Gubernatorial Overreach and the REAL Grassroots Event

“[The gas tax] was a brilliant idea. Suspending school, not so much.


  1. Booray says:

    With all due respect – I disagree.

    We GOP grassroots types WAY overestimate our power in the election process (leading to our excessive handwringing when we think the governor is “spending enough time with the grassroots”, etc.)

    I don’t believe what happened at the grassroots thing in Athens will matter more than the school cancellation issue. That thing touched way more people than the average GOP grassroots effort ever will.

    Just my opinion as a grassroots GOP guy – but I think there’s lots of reason to find my opinion is correct.

    Booray Bussey

  2. kspencer says:

    Perdue negatives:

    Perdue positives:
    Gas Tax relief.

    Now most reasonable folk on both sides of the fence know Perdue’s done a lot of decent management during a poor budget period, a definite positive. On the other hand, most reasonable folk on both sides also add the negative of staff arrogance.

    Add to it the joy that hits everyone’s wallets on October 1, and I expect Perdue’s surge in popularity (that moved him to 14th overall nationwide) to make a radical decline.

    I think Perdue has got a lot of ground to make up in this game over the next year. I think it’s doable, but it’s not going to be easy.

  3. stephaniemills21 says:

    Few negatives you forgot there:

    Cuts to education: somewhere near a billion
    Cuts to HOPE: website, hours, and just any kid who had a library fine that was denied HOPE
    Jobs: We have not lost jobs, but no where near the number we need to keep up with population growth
    Wealth: Real wealth in this state is shrinking and we are at he low end nationwide (i think only one other state is worse)
    State Employees: increasing their insurance costs
    Lying: Lied in a deposition
    Transportation: No money for mass transit, and taking money away from rural areas to give to metro areas (redoing the funding formula)
    SAT Scores: Campaign Promises suck don’ they
    Telecommuting: This one is sticky. All depends on where we are at the time, but Perdue promised a lot more telecommuting and has not done a thing about it (and this past friday does not count.

    And some Pros:
    Can argue that the economy has improved (to me only if you were alreay doing well)
    Can’t touch him on child issues: He and Mary being foster parents is just too damn perfect
    Brining Industry: He has brought in some high profile names (but just as many have left) Depends.

  4. waterboy says:

    kspence and steph are obviously regular readers of the AJC – and gulping down the kool-aid that flows from that liberal rag. Or maybe they are just dumb enough to have compiled their lists all by themselves….either way it is sad for them.

  5. Melb says:

    This is a new version of an old great song:

    We don’t need no education.
    We just want to save diesel fuel.
    We don’t need no education.
    Come on, Sonny! Please shut down the school.

  6. waterboy, i could see how someone who lives on the border and gets their news from an out of state source could be forgiven for not knowing their state is last in the nation in sat scores.

    well, 4 out of 5 borders anywhere (sorry south carolina).

  7. Erick says:

    Well, it appears some feelings got hurt. Due to language, the following comment from Clint Castleberry was deleted by one of the other site moderators. I found it in my junk mail box and wanted to give him his say, minus the bad language. So, Clint writes:

    You just got bumped out of my RSS aggregator, too much b–s— and talking about things you have no idea about.

    Hey, all I’m doing is writing about what people who were there said. Clint could have always responded here to discount what I was told. I might even have been willing to bump his comment up to the front.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    It is going to be neck and neck with whomever comes out of the Democratic primary.

    For whatever reason, most people assume that Cathy Cox is a conservative democrat.

    If she is the Democratic nominee for Governor, I think that Perdue is going to be in danger.

    Off the cuff, I can’t really think of too many things the Governor has done in office other than just kind of tinkered and held the helm of the ship through the rough waters… I can’t think of any bold policy initiatives or ideas…

    On the other hand, I can think of a lot of negative things, like cuts to HOPE, cuts to Education, arrogant staff, etc…

    In the end, as a Republican, I will vote for Perdue most likely, but there is no chance I’m going to campaign, volunteer, or get excited about it, maybe some other candidate for office on the GOP side, but not Perdue.

    Too little too late in my book.

  9. waterboy says:

    Crisis – I agree that SAT scores aren’t what they should be, but scores are on the way up and you can’t make a boat that size turn on a dime. Warrior – I agree, Shipp is drunk on that AJC kool-aid and it appears that Bull Moose has been sipping some of it as well. It’s okay though, because when they wake up from their stupor they will find Sonny Perdue in his second term as our Governor!

  10. Silence says:


    Thanks. Though I think we’ll find ourselves disagreeing often enough, I’m going to have to recommend that everyone read Bill’s PV post today – – about David Graves. I’m not endorsing anything else on the site, necessarily, but I do wholeheartedly agree and recommend everyone read it…good call.

  11. Booray says:

    Silence and Bill Simon,

    The fact Silence thinks he’s cool – and Simon thinks he’s funny – is exactly what’s wrong with typical GOP activists.

    If GOP activists actually had real power in the world, then Marilyn Gilhuly would have turned Cobb County into a Democrat county.

    Seems Sonny managed to carry it in spite of her.

    Not only are you guys smart asses, you need to get out more if you really think Republican grassroots types can win or lose a statewide election.

    Booray Bussey

  12. Booray says:

    And for others who are grassroots types like myself…

    Grassroots are important, but they are not the end-all, be-all of politics.

    Smart – or stupid – political actions by candidates that affect people in their daily lives are usually what wins or loses elections.

    That’s why the reaction that hundreds of thousands of school parents had to Sonny’s fuel decision will have far more impact in the election than whether GOP activists are happy with the world after that thing over in Athens.

    We Republican activists could really benefit from getting over ourselves just a little…

  13. Bill Simon says:


    I do not readily recall where I have ever claimed that the grassroots are the be-all to end-all of the GOP. Nay, in fact, I have preached to many, many people that the 1-3% of the GOP primary voting population that has a status of “active” means nothing to the REAL voters.

    Yes, I am a smartass. I have a Black Belt in it, actually. My only acknowledgement in this thread really had to do with Silence’s creative way to accuse you of being born “yesterday”…that’s all. I really didn’t disagree with what you said, Boo.

  14. Silence says:

    I agree with your assessment of yourself, Bill 😉


    Seems I remember we’ve agreed on several issues before. I regret that we have to part ways over such a fundamental principle of elected politics. As it stands now, no harm no foul…my comment earlier was an all – too – rare moment of wit…I couldn’t bear to waste it.

    By very definition, grassroots politics is movement is a movement organized by a network of citizens. These networks of citizens are present, accounted for, and responsible for, most, if not all elections in which an underdog candidate defeats an opponent who has much more support, endorsements, and/or money. The precise reason the Republicans have had such a landslide series of victories the last couple of years is due primarily to the gross imbalance as you compare the numbers of “grassroots volunteers” held by each respective national party: the RNC presents approximately 1.2 million, while the DNC posts numbers somewhere in the neighborhood of 300k. Check me on those numbers if I’m wrong, but I think I’m in the ballpark. The essence of grassroots is voters, and the essence of victorious elections is voters…the common denominator itself denotes its importance as a catalyst in the American political system.

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