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Hey, Bill, remember the peice a little earlier this morning about bareknuckling it just to show how it’s done? Well, I found us a reason to 😉 I do not necessarily endorse this piece, or the information included in it, though it does seem to me to be quite credible and substantive. I DO, however, believe that, considering all of the “anti – Reed” sentiment floating around among our contributors and the media, it’s only fair to include the other side of the story. The following was sent out by Ralph’s campaign earlier today. And no, it’s not inside information, it went to everyone who is subscribed to the email update list. For the record, I’m subscribed to every statewide primary candidate’s list…

“While ignoring his positive, conservative policy agenda and his twenty plus years of dedicated work on behalf of our conservative values, The AJC has now written a total of 22 stories on Ralph Reed’s past consulting work—including eight on the front page. The AJC has already issued a correction in its coverage of Ralph’s past consulting work due to factual errors in its reporting. This and the errors in Sunday’s story suggest a pattern of reporting that is biased and erroneous.

The most recent article (October 2, 2005) was once again filled with errors, distortions and bias. This same newspaper labeled Governor Sonny Perdue “stupid


  1. Romegaguy says:

    Next they will say that when he plagarized in college he just didnt credit his sources. And when they say he grew up in North Georgia they meant to say that he can spell North Georgia and sometimes his chauffer will drive his family there to look at the leaves….

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Why bother — Other Republicans can waste their time defending Ralph and Ralph can waste his time defending himself… You can’t justify wrongdoing… No matter what you try and say, when your values and convictions are for sale to the highest bidder, you stand for nothing…

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Silence, unlike the AJC story, which had a slew of very recent quotes from people who were involved on the ground in 2000, Ralph’s e-mail blast has no quotes from ANYONE who state they would trust or support this man.

    The fact is, if Ralph had a modicum of sense, in addition to blasting out an e-mail, he would bother to demand “equal time” from the AJC in the form of a 750-word essay to rebut this story. I doubt he has the balls to do that because people could see right through his lies and be even more convinced of his evasiveness. Nor has he done it to any of the other stories that Jim Galloway has drilled into his ass.

    Imagine what would happen if he got elected to Lt. Governor or, eventually, Governor. He would SELL any position for enough money because that’s what he does. I don’t care about Indian casinos; I like to gamble, play craps and such. This is about a man who proclaims he is against something publicly, then gets paid money to take the opposite position privately. Ralph would be better as head of the CIA because that’s where deviousness like his is welcomed.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    And, another thing. The AJC article pointed-out that eLottery paid $25,000 to Abramoff for the Scotland golfing trip. Ralph went on that trip. Silence, you know damn well that if YOU are on a trip or consuming a gratuity of some form, you are told repeatedly of who is paying for the goodie.

    So, for Ralph to claim, yet again, he didn’t know eLottery was his client’s client is a pile of Dawg-manure that no one is going to step in…unless they’re drunk UGA college kids who would suck-up to Al Gore if he offered them free kegs of beer.

  5. Erick says:

    Right or wrong, big deal or not, that Reed is having to spend his time send out lengthy (and boring) emails filled with details that make my eyes glaze over is rather a shame — and it is, frankly, a somewhat self-inflicted shame. Sure, Cagle may be distorting, but didn’t Ralph expect to this going into the race? If so, you’d think he could boil it all down into something less mind numbing than that email.

  6. Tater Tate says:

    I got the same email from the RR campaign. Sorry, but I’m not going to take the AJC’s side on this one. 22 stories against RR, misrepresenting the facts, indicates a clear anti-Reed bias in the paper and I do not trust them for a moment. The CC campaign may revel in this, and I suspect they are keeping the flames going because it is how they obviously hope they can derail Reed, but I for one will not trust anything they print about RR going forward. I think the RR campaign’s rebutal makes a lot of sense.

    For those CC supporters who revel in the AJC’s attacks on RR, just remember that even if you are correct, the AJC will turn on CC eventually too. So enjoy the brief partnership between the AJC and the Cagle campaign for the moment. I still don’t think it will ultimately make a material difference in the campaign, but your time will come.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    If Jim Galloway is lying, Ralph could go on after him…..

    But, he’s not lying. Ralph is the liar, and more.

    Tater, that you believe everything Ralphie tells you proves that you’re the bigger fool, not the Cagle campaign…which, as an aside, I don’t believe I’ve heard one word from them on this story.

  8. GAWire says:

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah . . . we should take a poll – do you think that the Reed campaign sounds more like a broken record of tactics that just won’t work on GA voters, or more along the lines of a person continuously shovelling to try and dig out of a hole?

    Erick hit the preverbial nail on the head – as long as Reed is explaining this and that about the AJC, casinos, etc, etc, etc, he will never get anywhere or anything except a lot of campaign debt and absolutely zero respect!

