Will Reed Cause Sonny to Lose?

According to our hero Tom Crawford (damn him for getting better scoops than us 😉 ), some in the GOP say so. Senators Jeff Mullis, Chip Pearson, and Chip Rogers have prepared a “strategic memo” that makes a plausible case for Casey Cagle. They argue that Ralph will hurt Sonny.

We’ve been able to see the memo. In it, the senators write

A recent independent poll released by Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion gives strong reason to believe that Ralph Reed may be virtually unelectable in a general election. Among 600 general election voters surveyed (margin of error +/- 4%) 16% of voters expressed a favorable view of Reed, while 19% expressed an unfavorable view. As public coverage of Ralph’s recent work as a lobbyist continues, that ratio is clearly not going to improve.

There is simply no precedent for a major political figure in Georgia to have negatives that outweigh their positives. For example, Roy Barnes was in much better territory prior to his defeat. And, Sonny Perdue currently has vastly better numbers, with favorables of 59% and unfavorables of only 24%. The Democrats would like nothing better than to get our Governor’s ratings into the same territory as Ralph Reed’s by tying them together, and we simply cannot afford to let that happen.

They make good points, but no doubt the Reed folks will counter that the race is young, Reed has lots of money, and all of this will be old news before November of next year.

At the same time, I continue to think, as do others more knowledgeable than me, that the person who will get the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor has not yet entered the race.


  1. albert says:

    I wonder what he is up to. I listened to his radio program a couple of weeks ago and he was strong. It seemed he was in campaign mode. Having been through a statewide campaign, he’s either dying to do something or stay away from it completely. Knowing the man he is I would bet (no pun intended) he’s got a strong itching to do something.

    Nothing against Cagle, I just love Cain. He’s principled, articulate and has a work ethic that is outstanding. He’s a driven person. If he got into this thing, my money and time would be on him.

  2. Rob Butler says:

    How many negative articles has the AJC printed about Ralph Reed thus far? I think it is over 20. It is clear they do not want Mr. Reed to win. But Republican primary voters will make this decision, not the AJC. Ralph Reed is a known quantity. He helped Bush win, he helped win the Republican majority in Georgia. Once his message is out, I have no doubt Georgians will elect him over any potential candidate the Democrats have to offer.

    Reed hurt Gov. Perdue? You’ve got to be kidding. Perdue needs Reed more than ever. Mr. Reed has the ability to energize the base and Gov. Perdue needs that more than anything right now. The base is not energized for Perdue. I would venture that a Reed win is far more certain than a Perdue win at this point. We could be facing a Gov. Cox and a Lt. Gov. Reed. Under such circumstances, and I hope Cox does not win, I would rather have Mr. Reed leading the charge.

    And the Senators you mention? My souces tell me they have their own reasons for supporting Sen. Cagle, and they are self-serving. Each of these Senators belongs to a group that is very much against the current leadership in the Senate. They have been given big promises about their future if Cagle wins. Too bad they have joined the Shafer conspiracy crowd, who will do anything to destroy Ralph Reed. Cagle is their pawn for now. But their real goal is to get rid of the current Senate leadership. Remember the Cagle/Stephens contest and the Shafer/Reed race?

    I do agree with one comment above? Should Mr. Reed bow out unexpectedly, Cagle will not be the nominee. He will never have my vote because of his campaign’s obvious hatred for Mr. Reed and participation with the liberal media in attempting to destroy a Republican icon. So should Mr. Reed not finish his campaign, I’ll be a chearleader for Mr. Keen, Rep. Westmoreland, or anyone else. But Cagle’s campaign has ruined his chances, even if he does not know it yet.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    Anybody remember the Republican choice for Lt Gov in 1998 that kept a Republican from being elected Governor and also one from being elected as Attorney General? His negatives were never as high as Ralphie’s. And that was one of Ralphie’s candidates, too. Just something to think about….

  4. Tommy_a2b says:

    Who are the rumors swirling about to get in this race. I am only hearing Keen and he is saying absolutely not. Who else is out there?

  5. DoubleDawg3 says:

    For starters, I agree with Erick that the person who might very well win this race is not in it yet…namely Herman Cain. Not to make this sound like an endorsement of Cain (I voted for someone else, but liked Cain alot), but he does have the power to energize supporters and natural leadership ability of Reed, without the ethical questions. Plus he has the humble roots and “self-made businessman” background of Cagle, but with more personality and charisma.

