Brian Kemp for Agriculture Commissioner

His website is up. Dang, I’m really impressed. It is a very nicely done site. And, as far as I can tell, he does not have one of those stupid candidate blogs that never gets updated and never says anything worth reading.

Well done.

I’m reminded of that conversation I related a while back. A 527 in Washington was going to get in for Ralph. They had to do their due diligence and decided to just look at Cagle’s website to see if he seemed credible. They were really impressed with his website design, look, etc. and decided he was actually a viable candidate. They have not given Ralph money.


  1. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Brian is an efficient, intelligent student of Georgia government. He will do an excellent job for all of us as Ag Commissioner and I am happy to be a supporter. It should come as no shock that his website is first class. His work in the Senate has been likewise. So it will be at Ag.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    So Kemp FINALLY updated his website. I notice it is missing people that have endorsed him. Is that because there isnt that many?

  3. Capt. says:

    Brian Kemp is running the most efficient, effective and pro-active campaign in the state right now. He has been an effective and pro-active state Senator and has worked hard for the State of Georgia. Because of the help his hard work, the State of Georgia is better today than it was four years ago. If you don’t think so ask the 27 of his fellow Senators that have endorsed him and his campaign, and they will tell you that Brian Kemp is good for Georgia. Kemp will take those same values and that same drive to make Georgia better to the Agriculture Commissioner’s Office. I know that Gary Black is intimidated, as he should be. I understand what Black is feeling. He is probably feeling that being a lobbyist for 15 years does not qualify someone to lead a department of 800+ employees. He is probably wondering why the Kemp campaign is picking up so much support around the state?

    Gary is not only feeling intimidated because the Kemp campaign has out done the Black Camp. every step of the way. Black came out with some little brouchures and thought he was on fire because he had beat Kemp to it, but now Kemp has launched his brouchures and they make Black’s look like something from a dog catcher’s race. The same goes for Kemp’s website. Black threw his together and thought he was in good shape, but then Kemp came out with his a few weeks later, and it makes Black’s look like something a student in a high school computer class came out with.

    I believe it is “quality” and quickness” that it the key to winning.

    Once again, as it has always been, Black’s people are just intimidated. Black has nothing to run his race on except the fact that he was a lobbyist AKA advocate for agriculture (which if this was the case, shouldn’t our farmers and Farms and Ag be in better shape than it is today?). Since Black has nothing to run on, he has to run on his endorsements. It is sad really.

    Kemp is running a campaign of ideas, conservative values, ways to help GA Ag, ideas to help GA farmers, to protect families from terrorist attacks on our food supply, and how to keep 20% of GA’s economy in GA. Kemp doesn’t depend on endorsements alone as Black does. Despite that, Kemp has endorsements that once again, out does Gary’s. From what I hear, he has 27 State Senators endorsing him and hundreds of other key people around the sate.

    Once again, Let’s remember, it is “quality meaning, and purpose” not “quickness and poor quality and no meaning.” The most qualified candidate in this race is obvious—-Senator Brian Kemp.

  4. southerngopga says:

    Romegaguy, is going to hat that he made that comment. From what I have been told by Kemp’s staff, that Kemp’s grassroot and endorsement list is stunning and growing everyday and he is waiting for the right time to release it. I am sure that it will out shine Black’s just like everything else the Kemp campaign has done.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Gary Black’s is a “” site, which means he is using Politech. I thought Matt Kramer kept ahead of the curve until I saw what Stoneridge and Jay Williams are capable of producing. Looking at what Cagle has and what Kemp has, Stoneridge appears to be operating in the 21st Century of Website appeal while Politech is still chugging along in the late 1990s vintage.

  6. waterboy says:

    You boys looking at content or just like the pretty pictures??? Never mind…..must be pictures – the site has no content.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    “the site has no content”…

    Apparently, Waterboy doesn’t know how to read or press link buttons. I saw and read lots of “content.”

