Scandal At Peach Pundit

A poster (you know who you are you Robert Louis Stevenson fan) at Peach Pundit has tried to put up several posts responding to Bill Simon and a few others. In addition to attacking fellow posters, the individual also insinuates a cult of David Shafer and that several individuals in the legislature and Governor’s Office (not Shafer, but a litany of others) like to hire escorts, visit assorted houses of sin, etc.

Those insinuations, smears, and derogatory comments are not acceptable at this site.

Most interesting, the individual is writing the posts from work. I have traced the IP address. That you are working for the state using a computer that belongs to the State of Georgia with an internet connection running through a hub at the Department of Administrative Services indicates to me that you are either a flack or bitter or both.

Should you wish to continue accusing certain elected officials and appointees in the governors office (which, given the information on the IP trace I ran you probably do not want to) of visiting whorehouses, etc. I suggest you set up your own website and do it from there.

Now, for regular readers here, please be advised that we have a general policy to respect your privacy. All commenters must register and all first posts must be approved in order to prevent spam comments. At the time for approval, should there be something troubling in the comment, we can, should we choose, run a trace on the IP address. Once we have approved a comment once, you do not have to keep seeking approval — the site is yours to post at will.

On occasion we are alerted to a troubling post (we do not always dig into the comments). We can delete the post, edit the post, or keep it and reprimand the commenter. We can also ban posters and block IP address. This is the first time we have felt compelled to dig into an IP address due to the contents of a comment. We do not share the information. Only Clayton and I even have the ability to moderate first comments and trace IP addresses. Bull Moose, Silence, and Decaturguy do not.

Be advised, however, that while we believe in liberal posting rights for our site participants, some things are unacceptable.


  1. Melb says:

    Just wondering why you would allow Big Mack to say if there are no virgins in the whore house its because Reed has been there, but then when a Reed supporter shoots back that Mr. Reed doesn’t do that but he knows that people at the capitol do, you take down that post but leave up Big Mack’s post? I mean if it is so scandolous and all you would think both comments would be equally offensive.

  2. Erick says:

    Uh, actually Melb, I am ashamed to admit I do not read every comment, but should you ever feel there is an egregious comment you can email me a link to

    I guess I missed that one, though I think I actually did delete the one you are referring to.

    I try not to censor, but there are some things I don’t think are appropriate for the site.

  3. Tater Tate says:

    I missed the virgin and whorehouse stuff! If its a new one, where’s it located? I guess if you miss a day or two of the pundit, you miss a hell of a lot! That will teach me.

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