Wanna Start A Georgia Horserace Blog?

And with those six words, Peach Pundit was born. A few hours later, Peach Pundit was live. I wrote them to Erick mid-June. Noticeably absent are any proper names, including those of the Lt. Gov. race.

That’s what Peach Pundit is about. Are Erick and I conservative? Yes, of course. We run a little project called Redstate.org together, which is no secret. However this place is about discussing the interesting stories in Georgia politics, no matter what they are.

Anyone is welcome to sign up and comment on this site. Commenters are responsible for their own opinions. If one opinion is represented more than another, it’s nothing more than the free market at work. Erick and I will promote people to the front page based on the quality of their writing, not the stripe of their politics.

Dismissing us because you consider us shills for a certain candidate in a certain race is nonsense. We will be here well after July 18, 2006 doing the same thing we’re doing. No matter what the results.


  1. Romegaguy says:

    I saw a blog caption for Horseracing and I thought I had missed a story about a certain lobbyist turned candidate….

    I dont put any credence in that rumor Melb.

  2. Ha good one. They are probably breathing a sigh of relief at Reed headquarters after reading the actual post. Personally I think Ralph should just embrace what he has become. Have a casino fundraiser with slot jockeys ($100 contribution), dealers ($1,000) and floor managers ($5,000).

  3. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I agree…it’s great that there is a place for an open discussion of Georgia politics (even if there is an ongoing Ralph Reed / Casey Cagle feud, to which I say…PLEASE Herman Cain / Jerry Keen run for LG)

    One small, unimportant side note to that: I’ll give Cagle the “Best Website Award” of all the candidates (for every race), as his is up to date and well done…However, I may be the only one who has noticed the interesting fact that he has a picture on there with Bill Stephens standing next to him. It’s completely unimportant, but I thought it was kind of funny.

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