Cheney to Campaign for Collins

From the Telegraph

Vice President Dick Cheney is coming to Houston County this month to boost former congressman Mac Collins’ campaign to unseat U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall.

Cheney is scheduled to attend a reservations-only fund-raiser Oct. 28 at Henderson Village in Perry. Tickets are $250 for general admission. For $2,100, guests can get two tickets, a photograph with Cheney and admission to a VIP reception as well as the general reception.

“We’re just putting it all together to challenge the incumbent in the new 8th District,” Collins said Tuesday. Collins formed a campaign committee this year but has not made a formal announcement. He said he expects to do that before Cheney’s visit.


  1. HeartofGa says:

    Vice President or no Vice President, Collins has a very tough hill to climb. He might want to begin by calling “the imcumbent” by name.

  2. Porter Bates says:

    If Jim Marshall wins again, he will be virtually untouchable thereafter. I think this is the last chance for Republicans to take him out. You are right, it will be difficult, but the new maps make it a bit easier than before and Mac’s 12 years of seniority and the absence of a BRAC scare for Warner Robins means some of the Marshall vote will come back to Collins.

    Of course there is always the hope that Marshall’s ego will lead him to seek some other office. Does anyone see him running for LG? If not, I predict he will take on Saxby in a couple of years.

  3. MetroGOP says:

    He will run against Saxby. He is the only candidate that the dems have to run againest Saxby in my opinion.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    I agree — If Marshall beats Cleland — he goes on to run against Saxby in 2008 or he could wait and run for Governor in 2010 depending on what happens. If a DEM wins the Governor’s mansion through in 2006, you can count on Marshall to run statewide against Saxby, at least in my opinion…

    I think we’re safe with Isakson — he has much broader support than Saxby does.

  5. Silence says:

    I was about to have to re-examine myself there for a second, Bull, thanks for clarifying.

    Chris, I think the new campaign contribution limits changed the max donation from 2,000 to 2,100, unless I’m sadly mistaken.

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