Marshall Hits Campaign Trail

He’ll be battling Mac Collins in a new district that leans Republican. Moultrie, by the way, is Saxby Chambliss’s home territory.

A congressman who hopes to help represent Colquitt County after the next election bared his political soul to Moultrie Kiwanians Thursday.

Rep. Jim Marshall is in his second term as U.S. House Representative of the Third District. But with Georgia’s congressional lines changing, he will be running for the new Eighth District if the justice department clears the new map, he said. Colquitt County is the southernmost tip of the new district which extends up into Newton County, a suburb of Atlanta.

Marshall is a Democrat, he votes in the interests of his district and country without regard to political parties, he said.


  1. Rebel says:

    You know, I’d hate to live or run in that district. It looks awful. Having a district, stretching from the Atlanta suburbs to north Florida doesn’t seem like we drew that map. Did anyone see Barnes or Kahn around the capitol this past session?

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