Focusing on the Lobbying Work

The AJC is back focusing on Ralph’s lobbying work and the trouble some have with it.

Many Republican elected officials have stayed clear of the lieutenant governor’s race. Last week, Perdue’s campaign manager declined to be quoted about the impact of Reed’s campaign on the governor’s re-election bid.

House Speaker Glenn Richardson of Hiram — whose declared top priority is Perdue’s re-election — remains neutral. But Richardson’s top lieutenant, House Rules Chairman Earl Ehrhart of Powder Springs, recently declared himself for Cagle.

“I think a Sonny Perdue-Casey Cagle ticket is a much stronger ballot for Republicans,” Ehrhart said.

Buzz Brockway, a Reed supporter and former chairman of the Gwinnett County GOP, said worries of Reed’s impact on the governor’s race are unfounded. He said Perdue will win or lose his race on his own, because his name will come first on the ballot.

As for Democrats using Reed as a poster child for Washington corruption, Brockway said, “I’m sure that’s what they’ll try. But I don’t see it sticking. People in Georgia don’t know who Tom DeLay is.”

Several other Reed supporters, including Sadie Fields, chairman of the Georgia Christian Coalition, declined to comment.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Erhhart earned a point in my book by coming out and clearly saying that Casey Cagle is good for our party and good for the future of our state.

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