What’s He Thinking

I’ll avoid cheap shots about Jimmy Carter coddling dictators, but this has raised some homestate eyebrows.

Former President Jimmy Carter, one of Georgia’s most famous sons, was the target of scorn, shock and disbelief Thursday for lobbying to save a Connecticut submarine base at the expense of thousands of jobs for his home state.At least one member of an independent panel said Carter was the reason he voted to reverse a Pentagon recommendation to close the Naval Submarine Base New London – which would have shifted six subs and 3,367 jobs to Georgia’s Kings Bay base.”What was he thinking?” asked Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue.


  1. GAWire says:

    Ok, I’ll say it . . .

    Referring to Carter as GA’s “Favorite Son” is an insult to the rest of us!

    Memo to Carter: please please please, just STAY OUT OF IT!

  2. rickday says:

    OMG, how DARE Mr. Carter to prioritize National Defense over Pork Barrell!

    Lobbying for what is right, instead of what is best for us back home?

    What does he know? (Besideds being a Naval Officer and Commander in Chief)

    I am sure the blogger has MUCH more experience in pork.

    Sheesh. IF it ain’t Clinton’s fault, it would be Carter’s. And the jingo loop played on and on and on and…..

  3. Rebel says:

    Evan after his failed presidency is over, Carter continues to screw Americans. He gave away the Panama Canal, sent inflation through the roof, and now, not because he knows better, and AGAINST THE WISHES AND OPINION OF THE UNBIASED PANEL’S RECOMENDATIONS, found a way to hurt Georgia AND our military’s readiness. Why? Cause he had some fond memories!

    The sooner we celebrate his passing the better! And I ain’t talking about football either! 😉

  4. Mouth of the South says:

    You know, Carter was stationed at New London as a young Navy officer, and I find it amusing that any blame at all is going to him for Georgia losing so much in the lastest BRAC round. He is not an elected official in Georgia and those are the boys who are supposed to save your bases. The fact that they couldn’t even save a base in their base (Northern Atlanta suburbs) indicates how worthless it is to be a loyal member of the President’s party. When your vote and support is a given (Johnny Isakson) there is no reason to do you any favors. Who received favors? Well, Lieberman, but also Olympia Snowe, a moderate Republican, whose vote and support can’t be counted on. Perhaps your attacks on Carter (for writing a letter which, according to the above cost Georgia 3500 jobs) and should be directed at Isakson and Chambliss, UNITED STATES SENATORS, who don’t even have the influence of an ex-Navy officer.

    Isakson et al really showed us who he is representing in Washington, and it isn’t us.

  5. GAWire says:

    rickday brings up a good point . . . it is really interesting how much of our current troubles can be traced to Carter, Clinton, etc.

    Of course, when things get screwed up, voters call in Republicans to fixee-fixee. Reagan had to fix Carter’s failed attempts (at everything he did in the WH); Bush cleaned up Clinton’s second-term messes.

    So, the loop DOES INDEED play on and on and on and on . . .

    And, rick – just b/c he was a naval officer and CinC doesn’t mean that he proved he knew anything really, except that he could manage screwing up anything that came across his desk. Apparently, he wants to carry on that tradition!

    And, how exactly would ole’ Jimmy be “lobbying for what is right” by sticking up for the Conn sub base? As Rebel points out – defending an outdated base b/c of his time spent there before Georgians’ jobs doesn’t sound like Carter is “lobbying for what is right”!

  6. Mouth of the South says:

    How is this about Carter again? His action *saved* jobs, albeit someplace else, while the Georgia delegation’s inaction *cost* jobs. You think that if he hadn’t written a letter the story would be, well we lost four bases, but luckily, they closed a base in Connecticutt, too? Your anger is being reserved for someone last on taxpayer’s payroll in 1980. 25 years ago. Perthaps you should look at the senators who currently represent “you.” Please note that the cost savings of sending a rubber stamp to washington instead of Isakson would be large with no loss of effectiveness. We are lucky they don’t do a BRAC-like closing for ineffective elected officials, because we’d surely much of the people we currently send there.

    In other news, local media interviewed folks whose business is tied to the loss of Ft. Gillem and talk about how their restaurants/gas station etc. can possibly soldier on, yet nobody has bothered to interview the folks at Boneshaker’s who must be devastated by the loss of the Navy School there.

  7. Mouth of the South says:

    ALSO, where in this thread was Carter called Georgia’s “favorite son”? All I see is “famous son”, which clearly as a former President he is.

  8. Rebel says:

    Infamous is more likely!

    The INDEPENDENT commission made recomendations. Their best military judgement, not counting political pressure, was that we need less sub bases since our sub fleet is now less then 1/2 of what it used to be. They recommended closing an obsolete one, but they were overruled by a group influenced by the opinion of a former commander-in-chief.

    Now I don’t have a problem with the bases in Alanta and Athens being closed. The land is better used for commercial development anyway. Georgia’s gain was through King’s Bay and a couple of other bases. Our guys took care of the state as a whole…AND…took care of the nations needs as well.

    Then steps in Jimmy. Still a micro-manager, still ignorant, still not really concerned with our military needs. He probably just got off the phone with Cindy Sheehan trying to “encourage” her.

    Carter is the perfect example of why dems can’t run our military. so they should never be elected president.

