A Direct Attack
Kerry Has Not Entered Yet

Casey Cagle’s campaign has started a new website called Read About Reed. While Cagle’s people have, in the past, attacked Reed, it has never been so directly and most often it has been through third parties.

Now, sensing vulnerability with Reed and smelling blood in the water, Cagle’s campaign is coming out in the open almost ten months before voters start voting.

Cagle writes on the site, “The voters deserve to judge each of us by our actions, not by words alone.


  1. jackson says:

    Actually, Erick, while I think your opinion is great most of the time, can you please tell me where Casey Cagle attacks Ralph Reed? I checked out the site. Looks like it is just comments that Ralph Reed is making. Where is Casey Cagle attacking him?

  2. Erick says:

    See, you have a great point. It’s just using Ralph’s words against him. We can dicker over whether that is an attack or not. For purposes of this discussion, I say it is. It is a tactic by a candidate to frame his opponent in a negative light. That is an attack to me — it may be truthful and it may be using his own words, but it is still an attack.

    It’s also extra special, because supporters can say, “that’s not an attack, he’s just pointing out what Ralph said. What’s wrong with that.” Extra points for that.

  3. jackson says:

    Actually, I guess it is Ralph Reed attacking himself. If it was a candidate attacking another candidate, then it would be Candidate A (Cagle in this case) saying that Candidate B (Ralph Reed in this case) did or said something. He is doing neither.

    It is a great point because it is true. It would not be a great point if it was untrue.

    But what I am more offended at is your comment that “Casey’s campaign has yet again gone straight after Reed and has said very little about his own agenda — and it is actually one hell of an agenda if you bother to read it.” Can you tell me a) where Ralph Reed, on his website, has said ANYTHING issue related on his website (excluding press releases?)

    At least Casey Cagle has outlined his vision AND put up a jobs plan. What has Ralph Reed done? Why does Casey Calge need to explain himself but Ralph Reed doesn’t? How can you say in one part of the statement that he has said very little…then say the has a hell of an agenda? If he said little, how would you know that it was “a hell of an agenda.” that wouldn’t seem to fit a good agenda if someone didnt say much about it.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Who is this unknown candidate that the ESTABLISHMENT is going to try and force down our throats? Casey Cagle is a great candidate and I look forward to his continued success.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    I am troubled by this statement from Erick: “While Cagle’s people have, in the past, attacked Reed”.

    Erick, if you wish to frame previous issues of the PV and several people giving Jim Galloway a few quotes about not believing what Ralph says to be true, to be an “attack” on Ralph, then you really are contributing to the dumbing-down of America.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Here’s another one from Erick: We can dicker over whether using Ralph’s words are the same as an attack on ralph….

    Erick, this isn’t grade school here. A Website demonstrating Ralph’s DOCUMENTED lies to the media about the Indian casino scams isn’t a “technical attack” any more than a trial lawyer using a witness’s own testimony against him/her when the witness twists his/her story is a “technical attack.”

    Sheesh! Again, we have an attempt to dumb-down the populace.

  7. Rebel says:

    Whatever! Casey has no agenda – if he did he would be talking about that. His only agenda is he hates Ralph and that’s the Cagle plan.

    What the public negative attack shows is fundraising must not be going well, poll #s are down, getting no traction, etc. You don’t attack when you are leading.

    The good news is the more he goes negative – the more shrill, angry and uninteresting he becomes. Voters aren’t big fans of that kind of stuff.

  8. landman says:

    The dissemination of facts by the Cagle campaign will only appear to be attacks by those who choose not to accept the truth for what it is. Erick’s comments are correct in that those die hard supporters of RR will look at it as an attack,but in reality you cant defend or deny the documented fact that these are RR’s words and actions.Is it negative campaigning,absolutly not,RR chose to enter the public arena knowing he was carrying a ton of baggage and is way too smart to know he was going to have to face the music.The good people of Georgia need to be aware of whats going on as it relates to the various scandels in DC and the role RR played in them.

