Mayor Ellis Threatens County Commissioner

Down in Macon, where the city daily exudes more characteristics of a Banana Republic, the Mayor, C. Jack Ellis, has reportedly said he wants to “kick Joe Allen’s ass.” Allen, a County Commissioner, was a deciding vote on county expenditures for a workforce development project, a pet project of Mayor Ellis.

Through spokesman Ron Wildman, the Mayor has denied Joe Allen’s charge. But sources tell Peach Pundit that Joe Allen took the statement so credibly that he went to the Macon Telegraph with it.

[UPDATE] Another source tells Peach Pundit the debate was over issues relating to tax assessments and not the Workforce Development Program.

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  1. albert says:

    Seems to me that both are vying for the “Biggest Idiot in Macon” designation.

    What I find interesting is that both seemingly have the same type of agenda. They should be pals.

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