debate . . . Kemp or Black? I think Black will dominate in a debate, not that that would really affect voters, because this is a race that will come down to grassroots efforts directed to people that are interested in Ag Commissioner (i.e. farmers, rural voters, etc). At this point, I would say that Gary Black has more pull with those voters.

    Most Georgians won’t even vote for ANY candidate in this Primary – down ticket races such as this typically appeal to specifically interested voters, and a lot of your metro area voters will simply bypass this race to vote for bigger races, only to vote for an R or D in the General.

  8. Bill Simon says:

    A Legislator vs. A Lobbyist, and you’re telling me that Gary Black (the Lobbyist) is going to come off looking better than a practiced, experienced Legislator like Brian Kemp?

    GAW, where exactly do you get your…ummm….inspiration for your conclusions?

  9. GAWire says:

    Normally I would agree with that, Bill, but I don’t know that the Ag community in GA will see Black as a lobbyist as much as they will just see him as someone that has worked as an advocate for farmers in the past.

    Now, if Black had been representing Indian Casinos . . .

  10. war_eagle says:

    Speaking of casinos, Is there any knowlege about which way the other statewide candidates(Governor, RR, CC, etc) are leaning in this race?

    Just wondering….


  11. Romegaguy says:

    You mean like did Sonny ask Gary to run?

    Bill, Kemp isnt that bright and will come across that way in a debate. Your question should be, who will come across more as sounding like they know what they are talking about, someone that briefs the head of the USDA or someone whose idea of farming is being a wealthy horse owner?

  12. Bill Simon says:

    Rome, for a guy who perceives that Kemp is ignorant, you certainly tend to cut a lot of slack for the president (“Brownie, you’re doing a helluva job…on those Arabian horse shows”) when it comes to any other subject.

  13. landman says:

    Rome,You obviously dont know Kemp,whether he wins this race or not [which I think he will by a large margin]he is a pretty intelligent person.
    I will frame this race for you real quick,we have a real Republican State Senator running against a Johnny come lately Republican[i.e.,Democrat]lobbyist.

  14. waterboy says:

    Landman – I’ve heard nothing but good things about Gary Black and I found him to be a very conservative thinker and certainly a proud republican when I had the chance to meet him. Judging by the names on his support list (Congressmen Westmoreland, Norwood and Deal).

  15. Romegaguy says:

    Johnny come lately…. former democrat… like Sonny? Or would that be people like Sen Jack Hill? Or Nathan Deal? or… seems to be a lot of former Democrats that run as or vote as Republicans in this state.

    Bill I was unaware I cut the President any slack. Usually when I mention him (including the Hell of a job comment) it is in a satirical tone. If it doesnt come across that way, I apologize.

  16. Romegaguy says:

    I think it was 1995… basically the same speech Perrdue gave “I didnt leave the party, the party left me…” but Deal’s words were aimed more at the DNC and the DPG if I remember correctly.

  17. Rebel says:

    Nobody in the world but the posters here, United Nerds of America (UNA) and people paid to do campaigns care about the colors on a yard sign! Sorry. If the average joe can see it, read it and understand who it’s for, that is the sole purpose.

  18. ConservativeFire says:

    So, one of the single hardest working, brightest and effective state senators in Georgia is being called ignorant. It is interesting because I would tend to bet that those of you who are claiming this are the ignorant ones. I mean it is sad when the few supporters Black has have to lower themselves to such low levels, as to call Brian Kemp ignorant.

    Have any of you gone and seen Kemp and Black speak at the same event and try to compare the two? I mean it is embarassing for the Black campaign. I was at an event and saw each of them, and Kemp blew Black out of the water and Black should have been completely embarassed. While Black was talking about cow shows, Kemp was discussing how we keep our food supply safe, how to promote and protect our farmers an 20% of our economy and giving us, the voters of GA, a reason and need to vote for him.