    If the Governor’s camp secretly wants women down the ballot from him, to protect against the “Cathy Cox effect,” don’t you think having a prominent African American would be just as beneficial?

    As for the AJC’s articles on Reed…yes, I think it’s obvious that the AJC wants Reed to have no chance.

    However, I believe that the letter from Mullis, Pearson, Rogers is not so much of an indication that they dislike the leadership, i.e. Stephens, as it is that Pearson and Rogers, at least, are self described “businessmen” who share alot in common with Cagle, besides the obvious fact that their geographical area’s of the state are very close and similar. Despite the desire to believe so, I don’t think that there is a whole lot of truth to the belief that those guys are on any shaky ground with the current leadership, and are trying to take down the Stephens campaign (If you check, all three have given money this year to both Cagle and Stephens).

  6. buzzbrockway says:

    We had this discussion some time back and I still maintain that the Lt. Guv nominee, wether it be Reed or Cagle or someone else, will not drag down, nor give a boost to Perdue. Perdue is at the top of the ballot and he will receive the most votes of any Republican on the ballot. Look at previous election results (click here: http://tinyurl.com/74a8h) and you will see that almost without fail, the first Republican on the ballot gets the most votes and we lose votes as we go down the ballot. That is why local candidates want to attach their name with the top candidates, not the other way around.

    There is no doubt the Democrats will try to attack Perdue but I doubt trying to link Perdue with a downballot candidate will work. Perdue will run on his record and the Lt. Guv nominee will run on his.

    For the sake of discussion, let’s assume Reed wins the nomination, and the attacks on his record wound him significantly. For it to hurt other Republicans, the Dems would need to demonstrate a pattern of corruption, which means other Republicans would need to be embroiled in scandal. I don’t see that happening. Perhaps the Dems could tie everyone to David Graves, but outside of political junkies like us, who’s heard of him?

    With all due respect to the Senators in the memo, I don’t think this argument against Reed holds water.

  7. DoubleDawg3 says:


    Yes, Mitch Skandalakis…his quotes on Bill Campbell, as you said, resulted in increased African American turnout and ultimately cost several Republicans statewide wins that year.

  8. jackson says:

    I love the comments about Casey Cagles’ collusion with the “liberal” media. So, I guess the Weekly Standard and Conservative Columnist David Brooks are part of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy now?

    Even worse, what about papers that aren’t even in Georgia? Has anyone counted the number of articles they have written? (Hint: Its way more than 20.) Is Cagle colluding with them too?

    Please. The argument about the liberal media is so old and tired. How about just taking responsibility for your actions?

  9. Melb says:

    Herman Cain’s motto for Lt. Gov.: You can have it your way. Since he’s was a self made business man with Burger King!

  10. Rob Butler says:

    Yes, unfortunately, the Cagle campaign is behind this and throwing coals on the fire anywhere they can. In fact, that seems to be what the campaign is all about to this point.

    I think Mr. Reed is taking responsibility for his actions. Read his responses. But I also think has actions have been misrepresented by the liberal media with the aid and support of the Cagle campaign. Perhaps that is the raw politics of todays world, but it does not endear him to me. Mr. Reed is a Republican icon who has contributed in so many ways to Republican successes in our country and state. To join in, encourage, or participate in the feeding frenzy of liberal media attacks upon him hurts all Republicans. I will never support the Cagle campaign now. Many others feel this way too. This is how Republicans sow the seeds of their own defeat.

  11. Romegaguy says:

    So let’s suppose that Casey beats Ralphie. Rob you would rather support uber-liberal Jim Martin? or will you just not vote for that office?

  12. Bill Simon says:

    Rob Butler: Could you point out to me WHERE the Cagle campaign has colluded with the AJC? Because, while you certainly have a right to shoot off your mouth, what you’re saying appears to be as full of as much liquid manure as that which comes-out of the RR campaign.

  13. Rob Butler says:

    I do not work for Mr. Reed, but I am an enthusiastic supporter. He is a Republican treasure. Mr. Simon, you should be a paid consultant for the Cagle campaign;).

    I don’t think Mr. Cagle will win. As I stated previously, though unlikely, should Reed get out, another prominent Republican will gather up the Reed vote and defeat Cagle easily. The Cagle campaign has made sure of that by its approach thus far.