    The only thing missing is his platform, and I presume he’s working on that rather than gettgin a list of endorsemewnts which do NOT matter a hill of beans in the primaries I’ve seen.

  8. landman says:

    Guys, the choice is very simple in this race REPUBLICAN vs.Democrat…….State Senator vs. LOBBYIST!!!!!!!!!

  9. waterboy says:

    Bill – you are just a bitter person. I honestly feel sorry for you.

    The site has rhetoric, but there are no plans, no substantive content. You failed to click on “The Kemp Plan,” which is still under development apparently as the site says it is “coming soon” (check it for yourself: ). I guess the Kemp team hasn’t gotten around to the actual plan because they have been making pretty pictures. A site should at least introduce you to a candidate AND give you information on their platform – you disagree?

    Landman – I’ve heard nothing but good things about Gary Black and I found him to be a very conservative thinker and certainly a proud republican when I had the chance to meet him. Judging by the names on his support list (Congressmen Westmoreland, Norwood and Deal).

  10. landman says:

    Waterboy,if you have read some of my other comments one of my strongest positions has been that we as a party are beyond the point of having “annointed ” candidates.By,this I mean that we don’t need a small group of people in leadership roles[Im not referring to the elected officials] with the party trying to push a candidate on everybody because they make backroom promises of support.

    I would feel the same way if it were a die hard long time Republican advocate,which is not the case here.I dont know too many Republicans,no I dont know of any Republicans other than Mr. Black who voted in the Democratic Presidential Primary.This speaks volumes to me.

    The other point is our talent pool as a party is not so shallow that we need to elect a lobbyist to the position of Agriculture Commissioner.I dont think it is a good idea to try and put a lobbyist in charge of the department he has been lobbying.You may disagree I just dont think its good policy.

    Understand, I have nothing personal against Gary,I just think we have a much stronger possibility defeating Mr. Tommy if Kemp’s our nominee and I feel confident that he will be.The margin will probably be pretty large and some of these “Party Leaders” are going to have some egg on their face.

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Waterboy: As I admitted in my earlier post, which you obviously ignored, Kemp does not yet have his plan UP.

    Here’s a little bit about Kemp from his Website (apparently, you missed this to).

    Finally, I suspect that all of your “hearing” about Gary Black is straight out of the mouth of Scott Rials. Or, for all I know, you could be Scott Rials. In either case, planting your nose in the Black camp based on what Rials says isn’t impressing me at all.

  12. waterboy says:

    Bill – That is a bio on Kemp, nothing more. I form my own opinion about candidates by meeting with them and reviewing the facts – not from campaign staff. I’m taking Gary Black a check next week when I see him at the expo in Moultrie and look forward to speaking with him again.

    Landman – If he voted on the Dem ticket in the Presidential Preference Primary then he did the same as MANY republicans! I think the goal was to get Kerry beat in GA so he would have to spend more money. There was no reason to vote Republican since Bush had no opposition. We all gave Bush our full support in the General Election – or at least I hope you did. Are the republicans that voted for Denise Majette over Cynthia McKinney also not real republicans??? It’s a non factor.

  13. landman says:

    Waterboy,You can feel comforted in knowing I voted for GW,and raised a good amount of money for him and would do it again.I read all the Pioneer correspondence and I never read where it was a strategy to get the Republican vote out for Kerry in Georgia or anywhere else in the country.Majette,on the otherhand was a concerted effort that was not only well planned but well executed.

  14. waterboy says:

    Voters need marching orders from some “Pioneer correspondence?” The Majette strategy worked great…but what is the difference between the two????

  15. landman says:

    Waterboy,The Pioneers were a group of people that agreed to raise at least $100,00.00 in the Bush\Cheney Campaigns.My point was if voting for Kerry in any primary was a strategy I think I would have seen it in our updates.Everyone in Georgia Republican circles was aware of the strategy with Majette.

  16. waterboy says:

    Bill – You’ll just have to wait and review the disclosure form for yourself. landman, every republican effort doesn’t require a team name and a newsletter.

