Heaping Scorn on Cathy Cox

God forgive me for ever linking to the HuffPo, but they do have a rare non-Sheehan post. It’s about Cathy Cox and Georgia elections. Is this Secretary Cox’s achilles heel?

In the last week, Cox has made a surprising and entirely unanticipated volte-face on the question of adding a voter-verifiable paper audit trail to the touch-screen machines so they can, if necessary, be subject to a meaningful manual recount. Having vehemently opposed the introduction of such a paper trail, she has now come out in support – ostensibly in the wake of the Carter-Baker commission report on electoral reform. Political sources in Georgia, however, suggest she is under mounting pressure over her record of electoral management over the past four years and may have decided that supporting a paper trail was the price she had to pay to keep her gubernatorial ambitions on track.

With the publication of these official documents, the question arises whether she is fit to hold any public office. That, ultimately, will be up to Georgia voters to decide.

Now, do keep in mind that the writer, Andrew Gumbel, is most assuredly to the left of Cox, Perdue, and Taylor. Still, the documents he has gathered purport to reflect badly on Cathy Cox.

Nonetheless, I love the new voting system in Georgia. I do think we need a paper trail, but I give Cathy Cox full credit for taking the lead nationally on this issue and introducing a system that works rather well and seems generally to only be totally opposed by crackpots. Sure, there are ways to improve the system. But, overall it is a job well done.

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  1. Romegaguy says:

    I guess because it has taken her forever to come around to feeling it neccessary instead of her former stated beliefs that it wasnt needed.

  2. kspencer says:

    Where it’ll play poorly is in the battle against Taylor. Having an accountable paper trail for the electronic voting has been a big issue for the hard left, and Cathy’s refusal to cooperate has made her unacceptable to some significant funding bodies.

    Now whether that’ll hurt her in the end or not is debatable. I mean, sometimes NOT getting some endorsements is worth a fortune. For most of Georgia, for example, having Michael Moore say you’re not his kind of politician is almost worth paying for. (That was an example. I do not know if the Rotund One has or will endorse either candidate at this time.)

  3. Porter Bates says:

    It is not the flip-flop that harms her as much as the other damning evidence. Read the evidence of all the problems and the coverup that the piece references. It should scare us all, that and her public utterances about there being no evidence of voter fraud in GA.

    This could be the break Mark Taylor needs badly. And if that is true, then a break for Perdue too.

  4. Thomas Seger says:

    Let me get this straight – y’all are actually thinking that real, regular people are going to be persuaded to vote against Cathy Cox by a group of zany extremists who argue that elections are being stolen through the clever use of microwave signals?

    If I were Cathy Cox, I’d be saying “yep, I’m proud to have stood up to the extremists in my own party.” The more interesting question is whether Mark Taylor will be hurt by his association with these kooks.

  5. rickday says:

    I sat in the committee meeting a few sessions back where Cox spoke for revoking the (then) current law mandating V-VAT systems.

    That’s right. At one time there was a law mandating a printout verification system. Cox threw all her political weight to remove this statute from the OCGA. So mote it be.

    News cameras rolled that day. I am sure any savy opponent would highlight the flip-flop on such a sensative voting rights issue.

    I also fail to see how secret contracts and private codex manipulating public elections is dismissed as ‘tinfoil’ which, I must deduce, is a dismissive term for informed but poorly articulated citizens, er, conspiracy theorists.

    This is, if for no other reason, why I oppose Cox as Governor.

  6. Tater Tate says:

    I spoke to a friend well-placed in the Taylor camp in south Georgia. They are giddy about this and think this can help them, or at least slow down the Cox train significantly.

    Why is she being allowed to spend more money in the Atlanta area for free advertising/pr (see today’s AJC) and why did Senator Shafer’s bill fail? She needs her wings clipped.

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