    It is well known that the Cagle campaign is the source for some of the AJC articles. Surely you are not denying that they are behind much of the smear campaign against Mr. Reed?

    Furthermore, I am informed that there are a few surprises yet to be revealed about Mr. Cagle’s past. I suspect this race will get a lot more interesting in the days to come. It is so unfortunate. It may ultimately get so bad that only a third individual may have a chance to gain the nomination. But for now Mr. Reed has my blessing and I think that of so many who are grateful for his contributions to our successes as a party.

  14. Romegaguy says:

    A plagarist opportunist is a treasure?

    I would venture to guess that Cagle’s campaign is not behind the Reed smear. I would venture to guess that most of the sources of the truth is from 1) reporters doing their job 2) some former McCain supporters 3) the DNC and maybe even the “brilliant”strategist Bobby Kahn may have given them some fodder too…

  15. Porter Bates says:

    You can’t take Reed’s successes away from him, even if you disagree with their result. Whether he is a treasure, he sure is good at what he does–Republican victories!

  16. Porter Bates says:

    Back to Erick’s last comments in the original post–who are likely candidates should Reed back out. I think that is a remote possibility, but it is interesting to contemplate.

    I’ve heard Keen of course. Someone mentioned Westmoreland. Any one else from the Senate?

    Johnson or Williams?

  17. GAWire says:

    I can vouch for Butler not being on the Reed campaign (not really) – if he is, then after reading his analyses, I feel better already!

  18. Rob Butler says:

    I’m glad I offer you comfort, GAWire!

    By the way, it has been reported elsewhere that lobbyists for an internet gaming concern have entertained members of the Georgia General Assembly. They also helped pay for the end-of-session parties for the House and Senate.

    Wonder if Mr. Cagle attended their party?

  19. Rebel says:

    Jackson, Bill Simon, Romegaguy – I have answered this before but the truth is not in the Cagle campaign. And you guys are Cagelites.

    In the Athens Banner Herald, May 25, 2005 (http://ap.onlineathens.com/pstories/state/ga/20050524/3052773.shtml) it states in the Dick Pettys authored AP article:

    “The email which was sent by a rival’s campaign consultant, suggested Reed was having business difficulties…”

    “The email was sent by Joel McElhannon, Cagle’s political consultant, who wrote in the email that he didn’t want the information to be attributed to him or to the Cagle campaign.”

    He was also quoted quite liberally (get the pun) in the NYT article about Ralph back before the convention.

    Quit lying. The CAgle campaign, through Joel or others, is using and working with the liberal media to try to destroy Ralph Reed. If anyone says they are not they are liars!

  20. Bill Simon says:

    The AJC’s opinion page is written primarily by liberals, I’ll grant you that.

    But these stories are not lies about Ralph Reed. In fact, you could do away with ALL of the AJC stories if you wanted, and just go read the e-mail transcripts between Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon & Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed to know that this the biggest bunch of crooks there has ever been in politics for the past 5 years.

    Read the transcripts…they are incontrovertible because Ralph WROTE them himself. The AJC had nothing to so with the Senate’s investigation.

  21. Bull Moose says:

    See, Ralph Reed has been INVOLVED with politics and campaigns, but never had the scrutiny that most elected officials have had. So his background, ethics, and motivations are open game in my book.

    If I were Ralph Reed, I would have opened the books on my lobbyist career, good or bad, on the day I announced. That way it would have been old news right now.

    I’m not a huge fan of the AJC, but it is the paper of record in our state, and like it or not, it is what it is.

    It’s good that people are pationate about this race… It’s an important race. Please, let’s all take this energy and get others excited about the political process.

    Typically, I’d say that I abhore negative politics, but in the case of Mr. Reed, it is very hard to not point out the ethical lapses, contradictions, and just straight double talk that this man participates in.

    I don’t think anyone can jump in the race at this point, unless of course they are going to self finance. We’re heading into the holiday season and then the legislature convenes…

    So, bottom line, yeah, I think Ralph not only hurts the Governor, but would cost us plenty of other Republican seats as well. Remember, Skandalakis almost killed Republicans in 1998 — only a few were able to hang on…

    Don’t let us go back to the minority party just to help Ralph Reed…

  22. Bill Simon says:

    Skandalakis killed himself, the Governor’s race AND the AG’s office. David Ralston was a good man who could have been elected Attorney General.