  9. Romegaguy says:

    How can it be negative to use little Ralphie’s own words to show that he is a liar? Next Rebel will say that Casey is a liberal because the website quotes The Nation and the New York Times.

    By the way, what is little Ralphie’s plan? I havent heard anything on that as others have pointed out.

  10. GAWire says:

    I have said this before, but I guess I am back to beating this dead horse . . .

    Ralph doesn’t have a plan, b/c he simply isn’t qualified for statewide office. What makes him qualified to have a plan for that level of leadership?

    His supporters would say that it is his experience in previous campaign politics and his record. His record? His record shows that he is just another operative with a sketchy background and very questionably relationships – not to mention his record lacks any real leadership that comes with ANY elected office.

    The biggest scare for the RR campaign is that it has peaked. It has peaked as far as funraising goes. They have called in the big names already. They have released their supporters to perform their basic campaigning. They have already been told that POTUS will not campaign for him.

    CC campaign is only just beginning. They have elevated slowly but with positive increasing support. They are raising money in state, that will continue to come in. He also has strong support from the GA legislature.

    The RR crew needs to face the fact that Ralph isn’t the candidate they thought or wanted him to be.

  11. landman says:

    RR, was at his strongest the day he announced and will not be able to escape the “box” he is in.As more and more people around him are indicted,arrested,and brought before various committees involving ethical missteps,it becomes obvious to rational thinking people that there is a better option.Our party and state do not need to be dragged through the process that is going to unfold in the coming month’s. Unlike, what Rebel and Silence(or Maverick which ever you perfer)would have you believe, CC has a clear vision of what the Lt.Gov.position can become with the right leadership.

  12. GAWire says:

    >>”””Casey has no agenda – if he did he would be talking about that. His only agenda is he hates Ralph and that’s the Cagle plan.”””

    If this is the defense from the RR side, then I would say CC is doing just fine.

    It doesn’t take a PhD to realize Cagle has the experience and direction to introduce productive policy, and all you have to do is hear him speak or just check out his website to see positive suggestions. And, no, I am not in any way affiliated with the CC campaign. I just think it is clear which candidate is producing positive suggestions and which is flapping like the preverbial fish out of the water. Hearing Reed’s (and his campaigns’) defenses and explanations to the deep doo-doo that he currently finds himself in is just all the more entertaining.

    It is true that RR supporters don’t like hearing negative things about him, but how is that any different from any candidate or campaign? The bad thing for him is that there isn’t enough RR supporters that will actually turnout to vote in order to outnumber CC’s supporters that will turnout.

    We also need to remember this – a significant amount of Reed’s support comes from the religious conservative vote, at least he would like to think that. Oddly enough, that is traditionally the group of Republicans that are least reliable to turnout on ED. Most people would think that they would be the first to show up to vote. In fact, results have shown that those groups are often the most outspoken on government, social issues, etc and the least likely to show up to actually vote. That is something that we as GOPers need to address and change, but for the time being, I am banking on that to help defeat Ralph.

  13. Erick says:

    I think this thread proves that we can have no rational discussion about the Reed v. Cagle race. My God people, I’m trying to be objective. Certainly, feel free to disagree, but I think some of the points both sides make would fail on the objectivity meter.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    Anyone reading this thread who has a lick of sense should notice that it is the RR supporters (like, Rebel) who are the ones engaging in irrational hyperbole to distract people from the problems with RR’s own “flip-flopping” comments regarding his involvement in the Jack Abramoff money scams.

    Perhaps since RR has been a good political operative for Bush and the GOP, perhaps Bush needs to appoint him to be the head of FEMA…or, maybe even Homeland Security.

