Will Lamutt Enter The Ring

From Bill Shipp:

Rumors continue to circulate that Republican Robert Lamutt is considering throwing his hat into the race for Secretary of State.

Lamutt, who fell just short in his bid for the GOP nomination for the 6th Congressional District (eventual winner Tom Price defeated Lamutt in a runoff), is said by insiders to have financially recovered from a campaign that was significantly self-funded in 2004. . . .

Lamutt is said by insiders to be aligned with the Casey Cagle-David Shafer bloc in the state Senate, which is seen by many to be rivals to Stephens and his supporters. Cagle is seeking the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor.

I’m verging on candidate saturation. In general, people (and I don’t mean this directed at Lamutt or anyone else) need to get in or shut up and get behind someone. It may be early, but 2006 is going to be enough of a battle for both parties. The more people in the races, the more donors are going to be tapped out on both sides..


  1. Doc says:

    Robert Lamutt should run for Labor Commissioner or in a race where we need Republican candidates, not in a race that is already overcrowded.

  2. albert says:

    I don’t see it happening. He needed to be in by State Convention time to make much impression on the faithful. Any successful candidate needs that prior year’s exposure.

  3. GAWire says:

    It would be interesting that LaMutt’s campaign mgr last yr is now running Handel’s campaign . . .

  4. Two quick points.

    1.) As to the FACT that you have to be in the race by last years state convention, that is wrong. Governor Perdue was not even announced at this time in 01. Governor Perdue announced in December of 01, adn won the primary in July of 02, that is not a year.

    Also Robert was the first, well second if you count Bob Barr, candidate to announce for Congress in July of 2003. He ended up expending much needed capital for months longer than his opponents.

    2.) I have it from reliable sources that Marty Ryall did not live up to Roberts expectations and cost a hell of a lot.

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