    Here’s something NOT in the AJC, but all about Ralph and where he takes money for his own good, to the detriment of America: Ralph flips and supports China for money.

    What a fine American Ralph is….reminds me of Richard Nixon.

  23. Romegaguy says:

    Thanks for reiterating my Skandalakis point for me.

    Does anybody else see the irony of Ralphie supporters criticizing McElhannon for dirty campaigning? Now let’s see… where did Joel learn that style of campaigning? Would it be while he was working for Ralphie?

  24. Bill Simon says:

    I believe Mr. McElhannon learned a little bit from Ralph…mostly how a campaign should NOT be run because one thing he HAD to have learned on his own was the ability to effectively run campaigns that WIN. He did not, could not, pick up that ability from Ralph because Ralph’s “winning record” in this state, Virginia, and Alabama is pretty darned abysmal.

    Say what you want about Joel, but Joel has one of the winningest records when it comes to knocking-off Democrats. Remember a guy by the name of Tom Murphy? McElhannon can claim that victory, all on his own. What can Ralph claim in terms of political wins of a seismic nature?

  25. Rebel says:

    Bill…a history lesson straight from the pages of your publication “The Political Vine”

    August 01, 2004
    “The question is interesting beacuse there are clear signs of political machinations from a certain GOP faction of the senate busy at work that specifically targets the uprooting of Johnson. this faction, if successful in its goal, would likely make deals with certain Dems in the senate…”

    “…their takeover of the senate would produce legislative face-off with the Governor on the agenda for the next two years. Which would be just fine with these GOP senators because their objective is not better governing, but simply more power.”

    “The Evil Side is led by Senator David “Shady” Shafer and Senator Casey “Cagey” Cagle.” … “Shady Shafer and Cagey Cagle have been biding their time, plotting and planning for the Mutiny on the Bounty.”

    “Now in order for Shady and Cagey to succeed, they have to convince a majority of the GOP Senators to shoot the proverbial bird at the Governor…”

    Apparently, Bill didn’t believe Cagle had the state’s or the Governor’s best interest at heart before. Wonder what changed? Guess he’s now one of the paid staffers too!

    By the way, why didn’t Casey endorse Sonny in 2002?

    And about the political analysis of certain Senators…let’s see what the vine had to say about one guy on July 25, 2004

    “Chip Rogers Keeps Racking-Up Those Lies…”

    “Rumors have it that newly-elected state senator Chip Rogers is intent on allowing his campaign staff to hang rather thatn accept responsibility for his commands to them to destroy Craig Dowdy’s signs.”

    Do we really trust a guy who hired his pastor’s kid to tear down his opponents signs in a race he won with over 80% to give us political advice? I hope not!

    Thanks for the comments Bill. Good reporting in the Vine. At least on these two issues.

  26. Bill Simon says:

    Rebel, becoming better informed on the issues is what has changed. Talking to more of the senators is what has changed and understanding the dynamics of what was really going on at the time is what has changed.

    By the way, you won’t find me lending ANY support for Bill Stephens now. In fact, there are comments dating back to the early days of this blog that reflect that.

    I was wrong in in my assumptions on that piece with regard to Cagle and Shafer. And, that is why I REMOVED it from my Website…I was wrong and I took it down; you have a copy only.

    With regards to Chip Rogers, alls I can do is just shrug my shoulders. Politics is politics and political campaigns are political campaigns. People do bizarre things in campaigns. but in the 2005 session of the Session, he has proven himself to be a sane legislator…at least, this time around. I am watching him, though.

  27. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, here is the bottom line: Honesty, Integrity, and Values matter.

    It goes directly to a person’s credibility if they are inconsistent in their values, and even more important if said person puts their values up for sale to the highest bidder.

    Mr. Reed has a record of saying one thing in public and then taking money for a different position in private.

    We should expect more from our elected officials, not less.

    This election is about breaking the chains of cynicism. Seize the opportunity.

  28. Bill Simon says:

    Why do I hate Ralph? …I’m going to have to compose the answer to that when I have more time on it. But, I can assure you, I have a legitimate reason, and it goes back to 2001…a long time before I even knew who Casey Cagle was.