  15. landman says:

    Despite what some may think or hope I would be willing to wager large sums of money that this race is full.The only way someone joins the fray is if RR withdraws and that is not going to happen.The whispers are that Jerry K. would look at entering if RR stepped aside,but at this date it would be tough for anyone in the legislature to catch up money wise unless they can self-fund a large portion of the cost.Considering, the holiday season is right around the corner and then the session begins wiping out three months.

  16. RandyFMT says:

    Not to blog off subject, but can we please talk about how incredibly stupid our governor is being at the moment??? He just lost the vote of every working Georgian who has to scramble for childcare with this stunt. Do you know how many folks are going to have to take off work to stay home with children now?

    It’s chaos. Some districts are in, some are out. No one knows what’s going on.

    This is what he gets for listening to a pack of kids for advice. Can’t you just hear the dialogue over there?

    “Well, Governor, you looked good with the tax cut. This is the next step!”

    Please mark your calendars. This was the week that Perdue lost the election for sure.

  17. Booray says:

    Why does everything have to be seen in political terms?

    Perhaps the governor’s decision had a basis in policy rather than poll numbers. GA is about to go through harvest season and need lots of diesel. Agribusiness is still our number one business. 25% of refining capacity is currently shut down.

    Maybe everything isn’t a political stunt.

  18. landman says:

    Booray,I hope you are right,but for whatever reason he chose to do this I think it was a poor decision.I was at a dinner party with 30-40 Republican voters last night and there were not alot of good things said about this action.To most people,regardless whether its true are not it looks like a political stunt.I wish he had not given his critics this ammo!!!!!!!!!

  19. Romegaguy says:

    Imagine the fun, the end of next week when taxes goes back on gas at the same time prices will be increasing because of limited production due to Rita. The old Double Whammy. Sonny and the youngsters have already announced that they will not extend the sales tax relief on gas and no word on whether or not the state of emergency will still exist dealing with gas gouging.

    The worst part of the two day “snow day” for schools is the fact he waitied until school was about out before announcing it. Kind of like waiting all day with gas gouging going on before making it illegal. Stupid mistake.

  20. Bill Simon says:

    A rather poignant Letter-to-the-Editor of the AJC appeared in today’s editon: It pointed out the fact that no football games were canceled in an effort to conserve gasoline supply.

    Of course Gubner UGA is unable to consider how much fuel would be saved if a college football game was canceled because that’s typical of an inside-the-tiniest-of-boxes that UGA grads are allowed to operate within.

    Cancel K-12 school and throw-off teaching schedules? Piece of cake, the kiddies weren’t learning much but evolution anyway, and that’s nothing but a “buzzword” according to our moron of a “Git-Er-Done!” State School Superintendent.

    Play a game of college football and allow 50,000 SUVs on the road, drinking approximately 1,500,000 gallons of gasoline just to ferry spectators to ONE game 300 miles away? Yee-haw! Let’s go see the dawggies!!

  21. Bill Simon says:

    A more conservative math calculation: If, instead of 50,000 SUVs being used, 20,000 SUVs were fully packed with 4 people each, and the average MPG being 12 miles to the gallon, the gas consumption to travel 200 miles out and back (400 miles round-trip) would be on the order of 666,666.7 gallons consumed per football game.

    Multiply that by however many games are going on in all of the conferences on any given Saturday, and you have a lot of gasoline being sucked-down for mere leisure purposes. Heck, most of these games could be viewed on TV with little travel involved.

    Does anyone have any real balls to start issuing those kinds of orders? I mean, if we’re really in a fuel crunch here, surely someone should be willing to give-up their football fest to conserve fuel in order to survive during the week, right?

  22. Tater Tate says:

    Back to the orginal topic–

    Great move by Cagle that the twenty folks who use this blog regularly and a few others will enjoy and talk about. Hope it did not cost too much.

    Absolutely worthless in so far as winning the primary.

    I think it reveals a major flaw in the CC campaign, if they continue to think they can win by attacking on this issue. Even if RR does blow out, his supporters will be pissed by this and look for another candidate.

