It was bound to happen!

Well folks, the time has come. Believe it or not, we’ve received many requests for ad placement here at Peachpundit. At the same time, it’s not our intent to turn our nice little Main Street into Las Vegas. You don’t want that, and neither do we.

After some discussion, Erick and I decided to implement a sponsorship model. Our attempt will be to recoup hosting costs and administrative costs. Sure, hosting is cheap, but every time Erick drives up to Atlanta to visit he’s got to put gas in the tank!

Sponsorship is $10 per week. We’re using the BlogAds Network – if you’re not familiar with how to use them, or need help creating/developing an ad, just let us know. We’ll be glad to help.

Thanks for reading Peachpundit. We really enjoy doing this, and hope you enjoy being a part of it.

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  1. Ben King says:

    Is it possible that you could put the blog ads _under_ the ‘peach pundit’ column header logo? I just think the site would navigate better, I keep going to click the ‘for rent’ sign when I want to go back to the home page.


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