1. Romegaguy says:

    Any question now on why the sudden change of hear for Graves? It is obvious, at least to me, that the Speaker stepped up to the plate and made Graves 1)resign as chair and 2)not pursue that ridiculous immunity defense through the appeals process. Kudos to Glenn.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    heart not hear… otherwise Chris would have been happy to point out my spelling error and I would have been forced to take another shot at him.

  3. Porter Bates says:

    I hear that the leaders of the party in Bibb county are close to asking Graves to resign now.

    There is considerable concern that the impact of his two trials will leave all local candidates in a position of having to defend him, or explain their silence with regard to Graves’ actions. It is not going to be fun for Republicans in Bibb County who have to defend several first term legislators next year, including Allen Freeman, who is on the same committee as Graves.

  4. Silence says:

    Graves has put every legislator in Middle Georgia in a very awkward position, of either having to stay on the sidelines, or endorse him, which makes everyone look bad. It would be best for everyone involved in DG would resign.

    I had heard a rumor that Richardson and Burkhalter had something to do with the incident, had even heard they were present when it took place. Not saying I think that’s what really happened, but that I heard that from someone I consider to be a very credible source. Whatever the case, Richardson made the right move, I believe, because Graves is/was damaging the caucus and the Middle Ga. delegation.

  5. housecreek says:

    I know for a fact that the Speaker was not present during the incident, nor did he know about it until weeks after the incident. Richardson did the right thing by letting the law take its course and step in when it turned ugly.

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