  29. Big Mack says:

    If you will check, you will find that Ralph has represented far more losers than he has winners. During the 2002 election cycle, he would not give one penny of the state G.O.P. money to Sonny’s campaign because he did not want him to win. If Barnes had won, it would have opened the door for Ralph to run for governor in 2006. I have watched him for years and remain convinced that there is nothing that Ralph won’t do either for money, fame or personal success.

    If there are “no virgins left in the whorehouse”, it’s probably because Ralph has been visiting there.

  30. landman says:

    Its not Casey or Joel manipulating the press,its typical of any left slanted paper to go after any Republican.The fact that RR has so much baggage is the problem,he makes for an easy target.The blame game can go on from now to November,but the fact is RR’S problems are not going to go away.As smart as RR is I think he really under estimated the negatives he was carrying going into this race.Critics can attack Joel all they want,but at the end of this election cycle he will have orchestrated the successful campaigns of both Cagle and Kemp.People on this site may think Joel is going after RR already but I bet RR knows that Joel hasnt even gotten his game face on yet.This has got to be a concern,because RR knows Joel is good at what he does and that this race is only getting started.I persnally think this race is full,but if not, Cagle will still be our Republican nominee.

  31. GAWire says:

    Rob Butler . . .

    You sound as though you have some kind of “insider information” on legislators hanging out with lobbyists at nightclubs. If you are going to hint something like that on “open air” you should be willing to specify or just not say anything at all . . . or maybe I am just missing something.

    Either way, no one is “crucifying” a “loyal general”. First of all, Ralph Reed never has and never will be a “general” in the GOP by anyone’s designation other than himself. He has always been about furthering his own ambitions, and not about cohesive leadership – his record at the Christian Coalition, the GAGOP and his firm will show that clearly.

    Secondly, he decided to get in the ring, knowing good and well his past would come into play. His past is crucifying his future and could take down other good GOP candidates in the process.

    Thirdly, this race (and all races) should not be about picking the lesser of two evils. It is about picking the man or woman best for the job, with the best leadership and experience, the best track record and in my opinion, showing the best moral and ethical character. Clearly Ralph Reed meets NONE of those requirements.

    And, finally . . . I often wonder why Bill and others hate Ralph too – not b/c I want to disagree, but I am just curious if it is for the same reasons I dislike Reed. My explanation on that subject would take too long and most likely violate non-disclosure agreements, but the point is that there are too many people out there with legitimate reason to not like Reed, and there will be enough to make sure he doesn’t win.

  32. Rob Butler says:

    Mr. Erickson:

    May I inquire as to why my post, “No Virgins in the Whorehouse” was removed from this thread. I am not accustomed to such sensorship and I believe the post made a significant contribution, as evidenced by the further discussion above.

    Give the other problems you have experienced, I suspect you may have disliked my references to lobbyists, legislators, and Atlanta sin parlors. My only thought there is that the GOP of Georgia may have more serious ethical problems to deal with next year than the issues surrounding Mr. Reed. I would never name names, so to speak, even though the problem of lobbyists gaining an unethical hold over legislators is very real and a very real threat to our family values agenda. It has been going on in Atlanta for a long time, so this is not new to Republicans.

    I strongly encourage you to put that post back up. Not doing so, suggests much about your intentions for this blog and discourages me greatly, particularly given what you do allow to remain posted. Nothing I have said can come close to some of the things suggested by others who frequent these pages. (i.e. Mr. Simon, I recall, made some serious charges against Mr. Stephens some time ago).


    Rob Butler

  33. albert says:

    I attended the Governor’s dinner last night and must say it was a smashing success. The event was oversold by more than 300 seats and additional tables had to be set up at the last minute. In fact, people actually showed up at the door wanting to plunk down money to attend.

    Contrary to the opinion of a lot of posters, the Governor was energized, his staff was friendly, outgoing and accommodating. The enthusiasm in the room was inspiring.

    Diana Digarmo provided the entertainment and was stunning. She did a terrific job.

    What was telling to me were that these people were not simply from the metro area. I sat at a table with individuals who drove 3 hours to get there from south Georgia!! For a dinner with a bunch of stuffed shirts no less.

    Now, what I found a bit perplexing was conversations I had with various people ranging from State Committeemen, legislators, young Republicans and old. The conversation quickly went to Ralph. Some very notables indicated they were Ralph supporters. The were quick to say they were perplexed with his “discernment”. Others were disappointed with the bare facts that have been brought to light. Their support is wavering tremendously but are not sure of what to do with it.

