1. Issues of fairness aside, I don’t get the rhetoric. Some INVADERS flew a plane into the world trade center, and some INVADERS helped keep construction costs on PoliPundit’s house down because they get paid less to do the same work as a citizen. Seems a little extreme.

    If we bar children of illegal immigrants from attending Georgia univerisities, shouldn’t we also bar their parents from playing the lottery? Photo ID at the convenience store, so to speak.

  2. Tater Tate says:

    How about we just send them home–to their home–if they entered our country illegally.

    I am for immigration, but there are too many playing by the rules trying to get here for us to tolerate people who break our laws to get here.

    I’ll pay more for my house, garden work, and vegetables. Send them home.

    I applaud the initiative of the Republican legislature. The real crime is that our DC politicians, including Republicans, tolerate the current situation.

  3. Never is he more consistent in his support for private property rights then when he and his partners would personally profit from a favorable pro “property rights” rezoning from the Paulding County Board of Commissioners.

    Of course, as long as you are guided by a sound ideology there’s nothing wrong with representing the county as well as someone who has county business concurrently.

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