Corruption and Cronyism — The Coming Dem Theme

It would seem Democrats nationally intend to use corruption and cronyism as charges against the GOP. Same thing here in Georgia.

He’s related by marriage to Gov. Sonny Perdue and his daughter just tied the knot with one of Perdue’s top political advisers. But Jim Floyd says family connections didn’t help him land a state job.

“I didn’t interview on the premise that Sonny Perdue was my wife’s first cousin and I don’t know, with this group, if it would have helped,” said Floyd, 61, agriculture and youth director for the state-operated Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter in Perry, near Perdue’s hometown of Bonaire.

He’s been on the payroll since June 18, 2003, five months after Perdue took office as the state’s first Republican governor since 1872. Floyd earned $45,000 last year, according to the state auditor.

Democrats, hoping to oust Perdue when he runs for re-election next year, say the situation at least looks odd, considering that as a candidate three years ago Perdue claimed Democrats had perpetuated a corrupt culture of cronyism at the statehouse.

I don’t see this being effective. Sure, it make seem like it now, but I think the GOP is waking up to its image problem — and it is a problem for the federal level, not so much on the state level I think — and the problem will be corrected soon enough.

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  1. GAWire says:

    This stuff isn’t going to get the Dems very far here in GA. Unless there is criminal activity, no one will care about this, and for some rural voters, it might even be more connections and reason to support the Governor.

    Relating this issue to the national political scene, though . . . this goes back to my analysis on why the President wouldn’t want to get involved in Reed’s Primary. The Washington and national media would eat GWB up for “endorsing one of his old cronies who is now involved in the Tom DeLay/Abramoff/Indian casino lobbying scandal!”

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