    A lot of people early on committed themselves financially, emotionally and otherwise to Ralph. The perception of a man who has seemingly spent a lifetime promoting conservative traditional values of morality and decency has left a huge chasm of skepticism. It really makes you wonder if, either really ever espoused those beliefs or merely was a successful opportunist.

    People are always looking for a leader who embodies strong integrity and humanness. People had high hopes for Ralph. But who is Ralph?

    That seemed to be a pervasive question among a lot of people.

    Some folks are beginning to ask, who is Cagle. I get the sense that many have no clue who he is but he is the alternative. My sense is that he is a hard working honest person. No glitz, no glamour just an effective worker. Most of the time there isn’t a need for showmanship, only the willingness to work hard play by the rules (all the time). I’m reminded about an old story called “Acres of Diamonds”.

  34. Romegaguy says:

    Before Chris the spelling nazi points it out, I think the word you were looking for is Censorship. Could be wrong..
    I believe the top post on the main page (at least at the time of this writing) is the answer to all of your questions.

  35. GAWire says:


    You talk about “Lobbyists, legislators and Atlanta sin parlors” and “not naming names” once again like you have some insider information. Stop acting like you could create some kind of scandal – this is political discussion, and while some of us can go at each other pretty hard sometimes, I don’t think this is the place for that. A lot of folks that frequent PP probably know more about the issues and people than what is actually mentioned, but your comments are out of left field!

    Furthermore, perhaps an ethical dillemma does face the GOP and the state right now; however, I can guarrantee that one of the Party’s most significant ethical dillemmas currently resides with the Reed campaign. It doesn’t take insider info to make someone realize his ethical standards are not acceptable for GA voters.

  36. Silence says:

    I’ve been watching this thread, and I can’t help but say something now.

    First, let me lead off by saying I am staying out of all the statewide races. I have endorsed neither RR or CC, BS or KH, BK or GB. I’m supporting our Governor, and putting my energy towards his re-election. That is my primary concern. I do, however, begin to be amazed at the bias on this site, and the readily apparent unwillingness of certain parties to admit the truth.

    While I, too, will refrain from saying names, I know, and those of you “inside” Georgia politics know, that there are certian parties associated with our state’s Republican establishment who have weaknesses that lobbyists love to capitalize upon…ie, drink, money, loose companionship, etc. I’ll go into no more detail than that, but for all of you contributors out there: if you plausibly try to deny that, either you’re not near as close to Ga. politics as you say/think you are, or you’re just plain dumb.

    In that vein, I think the GAGOP establishment’s ethical problems hardly reach a ceiling with Ralph Reed. I do admit that he has much more baggage than anyone originally though, and I do admit that he’s much more vulnerable now than he’s ever been, or anyone ever thought he would be. However, like it or NOT, his proverbial indiscretions tiptoe on the line of unethical (not illegal) business dealings, the tactics of a maverick businessman after the bang of a buck, nothing more. You folks need to take the example of Casey Cagle and David Shafer, though…while at the dinner last night, and while proudly wearing Cagle 06 stickers, they were polite, their conversation was temperate, as it has always been in my presence, at least. Chairman Shafer has more reason than anyone to hate Ralph Reed, and yet his speech and conversation on this issue is the most mature I’ve heard yet. Take some lessons. Professionalism always wins over rabid dogmatism. Caveat on this subject, then I’m done: if Ralph gets indicted for anything, which some say he will, I’m DEFINITELY not voting for him.

    Truth be told about the Governor’s dinner last night, though, it wasn’t sold out, and they didn’t have to roll tables in. They DID roll them in, but they didn’t need them. As I worked the room last night, I would guess the average number of empty seats at each table was 2 – 3. Cool thing is, though, there were 1300 seats sold at 250 a pop. Who gives a rat’s hat if the people came or not. If anything, it denotes a lack of energy in the base, and that’s not news to any of us, anyway.

    I’ll count it as a win for Sonny, even if the attendance was poor. Raised alot of money, and had a good time on stage dancing with Jeff Mullis, Vance Smith, and Diana DiGarmo.

  37. Erick says:

    Yes, given the intended posts of some, as referenced in the other post, I did take your post down. I acted in haste and I apologize. Unfortunately, I have no way of ressurecting it from the dead.