    And, this stuff is only going to keep coming! Trust me, there is enough of this stuff to keep coming out all the way until Primary Day – as a matter of fact, it is only going to get bigger and go far beyond Alabama, Southern Baptists, and Indian casinos.

  9. Porter Bates says:

    If lobbying were wrongdoing then we would have a lot of representatives and senators in trouble in Atlanta for selling their influence. Take a look at the money that is spent on them by lobbyists on the state ethics commission website.

    Included prominently on the list is the name of Casey Cagle, along with other prominent Republican members.

    What’s the old proverb about those who live in glass houses throwing stones?

    RR was a lobbyist. Lobbyists make money representing orgs, views, etc. So what? That game is as old as DC. Most folk I talk to about this don’t understand it and just consider this political mud slinging. Cagle’s campaign beware.

  10. albert says:

    Reed’s issues are pure politics. He merely has taken this to a new level. It’s not uncommon for “politicians” to play both sides of the coin in order to maintain favor with their constituents. Good “politicians” are masters at spinning every issue to benefit them. But Ralph takes this to a new level. And for good hardworking people to be snookered by his salesmanship is sad.
    He almost is a political pimp. It is sad.

    I worked my tail end off for him at the 2001 convention to help him get the nomination as party chair. It is sad that even then his campaign was underwritten by funds from the casinos.

    I believe there is a scripture verse that says one cannot serve to masters…. and yeah it also says he without sin cast the first stone… I guess I will say I am seriously disappointed with him.

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Ralph Reed is not a lobbyist, otherwise, he would be subject to disclosure laws, or so the AJC claims.

    Which brings-up a rather interesting legal question: If Ralph has been involved in influencing legislation, why doesn’t that make him a lobbyist, and subject to disclosure laws?

    Methinks someone should look into filing an ethics complaint to the FEC against Century Strategies, et al. to challenge Ralph’s claim that he doesn’t have to disclose. Hell, I may just take-up that endeavor myself.

    If it looks like a lobbyist, acts like a lobbyist, and smells like a lobbyist, it may damn well be a lobbyist. Heck if I know, but I guarantee you the FEC will be able to look into it…Oboy! I have a purpose in life

  12. Eddie T says:

    GA Wire–You sure Ralph Reed’s tactics don’t work on Georgia voters? History would seem to prove otherwise.

  13. Rebel says:

    Bill – glad you finally have a purpose. The NYT, Democratic National Committee, AJC, liberals and Cagle have the same purpose. Too bad nobody on the Cagle campaign has a purpose other than to attack Ralph. No plan for Georgia, no vision, just anti-Ralph. The problem is that works with a small segment of people, but voters generally like a candidate who favors SOMETHING other than their opponent losing.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    Rebel –

    You seem to ignore the fact, or, perhaps you are not aware, that this state does not tend to like idealogues as its’ top leaders. Ralph’s own past is being broadcast to a wider swath of folks than just the Repuiblican activists.

    As far as your claim that Cagle has no “vision” for Georgia, apparently you haven’t done a whole lot of investigating beyond your in-box.

    Finally, here’s a question for you: If Satan was running against Jesus Christ for Chairman of the World, and Jesus, being the low-key rabbi that he was, didn’t do anything but proclaim that Satan did this wrong, and Satan did that wrong, and argue that he wasn’t Satan, would that turn you against voting for Jesus and instead turn to voting for Satan?

  15. Melb says:

    Bill — now you know how Democrats feel every time they run against Republicans!! But so far that argument hasn’t worked.

  16. Rebel says:

    Wow you really think Cagle is Jesus and Ralph is Satan. You Cagleites are loopy! Jesus didn’t spend a whole bunch of time running down Satan as he did helping the poor, healing the sick, visting the downtrodden in various towns.

    Ralph has visited over 100 counties and developed an organization all over, he has a vision for Georgia (sorry Bill, but it is a conservative agenda), raised more money – with over 80% instate unlike the story being told by the Cagleites before.

    You have your metaphor wrong. Ralph isnt Satan and neither is Cagle. Cagle is however a willing accomplice in helping Satan. Satan as we all know is the liberal democaratic party!

  17. Rob Butler says:

    It is unfortunate that those poor Republicans who join with the liberal media in their attempts to destroy Mr. Reed do not in fact read the statement from the Reed campaign. It makes good sense and stands the test of reason.

    The more Reed is attacked by the AJC, the more his supporters dig in their heels. Go Mr. Reed, Go!

  18. Booray says:

    I am generally tired of the Reed-Cagle thing, but I will say this about Ralph’s “defense.”


    He may be right on other points, but he took the money and ran on this one.