  17. Billings says:

    Gary Black cannot beat Tommy Irvin, in my opinion. Tommy Irvin is a household name, and it is going to take something much larger than Black to beat Irvin. I believe Kemp has what it takes to beat him, and I think he is the only one.

    You know Waterboy, I am sure the Black campaign can create some good excuses to combat “why” he voted in the Dem. Pres. Preference Primary, but GOP voters will know the truth (He is a DEMOCRAT), and they will see this no matter how Mr. Black spins it.

    Mr. Black can’t beat Irvin for one because he has never run a campaign that he will have to run against Irvin because Irvin wil not go down without a fight. Also, Com. Irvin will use the fact that Mr. Black is and has been a lobbyist against him, and it will destroy the Black campaign.

    There is just not a difference between Black and Irvin or at least enough of one for Black to beat Irvin. Now, maybe Black should run against the Commissioner in the Democratic Primary??? He may win there.

    I wonder who Black voted for in the Dem. Primary? Al Sharpton, Dennis Kusinich, John Kerry, or Mosely-Bruan?

    And I also wonder, who he will vote for in the next Dem. primary. Kathy Cox or Mark Taylor??

    Once a democrat, always a democrat!

  18. waterboy says:

    Billings – You have obviously never met Gary Black. The ag industry overwhelmingly supports his campaign as does Republican leadership as reflected with the endorsements of Norwood, Deal, Westmoreland, etc. You are right that for anyone to beat Irvin it will take money and a bunch of hard work. I know Gary is committed to the work will take and others like me are helping him with the money. Gary Black collected more money than any of the other candidates in the last reporting period. I have faith that voters will know he’s the best candidate. Gary Black is good for Georgia and good for the Republican party.

  19. peaches says:

    It does worry me that Mr. Black voted in the dem. primary and the fact he is a lobbyists. This is not who we need leading the Ag dept. As far as Mr. Black having the endorsements of several Congressman that does not impress me. I don’t know much about Mr. Black or Sen. Kemp but I do know that I will not vote for Mr. Black just because he flaunts around the names of a few Congressman and I am to be impressed by that, well I am not. They should not be getting involved in anyone elses race. I don’t think that Mr. Black has a very good campaign orginaztion in place, because the two events I have been to where Mr. Black was in attendance he did not have a good showing. At one event Mr. Black came across as being very irogant, not really talking to anybody except for the few people he already knew, and the second time I saw him his two camapign workers were standing in the corner with their hands in their pockets while one of them was draining a beer bottle. Not to impressive to me. However, the Kemp campaign was not at these events so I don’t yet know how their organization will be, I imagine it will be pretty decent.

  20. Billings says:

    So Waterboy, in all of that vast knowledge you have or seem to have, you think Gary’s message of cow shows and peanuts is going to win this race? Do you think this message is going to fly with Metro Voters or those that are not in farming. I don’t think it will. I am a metro voter with no ties to farming, and I will be supporting the guy who not only knows about Agriculture and farming and how to promote and protect our Ag indutrues, but a guy that has a clue about all other issues to like: economic development as it relates to Ag and protecting our food supply.

    To answer your question, I have seen Gary Black speak, and I have seen Senator Kemp speak. And the response is always greater for Sen Kemp than Black, and I believe Gary comes across as not having the leadership qualites this office requires and a little too goofy to be running a department. This is not only my view, but it is the view of those who will actually be voting in the primary next July. Gary does know which primary he is running in right?? GOP voters are smart, they know who the true Conservative Republican is.

    Once again, you people think his Congressional endorsements from these old guys is going to win this campaign, it isn’t. The Congressman are a ploy and a veil to help cover up the fact that Gary has been a Democrat for years.

    If you are looking for someone with Ag “experience”, I think Deanna Strickland has as much if not more than Gary, but is she the best candidate to beat Irvin?? I don’t think so. We have seen that play out before. I mean, Black would be clobered just as Strickland was.

