More Polling Data

In a recent InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion poll, Georgians were asked their opinion of the following prominent political figures:

Sonny Perdue
Favorable – 59 percent
Unfavorable – 24 percent
No Opinion – 17 percent

Cathy Cox
Favorable – 53 percent
Unfavorable – 15 percent
No Opinion – 32 percent

Mark Taylor
Favorable – 35 percent
Unfavorable – 19 percent
No Opinion – 46 percent

Ralph Reed
Favorable – 16 percent
Unfavorable – 19 percent
No Opinion – 65 percent

The poll was conducted Aug. 14-16, 2005, among 400 registered Georgians, and has a plus/minus error margin of 4 percent.

Source: Bill Shipp


  1. Porter Bates says:

    It is interesting to me that people who are thought to have high name id (Taylor and Reed) have such high numbers who have no opinion. I guess is supports the view that the last few weeks of a campaign when all the money is spent on TV is when people really form impressions and make of their minds.

  2. Tater Tate says:

    Who did they poll? “Georgians” means what? Whoever answered the phone? Did it include even numbers of Ds and Rs? Likely voters? Just a general poll means nothing about an election. And why no numbers for Cagle?

  3. Romegaguy says:

    How many Millions did Cathy Cox spend last year to increase her name id? Just curious. Of course Kathy Cox benefitted from that, too.

  4. Warrior says:

    Y’all have got to be kidding. No matter what the polls say, they are simply vague name ID and meaningless. 95% aren’t paying attention and don’t care. Forget polling until after TV commercials begin.

  5. jackson says:

    Forget polling? Sure, if I was Ralph Reed, I would be saying that. If no one knows who they are and no one cares, why do more people NOT like Ralph Reed than like him? How do you explain that? Generally, you dont have an opinion of someone you don’t know.

  6. Decaturguy says:

    I’d agree that these poll numbers do not mean a whole lot. They are susceptible of huge fluctuations so early in the game.

    I think it is impressive that Cathy Cox has such high favorability ratings this early in the race.

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