Quitting the Committee

This will only add to the speculation that Graves intends to resign from the Georgia House.

Republican state Rep. David Graves of Macon today announced that he is resigning his House committee chairmanship and giving up his fight to use legislative immunity as a defense in one of his two DUI cases.

Graves, a five-term state representative and chair of the House Regulated Industries Committee, said in a prepared statement, “I have made some poor choices in recent months in both my personal and public life.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    One wonders why/how the light-switch finally clicked-on in David’s head?

    It still troubles me that even if we disregard the DUI pertaining to his claim of “immunity,” there’s still the first DUI arrest in which it is known (according to the AJC’s documentation…and, if they document wrongly on the numbers, Graves would have a clear case of a lawsuit if these numbers are inaccurate) that his blood alcohol was 0.13 (while the legal limit in Georgia is 0.08), WHY was it still a case of “See No Evil, Speak No Evil” from the House leadership on his role as Chairman of the Regulated Industries Committee?

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Good question Bill. I am still waiting for that one house member to file a complaint with the House Ethics committee on Graves seeking his censure.

    Besides the claim of immunity is because of the potential of losing his pharmacy license and driver’s license as well as incarceration because of the short timeframe between the two DUI’s.

  3. Melb says:

    His life went to hell really quickly, that is scary. But I think there is a saying out there that they have for this exact situation:
    “Don’t Drink and Drive”

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