    I’m just tired of the whole thing already…


  19. GAWire says:

    Eddie- I am sure enough to know that RR’s tactics will not be enough to sway GA voters to make him win.

    Simon is correct that RR is technically not a lobbyist . The federal gov’t outlines in a very specific way what constitutes lobbying, and if you perform those functions for a client or your own company then you must file disclosures and finance reports with either the Clerk of the House or Secretary of the Senate (or whatever the state entitity is if you are lobbying on state issues before legislatures).

    As someone who is in that business, I can tell you that what Ralph Reed was doing was not serving as a lobbyist officially. Reed served as a consultant to various organizations, developing strategy and contributing to fundraising efforts and other PR-type functions that are common in political races, and now becoming more common in corporate and non-profit operations.

    Ralph’s mistake was that he began venturing into the gray area in representing his clients and he did it involved with low-lifes like Abramoff, and Reed wasn’t smart enough to legitimize any kind of paper trail left behind (or cover it up altogether) with official filings, etc. Either way, Indian Affairs committee (as well as a lot of other folks in Congress) are completely willing to go after him, and even if it never develops into a major judicial issue, it will certainly be enough to damage his electoral potential. My concern is that it will indeed damage the Governor’s campaign . . .

  20. Porter Bates says:

    Is there any evidence of this so far? Reed’s supporters seem to be sticking and the money continues to flow, or so I am told.

    I think it is a very technical issue that most will not engage in. This is mud-slinging 101 to most voters. Cagle will need a lot of money to communcate this when people start paying attention. The AJC’s attacks will probably only make Ralph Reed a hero to most GOP primary voters.

  21. Rebel says:

    The truest test of how well the Cagle “campaign” is doing is to watch it. At this point out all they have done is use negative attacks. That happens when a candidate is LOSING or not getting any traction. That describes the Cagle “campaign” pretty well.

    I can’t decide which term I like best. Cagle “campaign” since its not really a campaign. Or Lowell for LG. Or the anti-Ralph liberals and ex-employees bandwagon. They all fit! 🙂

  22. Rebel says:

    I heard that Clayton Murphy guy from Savannah tried to get hired by the Reed campaign and when they wouldn’t he went to Cagle and that’s why he was escorting him around in Savannah. How many paid staffers does Cagle have? He’s got to be burning major money.

  23. Bill Simon says:

    I believe the guy’s name was “Clint Murphy”, and I believe he is the guy behind the blog SeenFromSavannah and, he WAS a supporter of Ralph’s, but, when it was revealed just how sleazy a businessman Ralph is, Clint said “Ferget that!”…as MOST normal-thinking folks do when they encounter a sleazy little sh**bird like Ralphie Poo.

  24. Rebel says:

    My mistake. You are correct about the name Bill, but the other is just the fact that opportunity (and $) were in the other camp. However, I’ve been told he isn’t held in high esteem by the party leadership in Savannah, so I don’t know how much help he can be.

  25. landman says:

    Rebel,your bull**** never ceases to amaze me,I know the facts dont matter to you RR zombies,but do us all a favor and dont act like you have the “scoop” on something when you dont know a damn thing about what you are speaking of.Here is the deal with Clint Murphy[or Clayton Murphy to you political insiders],He never had a desire to work for RR,but rather he was like many others who got put on RR’S steering committee without his knowledge or permission.He is a great asset to the Cagle team on the coast but he is a volunteer not a staffer.He has put together some very strong support for Cagle in the Coastal Empire and he will be a big reason why Cagle will carry the Coast by 2 to 1 over Reed.Ask my good friend Johnny Issackson how valuable he was in his senate race.As to your comment about him not being held in very high esteem, your ignorance makes you look like a bigger dumb ass than im sure you are.He is thought just fine of and I guess your boy RR thought it would be good for business to be associated with him since he put him on his steering committee.Paul Coverdale thought alot of him as well,and probably had alot to do with his conservative values.He co-chairs the Savannah Board of Realtors RPAC Committee,considering this boatd has over 1500 members who tend to be Republicans this seems to be a positive.His father is a very successful developer and also serves as the Republican Chairman for Bryan County, which is the county ajascent to Savannah. So in the future before you attack someone get your facts straight because facts matter to some people,and because it won’t make you look like a damn idiot!!!!

  26. GAWire says:

    I think the fact that RR had this fella’ on his steering committee without first getting his permission says a lot of Reed’s other “supporters” that he supposedly has! One thing about RR that will remain constant is that he loves to talk about himself and identify himself with others that might be a benefit to him, whether those people know about it or support Reed or not.

  27. Bill Simon says:

    Two others whose names have been used by the Reed campaign without their permission and whom I have direct knowledge that they DO NOT support Ralph are: Gabriel Sterling and Will Hurst.

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