    In my opnion, if it were going anywhere, it would have already taken RR out. Look for major national Republican figures to endorse RR and help with fundraising this fall. More GA folk will do so after the session when they don’t have to face CC each day.

    The Dec 30 report will be telling. If necessary, I’ll eat my words then. We know who will have the advantage once CC is locked into the session with no ability to fundraise for three or four months.

    I hear the session may go long this year because the Rs want to keep Cox and Taylor from fundraising. That will hurt CC too.

    RR can be beaten, no doubt. But not this way. Just my opinion.

    And even if RR leaves the race, CC will not get it without a fight. There are several potential candidates waiting in the wings. Too bad. I heard CC at an event some weeks back. CC is a nice fellow, but his campaign faces many challenges no matter what happens to RR. If he really thinks RR is going to be damaged by the casino scandle, then he should let it run its course and just do his thing in a positive way. Now, he just pisses off RR supporters and reveals his genuine fear of RR’s strength.

  23. Bull Moose says:

    Tater Tate — no one worth their salt would endorse RR at this point… It just doesn’t make any sense… Why jeopardize your credibility by endorsing someone so maligned in a “potential” huge scandal such as that of the Indian Casino…

    As far as I’m concerned, this race is the first salvo into the 2010 race for Governor and Lynn Westmoreland has lost my support.

  24. Bill Simon says:

    Well, Bull, speaking from someone who hasn’t thought too highly of Westmoreland in the past, I gotta tell you, Westmoreland’s vote against the dumping of federal cash to hurricane-stricken areas has the makings of someone who, at the very minimum, is more fiscally conservative than people like John Linder, Tom Price, Phil Gingrey, Jack Kingston, and a whole slew of other sychophants that are just a bunch of Bush heel-followers. We don’t need Congress to be full of followers; we need pragmatic, thinking LEADERS.

  25. jackson says:

    “RR can be beaten, no doubt. But not this way. Just my opinion.” – Question Tater Tate: How is Casey Cagle supposed to beat Ralph Reed when he shouldn’t, in your opinion, point out many of the contradictory, hypocritical, and/or just plain false comments that Ralph Reed makes?

  26. jackson says:

    What are you talking about, “that dog don’t hunt.” Again, the question, maybe posed a different way, since you didn’t answer it the first time: Is it your contention that a candidate for office should only talk about puppy dogs and ice cream AND NOT print/post the contradictory and false statements his opponent has made?

    Serously, YOU can’t be serious.

    It think it is sad that Republicans make so much of running on integrity/honesty (wasn’t that what Dole, Bush 1 AND Bush 2 ran on?) but when it comes to our own candidates, we don’t really care.

  27. Tater Tate says:

    I am very serious Jackson. Is the CC campaign betting they can win the LC office by simply talking about the Indian casino affair? Is this about destroying RR or helping CC win? CC ought to be asking himself that question because I don’t think all of those behind him have his best interests at heart. CC is not known in this state outside of his district and a few party insiders and activists and that’s what they need to be working on.

    My point is simple. The CC campaign has too much work to do in this large state to focus on RR’s problems. They will take care of themselves. Why does his campaign need to enter into that anyway? I predict the end result will only be that if they have there way and RR gets out, many of his supporters will simply migrate to whomever gets in at that point.

    This is my advice and it is only worth what it costs, but I say let Ralph’s problems work themselves out and if they are as bad as CC’s campaign staff think then RR will emplode. In the meantime outwork RR and endear CC to his supporters so that CC becomes the obvious choice for them should RR falter. Instead, as this is being played out now everyone gets mad and CC gets passed over anyway. At least that’s my prediction under the senerio they believe will occur for RR.

    If on the other hand, RR does not go away, then CC has bigger problems and I have talked to few, even among his supporters, who believe CC can win. The CC campaign has to be more than the anti-RR candidate. Maybe that worked for Sonny in 2002 (against Barnes), but I don’t think it will work for CC in 2006.

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