Site Promotion

Yes, I’m dong some self-promotion. Continuing my foray into blogging, I have started a new site that is near and dear my heart — and relates to each one of you by virtue of you being on this site. My new site is Broadband Blog.

Broadband is something that did not exist, at least for the public, until the last decade. Sure, there was access to it, but that access was limited.

As is typical of government, instead of creating a new system or a new methodology for handling broadband, states are trying to force the round peg of broadband into the square holes of phone regulations or cable regulations. On the surface it works, but delve deeper and you realize you are dealing with a different product altogether.

Phones provide a source of communication and information. Cable television provides the same, but with pictures. Broadband can provide communication, information, television, bits, bytes, and a whole lot more. The problem, and the reason for this blog, is that some states want to handicap access to broadband with a host of unneeded and burdensome regulations that simply should not or clearly do not apply. For example, should your broadband connection, a Vonage account, etc. be subject the luxury tax imposed during the Spanish=American War on telephones? The tax is still there. Whether it applies to broadband is something regulators and legislators have looked at.

Over the coming months, I intend to promote activism through Broadband Blog to both inform you the reader of regulatory and predatory events in Georgia that would deny you the latest and greatest and to encourage you to take action.