    You know, many claim Black has so much experience in Ag, and that may be the case. I am sure you can pick up sioemthing about farming while lobbying in the stuffy halls, and smokey back rooms of the pre-Republican days of the the rule of the Democrats in Georgia government. I mean, I suppose this is possible. But if you are trying to tell me that due to Black’s tenure as President of the Agri-business council, he has helped promote and protect GA Ag, I will not buy it. I would say he has a pretty bad record. I mean GA is losing our cotton industry and farmers are being drove off their farms by foreighn competition for our food supply. Black has maybe helped big, million dolar agri-businesses by helping them in Atlanta and Washington, but not farmers as he claims.

    Brian Kemp is a leader, has experience and what it takes to lead GA AG into a new time. Gary Black is a Democrt and a lobbyist that is hoping his couple of Congressional endorsements will win this campaign, but this won’t work. Charlie Norwood and others may support Gary, but their supporters don’t support Gary. You may have a congressman but that is about it. That is all Black’s campaign has to offer.

    Oh and to the comment where someone claimed that no one votes for this race but Ag folks is false comment. And even if metro voters didn’t vote for this office in the past, they have a reason to now and that reason is Brian Kemp.

  19. Romegaguy says:

    Bill did you ever watch that Average Joe Tv show? Most of the contestants I dont think I would like to meet.

    When I look at Black’s website and the new Kemp site and compare listed supporters I think that Gary has more than a “few supporters”…

    And just FYI… I have seen both speak at the same time and place. That is why I went from being an undecided voter to a Black supporter.

  20. GAWire says:

    Ok, ok . . . easy there, CFire – your flame is getting a little out of control.

    I think you are underestimating Gary Black a little here. Like I said, I am not completely convinced on either candidate, b/c I don’t know enough about them, but I am learning, and my opinion is that Black isn’t just going to let Kemp run all over him. Also, in my analysis, I consider the organization and support that is already behind the candidates, and it seems as though Rials has already done some good groundwork in this race, developing a good organization and recruiting some good grassroots support. Now, let’s see if that will last . . .

    What I was saying about turnout is that a lot of Primary voters will simply bypass the Ag race, b/c a lot of people go to vote for the top of the ticket, and maybe in the case of this election cycle (considering the unprecedented amounts of $ going into downticket races) might vote for Lt. Gov and SoS. Some statistics have shown that as a general rule, only those people with some kind of invested interest will vote for Ag Commissioner. Now, of course this doesn’t apply to all voters – some of your die-hard conservatives will vote all the way down their ticket, as well as some of those folks that have heard or seen the candidates. Either way, total voting numbers for this race will be low.

  21. war_eagle says:

    This is agriculture comissioner! Dear God, why do we have to shoot ourselves in the ‘iffing foot over the agriculture commissioner? What we don’t need is too kill each other like we have over RR and CC. What the majority of yall will do is blast so-and-sooh and when the other wins, you’ll be supporting them or whine over the next four years. I havent spoken to any candidate/staff person just yet in this race, but I have heard that the GOP leadership(i.e. executive board,etc.) knows that Black is THE candidate for the job. If they’re in leadership for a reason, why don’t we just shut up an listen to them. yeah…one more thing. If Kemp wasn’t running..would there be an interest in this race? Or would we as republicans be claiming that Black is our next GOP hero that adds to the GOP majority in constitutional offices?

    Just a few thoughts. Sorry if I tick all of yall Kemp folks off, you deserved it for messing with something that you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about. The Senate is a type of country club…and when it comes time to the election, who are rural senators going to listen to…farmers who send them to Atlanta or folks that they might not only see 40 days out of the year?

  22. landman says:

    War Eagle,Some of us dont need the “executive committee” to tell us who the best candidate is.They should not even be choosing sides in a primary,but it will come back and bite them in the ***,and then we can look at choosing some better leaders for the party!!!!!!

  23. Bill Simon says:

    Ooh…who is on the “executive board” of the GOP, War Eagle? And, do you think that the party EC has a say in who gets elected?

    My guess is, you’re talking about Alec, and anyone who follows Alec. However, the party cannot do much…unless Alec is stupid enough to endorse and work for Gary Black. That’ll be a great signal to divide the party against him and the Governor. Reeeeeeally smart.

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