Just Asking . . .

I hear Ralph was not at the Governor’s thing last night. Was he not invited? Not appropriate for him to be there? I don’t know. Just asking.

Which Bibb County Democrat does the House GOP fear the most? Just asking (we’ll have more on that one later).


  1. Silence says:

    You heard correctly, RR was conspicuously absent, which made CC’s flagrant posturing look all the more “beggarly…”

  2. Tommy_a2b says:

    My bet is th RR was not invited. No love loss between he and the Gov. Saw Cagle there doing what every candidate there was doing, (except Karen Handle) just making the rounds. Now about Karen, did anyone notice she was not making the rounds. I am curious (sp?) as to why.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    Didnt know you had to be invited. Thought you showed up with check in hand or mailed it in early…. Maybe he is too good to hang out with the commoners or maybe he was out of town raising money from Indian Casino owners…

  4. landman says:

    Silence,you need to just come clean and profess to being the die-hard RR disciple that you clearly are.On one thread you claim to be nuetral and then state that if RR is indicted you will not vote for him,and now this statement.You sound just like Maverick……State the fact that you for RR and dont act like your above taking sides,its much more honorable!!!!!!!

  5. GAWire says:

    Are you kidding, Silence – regular voters don’t sit there wondering where the OTHER candidate is at an event (unless they are supporters of that campaign) – all they see is whatever candidate IS there. Campaigns love it when the opponent fails to show!

    >”””CC’s flagrant posturing look all the more “beggarly…

  6. Bill Simon says:

    “Invited…” now that’s funny! One is considered “invited” when one displays a ticket to the tune of $250…that’s the invitation.

    I believe that had Bobby Kahn shown-up with a $250 check to pay for the dinner, he would have been graciously invited in to join the crowd.

  7. Rebel says:

    I saw his wife and his campaign manager there. Guess he was out of town. Of course, he could have been meeting with the President about his upcoming appearances in GA.

  8. Romegaguy says:

    Bill they should comp Kahn with all he has done for the GA GOP. Give him a plaque or something. Chris could video the whole thing. = )

    “Of course, he could have been meeting with the President about his upcoming appearances in GA” hahahahah. That is almost as funny as the thought of Sonny dancing with Jeff Mullis.

  9. GAWire says:

    I remember back a few months ago when we talked about how rediculous the idea of GWB campaigning for Reed in the Primary was, and I specifically remember asking not to say such things that make me laugh hard enough to spill my coffee all over my nicely pressed suit. Luckily it is evening, so I am not spilling anything.

    Seriously, though – Sonny will be dancing with Mullis and the entire GA GOP legislators before the President campaigns specifically for Ralph Reed in the Primary.

    Let’s all say this together one more time: It is against Administration and Party policy to endorse any candidate in such a contested Primary. The day I see GWB personally endorsing Reed, I will admit that I am wrong, but I don’t think that will be an issue b/c 1) as I said, the Party doesn’t endorse in a Primary, even if the candidate does mention his work on BC’04 every time he opens his mouth; and 2) Reed won’t make it to the General, so endorsing him won’t be an issue at that point.

    Ok, with that being said (for the thousandth time), I am done with this race . . . even though I am sure we will come back around to it again for all of you folks with retention and long term memory problems. I can’t wait ’til July either!

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Uh, nice try, GAW, but the fact is, the President HAS endorsed a candidate before in a contested primary, so your statement is 1) wrong, and 2) not based on fact.

    For those of you who just fell-off the turnip truck, the President endorsed…now, I cannot remember his name, but, he was running for some statewide office in California, and the candidate that the President ENDORSED lost his bid by another Rerpublican named…it’s on the tip of my tongue here…………….R—…no……G…..no, B….Bi—-……..Bill-something….Bill-something…now what was his last name……………..OH! Bill Simon!!!

  11. Big Mack says:

    If I remember correctly, the President endorsed Saxby in the primary much to the detriment of Bob Irvin.

  12. Bill Simon says:

    Strike #2 against GAWire’s claim that it is “Administration Policy” not to endorse a candidate in a primary.

    You know, GAWire…I’m beginning to see why you don’t wish to use your real name on the blog. I use mine, and, when I am found to be wrong, I admit my goof.

    Until you anonymous folks like Silence and GAWire reveal yourselves, your words really don’t have the impact they might otherwise. Heck we may as well return to 1998 when the Bill Shipp Messageboard was all the rage in Georgia discourse politics.

  13. Tater Tate says:

    Ralph was in New York raising money. But he had plenty of people there. I came up with a van load from south Georgia. I do think I saw more Cagle lapel stickers, but then I heard some folks say that it seemed inappropriate for this event to see a lot of campaiging like that.

    I was told that RR has a lot of fundraisers coming up. I guess they have to report again sometime soon. I hope CC is raising a lot of money. He’ll need it. I still don’t think the average joe cares about the stuff in the liberal AJC.

  14. kspencer says:


    I don’t think the average Joe will area about anything political till, oh, I’d guess early March. From now till then, though, what is going to happen is seeding the ground. By March most of them won’t really recall the source, they’ll just recall that Ralph seems to have had these problems. And so in March they’ll start paying more attention to see if those problems have gone away (disproven or merely set aside doesn’t really matter).

    Yep, it’s the AJC. And everyone knows it’s liberal. (Well, liberal for Georgia.) It’s also the most widely read paper in the state – read by both sides – and that weight is hard to counter. Claiming it to be ignored and ineffective is, I think, whistling in the graveyard.

  15. Tater Tate says:

    I’ve had long conversations with some long time Republican folk up in Atlanta about this whole thing. I just don’t sense the alarm that some of the folks on this blog want to raise about all this stuff. I think it is wishful thinking on the part of the CC folk that this will win the battle for them.

    Yes, I think most Republican primary voters have the sense that the liberal media is out to get our good leaders like Delay and now Reed. They don’t have a clue who that lobbyist guy is and they don’t understand all that Indian stuff. They just know that Ralph helped the president win and he helped us get what nobody else had been able to do in Georgia, a majority.

    Ralph’s listening tour around the state went very well. People responded positively down here. Ain’t seen CC at all. In fact I know of a couple of state senators who have been taken to the woodshed for supporting Cagle. I think one is pretty close to jumping ship and supporting RR. RR will have the money when folks really start listening to get his message out and then nobody will care about what the AJC says.

  16. Bill Simon says:

    Who was in this “woodshed?” Sounds ominous…or, was it just local party pukes who adore RR, and decided they had some weight to throw around?

  17. GAWire says:

    Prove to me that I am wrong, Bill, and I will admit that I made a “goof” . . . when I see the President endorse Reed for Lt. Gov before next July!

    And, Bill, some people enjoy anonymous political debate in a forum such as this, so all that is brought to the table is the actual debate. That, I think, is what makes Peach Pundit so much fun (and sometimes addicting).

  18. albert says:

    I hardly doubt Bush is going to involve himself in this race. It has no national relevance.

    Silence, Cagle was hardly acting beggarly. He was confident and greeting friends and potential supporters.

    This was a fundraising event for the legislators. It was not a fundraiser for the Governor. Last I knew, Cagle is in the Senate. He had every right to be there and greet friends and colleagues.

    What I am finding hilarious is that the blame for Reed’s woes is attributed to tabloid journalism and a search and destroy mission. Reed devotees, seem to absolve him of any indisgression or poor judgement. I heard one person say he used poor discernment which was disappointing. Nah, a $1,000,000 plus to pimp some opposition,,,, thats a good business deal!!!!

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