The “Republican Difference”

Perdue has his the campaign trail. He’s trying to make the case that Georgia is better off with the GOP in charnge.

By prioritizing the wants of the people and budgeting accordingly, and
eliminating spending excesses — such as on the state’s surplus of vehicles, more than 2,000 of which have now been auctioned off on eBay — the “black hole” budget Perdue inherited is now balanced, he said. Streamlining government has also been a priority, he said. “Under the old rule, what would you do if a program wasn’t working? Give it more money,” he said. “What do I do for it if a program’s not working? Shut it down.”


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I have to ask, is it common sense to shift the cost of treating the state’s mental patients at the jails, where the cost is higher or at treatment centers like Georgia Regional, where the cost is lower?

    Is it common sense to pass along so many unfunded mandates like the expense of housing state prisoners in county jails to the county governments?

    Perdue has done some good stuff, but he’s also done some stuff that just doesn’t make sense…

  2. I’d like to hope that we have a chief executive smart enough to know the difference between shutting a program down because it’s not working and increasing funding to one that is legitimately underfunded.

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