    My apologies.

  38. Silence says:


    Sorry about that, I was typing in a hurry…they were standing in a line behind DiGarmo, dancing with her backup vocalists…I’m laughing, cause I just got this picture in my head of Mullis and Smith hiphop dancing together…thanks for that great laugh…

  39. Bill Simon says:

    Silence…Perhaps you do not know the definitions of “hypocrite”, “morality”, or “ethical behavior”, “family values-Party”…maybe that is your problem with your failing to understand WHY it is not necessary for RR to be “indicted” in order to have trouble in his message.

  40. albert says:

    Silence,,, you are correct in your post regarding the indisgressions of many of the house and senate members. In fact, much of the legislation is authored by the lobbyist. According to one Senator who left to run for higher office, the House is ill prepared to author good legislation. They do not have the financial resources to the necessary research nor the legal manpower to complete it all. According to this Senator, they simply author the legislation as presented by the lobbyist, if it is something they can support.

    Regarding the dinner,,,, what planet are you on. There was not a seat to be had. Poor attendance???? 1300 people coming as far south as Bacon County and as far north as the Tennessee border,,, buy some glasses.

    I know for a fact all seats were sold and the event was oversold by 300. More than a dozen people showed up plunking down $250.00.

    Hell, I’ll buy you some glasses.

  41. Bill Simon says:

    I’m with you, Albert, on how packed the room was or was not. Silence doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about.

    And, I’m pretty sure Silence is the same yutz whom I guessed it was a few months ago, and, the same yutz who came-up and shook my hand at the Dinner.

  42. Silence says:

    Bill and Albert,

    Re-read my post. I said there were empty seats at every table. I then said that it was a win for the Governor, regardless, because those seats, empty or not, were paid for, at 250 a pop. That’s what is to be banked upon, pardon the pun.

    Bill, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you. No offense or anything, but I wouldn’t know you from Adam if you sat at the same table with me. Though, I suppose, that WOULD make for some very interesting dinner conversation 😉

  43. Rob Butler says:

    I suppose Mr. Smoltz doesn’t agree that Ralph Reed will damage our party or harm our Governor?

    Just received this email. I’d like to have one of those signed baseballs.

    Andy Allen Steve Hennessy
    Kerry Armstrong Linda Hamrick
    Alan Arnold Chuck McMullen
    Brandon Beach Art Morris
    David Davis Narender Reddy
    Alex Gallo Jim Stephenson
    D.R. Grimes Sam Thomas

    Please join us for an evening with

    Atlanta Braves pitching legend and Cy Young winner

    John Smoltz


    Ralph Reed

    Candidate for Lt. Governor

    Tuesday, November 8, 2005

    6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

    Barnacles Restaurant
    6000 Medlock Bridge Parkway
    Alpharetta, GA

    Co-Chair – $5,000
    (Includes 5 tickets to VIP reception)
    Host – $1,000
    (Includes photo and signed baseball)
    Ticket – $500

    Please RSVP to Sarah Few at [email protected] or 678-957-0000

    Click Here to contribute now!

    Contributions are not tax deductible for income tax purposes.

    State law requires us to report the name, address, occupation and employer of every person who contributes more than $101.00 in the election cycle.

    Paid for by Reed for Lt. Governor, Inc.

  44. Romegaguy says:

    Didnt Smoltz do a fundraiser for a guy named Bill Campbell? Somebody should go look that one up… could be kinda funny.

  45. Tater Tate says:

    Money, message, charisma! RR’s got it all. Good luck Casey Cagle. Hope you got some good business opportunities cause come November you gonna need something else to do.

    My RR folks are holding firm. South Georgia belongs to RR.

  46. Bill Simon says:

    Hey, Rob! I just checked the Secretary of State’s Website for their disclosure list and looked-up “Smoltz” in the “contributor” slot. Know what I found?

    Date: 10-25-2002
    Amount: $5,000
    Contributor: John A. Smoltz, 111 Royal Domach Drive, Duluth, GA
    Election Type: General Election
    Recipient: Roy Barnes, Governor of Georgia

    Put that in your seegar and choke on it, ‘k?

  47. albert says:

    I heard next month the Choctaw Nation was visiting Stone Mountain for a Powwow for Ralph. Free poker chips to the highest contributor.

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