    Kemp won’t be. What else can you throw out there Waterboy? I thought those of you in the Black camp. talked about the “issues?”

  21. Billings says:

    I hate to bust your bubble waterboy, but I have met Gary. I think he is fine at is present role, but I just can’t see someone like Gary running a department of 800 people. Yeah his issues are on his website, but anyone can make simple generalities. The thing that bothers me the most about Black is his apparant lack of leadership. I mean all he talks about is teamwork and how we can hold hands and make the Dept of Ag better, but what is he going to do as a leader? Where is that backbone that Kemp has? I get no assurance of that from Gary. I guess lobbying doesn’t take much leadership ability nor does being a Democrat for that matter, but being a chairman on Senate Committees like Sen Kemp does. Sorry, waterboy, you didn’t really get me this time either.

  22. Romegaguy says:

    Just reading the “once a democrat always a democrat” mantra above. Does that hold true for Sonny Perdue? What about Sens. Dan Lee, Don Cheeks, Jack Hill? What about Congressman Nathan Deal?” So are they really Democrats. As I said in another posting, a lot of folks in this state used to run as or vote as a Democrat but now voting Republican…

    One final thought, if Gary Black is as bad as some of you say, why did the Governor personally ask him to run?

  23. landman says:

    Rome,I missed where Sonny has publicly endorsed Gary,where can I find it?

    Keep your options open we will welcome you on the Kemp team in July,when we end Mr.Tommy’s tenure!!!!

  24. ConservativeFire says:

    Yeah, it is interesting, it seems like Gary’s people think the Governor is behind him and endorsing him, but that is not the case. Sonny has not endorsed Gary, nor will he. Sonny is going to be worried about his own race soon, especially when he realizes that Cox is in his rear view mirror (because he will realize that objects in the mirror are closer than they seem). When this happens, he will drop Gary and anyone else like yesterday’s garbage. If you are trying to win a GOP primary I sure wouldn’t be begging for the Governor’s help. The Governor will get behind the winner (Kemp) because it will help him win the general–Gary sure won’t because he can’t energize anyone.

    Oh and by the way Rome, there is a difference in being a Conservative Democrat years ago and being a current liberal democrat. I mean, if you voted in this last Democratic Preference Primary, you are a LIBERAL and there is no excuse for voting for those communists. Sorry for not clarifying the difference.

    You know, Ralph Reed is catching hell for being a lobbyist, but at least he is a Republican, but Gary doesn’t even have that going for him.

  25. GAWire says:

    >>>”””Sonny is going to be worried about his own race soon, especially when he realizes that Cox is in his rear view mirror (because he will realize that objects in the mirror are closer than they seem). “””

    It seems that you are a little late to the table with that analysis . . .

  26. Cotton Boll says:

    This is my first post…..never thought I would be weighing in on this stuff, but you people have no idea who Gary Black is or what he has done to fuel Georgia’s agricultural industry. I know Gary very well and have for years. He is exactly who we need for Ag Commissioner. Many people in the Republican ranks have encouraged Gary to get in this race because they know he is the best man for the job. I too have been told that Governor Perdue was one of those people and that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. They have known each other for a long time and his business in Bonaire is a member of the Georgia Agri-business Council that Gary leads. Yes, I am a Gary Black supporter, he has been an advocate for agriculture and done an outstanding job. All industries have lobbyists to express their needs and concerns in state matters – I have a business to run and can’t be in Atlanta or Washington all the time. I am a Republican and support the ticket, but I too voted in the Democrat Presidential Primary. I voted for John Edwards just to put a little heat on the John Kerry campaign. Many did the same thing – we all laugh about it. It was our way of voting against John Kerry in the primary and general election. If Gary did the same then that’s just great by me.

  27. upsongop says:

    I have been watching this discussion and I have never posted, but I was wondering what everyones take is on the behind the scene guys in this race:


    Looks to me like they are all doing a heck of a job!

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