The Agenda

I had several interesting conversations on Friday with people in Atlanta. Of note is a sense of what the Republican agenda will be for the next session.

Speaker Richardson has said at several events that he forecasts a “light session.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    According to Saide Fields, the most important issue facing Georgia is NOT whether we are prepared for a disaster, but whether or not kids, who will not be adopted by any of her fellow WASP pals anyway, can be adopted by gays or lesbians.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    The agenda that should be:

    Community Development Districts with tax credits and incentives for new and expanding businesses, job retraining, and capital investments

    An end, once and for all, to political gerrymandering

    An end to unfunded county and municipal government mandates including the costs of housing state inmates

    The creation of technical high schools in partnership with our technical colleges throughout the state

    A new agenda for education in our state focusing on outcomes instead of processes — allow administrators to adjust methods to reach targeted outcomes tailored to their schools and communities… Monitor results and make corrections mid-stream, not after years of negative test results

    Clarify eminent domain — work with counties to clearly define the scope and uses of the process

    Create new private sector jobs to get Georgians off of Peachcare and into private insurance pools

    Republicans need to start delivering on the reform minded agenda that they ran on, instead of playing wait and bait politics…

  3. albert says:

    I was looking on the Senate website regarding SB 5, that raised the ire of people all over the state. While the bill was being considered there were many in the Senate defending it. It had several co-sponsors. Strangely enough everyone have their names from being co-sponsors. If you click on the various legislators names of bills they have sponsored or co-sponsored none show SB 5, only the initial sponsor Dan Moody.

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