Brian Kemp On Offense

Brian Kemp, running for Ag Commissioner, has come out swinging against Tommy Irvin.

Said Kemp, “Every Georgia family is feeling the impact of Hurricane Katrina and thankfully Governor Perdue is acting aggressively to implement tax cuts to help us weather this spike in gas prices and to do all he can to investigate price gouging on gasoline. I strongly support Governor Perdue’s efforts. But they beg the question of what is Tommy Irvin doing, especially during this holiday weekend?”

“Taking a few phone calls and issuing statements is not enough! The Agriculture Department has a staff of investigators who could be on the front lines statewide investigating charges of price gouging and insuring the Georgia’s consumers are protected during this difficult time.”


  1. landman says:

    Kemp is the kind of leader we need running our Agriculture Department.Nothing against Gary Black but Kemp is the real Republican that we should choose to put Mr.Tommy to pasture and take this important department to the next level!!!!

  2. MetroGOP says:

    This Press Release is the only productive thing I have seen come from the Kemp Campaign, and I am not sure I would call this productive.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    What about your esteemed leader, Chrisis? Why isn’t Tommy Irvin acting against price gougers? Or, is he too busy checking his portfolio of oil stocks and counting how many more millions it will grow while he sits on his ass at the DOA eating peaches and collecting protection money?

  4. I agree with Erick. Brian Kemp sounds like the worst kind of free market “protector”. Think Bobby Nader at the PSC. He’ll be all in favor of the free market when it means privatizing Georgia’s public lands (including the barrier islands) and eliminating regulations that keep us safe and environmentally clean, or when he’s giving a speech to fellow Republicans.

    But then when Granny pays $3.89/gallon for gas instead of $2.89 because she paniced and joined others in rushing the pump (causing a massive increase in demand) it will be Brian Kemp to the rescue telling station owners that they can’t raise their prices even when they are about to run out of their product because a bunch of dumb consumers decided that it was the last day they’d be able to get gas, despite the Governor and numerous others saying that wasn’t so?

    That was a lame press release. Even Brian Kemp must know it.

  5. Capt. says:

    I find it interesting that many of you are against protecting Georgia’s consumers. I think the issue is that many of you do not realize what the job of the Dept of Ag is. One of its main jobs is to PROTECT the CONSUMER. I realize that this is hard to see–being that Tommy Irvin has never protected the consumer, unless it is himself and Gary Black has never proposed to. I believe the other problem is the fact that maybe Mr Black didn’t even realize that it is the Dept of Ags job to protect the consumers being that all he discussing it being a farmer, and I believe that many of you are distressed at the fact that Senator Kemp is proposing to lead the department into an effective advocate for Georgians and is proposing the leadership to do so and Mr. Black is not. He is proposing to keep the department as stagnant and Bureaucratic as it is today. Or maybe some of you are just upset the the Black camp didn’t have a press release. Jealousy is a terrible thing.

    Nothing productive from the Kemp Camp? Is that why there is all this reaction of Black supporters on the Defensive?

  6. waterboy says:

    The Department of Agriculture has a fuel and measures division with field operations that tests and certifies retail gas pumps and wholesale petroleum meters. They make sure you get the full gallon of fuel that you paid for, not set up camp looking for price gougers. This is not an issue for the Commissioner of Agriculture, regardless of who is at the helm.

    Capt…..looks like you are the one that is defensive.

  7. Romegaguy says:

    Glad to see someone point out the obvious. Thanks waterboy.

    I would think that BEFORE Kemp decided to run for Ag Commissioner he would have looked to see what the job does.

    Chris you should have known that but maybe your brain is slow after holding that video camera up to your head while following Gov Perdue around the state or maybe it is because your brain is full helping Kahn develop more ways for the Democrats to lose.

    Question of the day… Out of the 700+ gas stations reported to the Gov’s office for “gouging”, how many have been forwarded to the AG’s office for prosecution?

  8. FTK says:

    In Capt’s defense, he is right. I would be careful before many of you get to confident on your own knowledge of the Ag Commission. Many of you just do not want to admit that Senator Kemp is stronger than any other candidate in the race—he has the knowledge, experience, capability to lead, to win and to create innovative ideas for the Dept, unlike the rest.

    Part of the long definition of the Dept’s job is as follows:

    The mission of Georgia’s Department of Agriculture is “to provide excellence in services and regulatory functions,
    [The Feed and Fertilizer Laboratories and the Pesticide ]
    Tifton Chemical Lab
    to protect and promote agriculture and CONSUMER INTERESTS…”

    it is the job of the Dept to protect the consumer. They even have a outline to report wrong doing. I guess there are some candidates in this race that do not want there to be any issue except those relating to ag. Which that is fine—Kemp is the best candidate either way.

  9. waterboy says:

    Tommy Irvin, Brian Hemp, Gary Black, Bob Greer and Dee Stricland all have one thing in common – they are not responsible for protecting consumers from price gouging – no matter which of them is Commissioner of Agriculture. Do the research and quit campaigning already. The Governor’s office and the Department of Revenue are on the front line for these issues. Consumer protection is a part of the Department’s responsibilities, but not regarding gas prices. Hopefully those that have been reported for gouging will get the fines they deserve.

  10. Romegaguy, I said Brian Kemp was a blowhard for making a lame attack on Tommy Irvin on an issue that Tommy Irvin does not have jurisdiction over. Waterboy more or less agreed with me, although he fleshed out the responsibilities of the office more than I had.

    I then pointed out that any one who cries wolf because gas stations raised their prices when the demand shot through the roof (because of morons on the internet and in office gossip spreading the false rumor that state troopers would close gas stations this week) is not much of a defender of the free market, which is why I think most Republicans made the choice to be Republicans. Because they believe in the free market. Am I wrong about that?

    The only thing I can conclude is that you’re jealous because Sonny Perdue knows me on a first name basis and when I go to GOP events people there actually want to talk to me. And I will add the great majority of people I meet at those events are very nice people, as are most of the posters on this blog.

  11. Romegaguy says:

    Chris you assume that the Governor doesnt know me. I wouldnt make that assumption. I am sure that your taping the Governor played an important role in Roy Barne’s re-election 3 years ago.

    You say that most Republicans choose to be Republicans because of a belief in the free market. Maybe it is because they dont see a viable alternative political party in this state. Just a guess. Keep up the good work Chris!

  12. Billings says:

    What the Irvin and Black supporters can’t get through their liberal, Democrat minds is that what Brian Kemp is saying is that while it may not be the Commissioner’s responsibility, it should be!

    Brian is saying that the Commissioner has this big department with a bunch of employees that are already responsible for inspecting gas pumps. He ought to send them out to try to document price gouging and then turn it over to the appropriate authorities whether that be the AG or the Gov.

    Irvin issues press releases and rambles incoherently, Black wrings his hands afraid to offend anybody, and Kemp leads.

    If the difference isn’t clear in this race by now, yall aren’t paying attention.

  13. Romegaguy says:

    Last time I looked, Commissioner Oxendine has a bunch of employees that are also already responsible for inspecting gas pumps. Is it your belief that Oxendine isnt doing his job either and maybe he should send his staff out to try to document price gouging and then turn it over to the appropriate authorities whether that be the AG or the Gov?

  14. Mike says:

    Kemp or Black? Who has the upper hand at this point? Any idea who has raised more cash? Just curious. By the way…..Just let the market work . There has never been a better way to allocate scarce resources than to follow the laws of supply and demand. You really want shortages? Let the goverment continue to manipulate the free maket.

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