  9. Bush is doing a great job cleaning up Bill Clinton’s second term mess. I read about all of the progress everyday at google news.

    Carter appointed Paul Volcker as Fed Chair. He is widely credited from the late ’70’s through his term expiration in 1982 for getting inflation under control and reversing the staglfation that was rampant during Carter’s term. Reagan was an ingrate and appointed Ayn Rand disciple Alan Greenspan instead of reapointing Volcker.

  10. Melb says:

    I do believe blame is being misplaced. Isakson and Chambliss and Perdue for that matter should be the ones to blame. They are our currented elected officials! And saying Bush cleaned up after Clinton’s mess makes me LMAO.

  11. Bill Simon says:

    “Famous”…”Favorite”…oy…I’m gonna halfta get me better reading glasses…my age and all that…(Stephanie, hold your tongue).

    BUT, UGA has been called “Georgia’s Flagship University” and that is certainly a pile of crap. No wonder the state of Georgia is considered Bubba-HQ for the Southeastern United States.

  12. Mouth of the South says:

    Dems can’t run our military? As opposed to W? Seriously? If you close New London it adds jobs to King’s Bay. True. But it also decreases the role of subs in our navy and our defense. Which negatively effects King’s Bay’s future. Georgia would not be getting all of New London’s jobs; they weren’t transferring the manufacturing facilities,a nd without them, King’s Bay doesn’t get new boats. Although New London’s closing would be better for the economy around King’s Bay, it would cause subs and their attendants to lose influence in tomorrow’s Navy, which would be bad news for Georgia’s base.

    I actually agree with the initial BRAC closing of New London, mostly because it was part of an overall move away from the 600 ship Navy theory. Trying to change top level planning through bottom level maneuvering is less than ideal, but if one believes, as Carter seems too, that subs play an intricate and vital role in our national defense and should npt be amarginalized, than keeping New London and its boat works is a good way to do it.

  13. GAWire says:

    >>”””Reagan was an ingrate…”

    Congrats, Chris – you might be the only person IN EXISTANCE that defends Jimmy Carter by attacking Ronald Reagan!

    On another note, I would partially agree with Erick, in that BRAC did what it is designed to do. The closings are based on statistical records and evaluations with the goal of cutting unnecessary spending, so we don’t have to cut defense spending that we need (here is my simple “formula” to explain that: GOP=cut spending and put neccessary spending towards defense/security & Dems=raise taxes whenever possible — I was never great at math, but you get the point). If the numbers say GA bases should be shut down, then I’m afraid that is what we have to do.

    Furthermore, Saxby and Isakson performed their obligations to constitutents, which is to try and talk the commission out of closing bases in their states. That is all they can do, and clout with the Party or the Administration has nothing to do with it – just look at Thune’s situation!

    Still, the fact remains that Carter was horrible as President and apparently wants to continue that reputation in his old age.

    As far as the “favorite” or “famous” stuff . . . apparently, I need to break out the reading glasses in my old age, too. I thought it initially said “favorite” b/c Carter has been referred to that way, as well as “famous” too. Still, FAMOUS Georgians don’t always make the rest of us look so good, as Simon points out in the case of UGA.

    I guess folks always gotta’ see the negatives of the state before any of the positives, don’t they?

  14. Mouth of the South says:

    You agree with the BRAC findings, yes? So you feel the Georgia bases should be shut down. Then why aren’t you excoriating Isakson et al for attempting to keep them open? What if they were successful in keeping them open, would you be up in arms?

  15. GAWire says:

    Believe it or not, there is a process to a process like BRAC in the overall political scene:

    -Members defend the bases in order to stick up for constituents.

    -BRAC commission looks at the numbers and makes a decision based on them.

    Everyone in that picture knows what is going to happen, and they also know the role that they have to presume in the overall process.

    Isakson et al see those same numbers and realize they aren’t going to change the BRAC’s mind. But, in the event that they do, then they are heroes in preserving jobs in the state. If not – well, then they at least they can go back to the constituents saying they did everything they could.

    Sorry, Mouth – not everything in politics is as black and white as you think . . .

  16. Mouth of the South says:

    Obviously that’s the case. But you said you thought the bases should be closed. Let’s assume Isakson agrees with you. But he has responsibilities to his consitutuents which means he should try and keep the bases open. So what you are saying is he should seem like he is trying to keep them open without actually doing so, because if he succeeded it would be against what he thinks the correct outcome is. So he is just putting on a dog and pony show about being upset about the base cancellations, do I have that right? Or are we suppoosed to celebrate his ineffectiveness in not changing the outcome?

    So essentially what you believe that as a member of the senate he needs to pretend as if he thinks the bases should stay open, because that is what his consitutents believe. That’s really an effectiver force for his constitutents. he doesn’t agree with them, but he pretends to for political cover. Luckily he is ineffective (though intentionally so) so it’s fine. Do I have that right?

  17. Big Mack says:

    Carter has never done anything for the citizens of Georgia but he has done plenty to them. Now he is advocating that the state four lane U.S. 280 from Savannah to Columbus going through downtown Plains. He could have done this when he was President as a military necessity ie: transporting Fort Benning’s equipment to port. He refused to do it claiming that it would be showing favoritism to Georgia. The state will be better off when he decides to move to the liberal north east or goes on to meet Jesus.

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