Stories of heroism

The AJC reported the following (taken from a larger story on the disaster in New Orleans):

[Louisiana] Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu toured the stricken areas said rescued people begged him to pass information to their families. His pocket was full of scraps of paper on which he had scribbled down their phone numbers.

When he got a working phone in the early morning hours Thursday, he contacted a woman whose father had been rescued and told her: “Your daddy’s alive, and he said to tell you he loves you.”

“She just started crying. She said, `I thought he was dead,'” he said.

Ralph, Casey, Jerry, whatever the case may be, THAT’S the caliber of man I’d want as my Lt. Governor…

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  1. GAWire says:

    I almost posted something on the comment that comes after this, but decided positive stories are more productive, so I just wanted to mention this about some folks close to me that are providing support out of Atlanta.

    My wife’s uncle is a President of a subsidiary of one of our largest Fortune 500 corporations based out of Atlanta (not Coke), which asked if any of their execs would be willing to go down and help in the relief efforts. He is an elder at our church and all around great guy, and of course he volunteered. So they gathered at the company’s fleet of private jets that same day where they were given all kinds of shots and off they went not having a clue what to expect. He offered to fly his own plane down there in order to be able to take more people, but the G4’s (that’s a Gulfstream jet for those uninitiated to aviation) seemed a little more up to the task . . .

    They got to BR where they began coordinating a tent city to house their workers down there that are still dedicated to providing and restoring service to customers. So, there you have Executives of one of the largest corporations IN THE WORLD serving food, setting up shelter, loading/unloading supplies, etc, etc to its employees and any others they can help.

    If that wasn’t enough, now they are dealing with looters and armed gangs that have raided the Co’s bldg there and are impeding any work that is going on, not to mention putting all of those people and their families in danger.

    They are still down there, though and will work as long as they are needed, with all other corporate business on hold. Executives and technicians working side by side. If that doesn’t say something about leadership, brotherhood, and Christian example, I don’t know what does . . .

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