Perry McGuire for AG?

Rumor has it that GOP leaders and individuals close to Governor Perdue are trying to push Perry McGuire into the Attorney General race in the Republican Primary and out of the Secretary of State race.

This would create a primary where there didn’t appear to be one in the Republican AG spot (though Highsmith has yet to officially announce his plans) and would ensure no runoff, thus far, in the Republican SOS spot.

There is no word yet on whether someone will attempt to induce Highsmith to withdraw his consideration of the AG’s spot. There is also no word on whether McGuire would actually make the jump from SOS to AG.

On a follow up not, rumor has it that Highsmith has indicated in the past that he is not “locked in” to the race and might step aside for someone else. Stay tuned.


  1. Tater Tate says:

    Don’t really know Highsmith, but if McGuire gets out and Lamutt gets in, it will still be a real interesting (and expensive) race to watch.

    I know it isn’t really Republican, but I sometimes wish there was some guiding hand behind the scenes (say a strong and wise governor) to keep us from so much bloodshed and wasted money in these down ticket races.

  2. Doc says:

    Perry McGuire would make an excellent Attorney General, and I am sure that Robert Highsmith would drop out if McGuire ran. Highsmith was general counsel to Governor Perdue and supposedly recruited by the Governor for Attorney General, but I have always suspected that he was merely a placeholder candidate.

    We need to stop dividing ourselves into camps. I like Shafer and may vote for Cagle but I do not consider myself a member of the Shafer/Cagle/McElhannon camp. I do not even know McElhannon and seriously doubt there is such a “camp.”

  3. Erick says:

    Robert is a friend of mine and I’d definitely support him. That said, I have heard some great stuff about McGuire too and have heard from several today who say the thinking is that McGuire “would be a wasted talent” if he stayed in the SOS race.

  4. Rebel says:

    Doc – Bill Shipp also referenced the Cagle/Shafer camp (see Erick’s post on Lamutt) and used that term. apparently there is one or at least a bunch of folks think there is one.

  5. Doc says:

    Bill Shipp is a Democrat who would like nothing more than to divide Republicans into camps.

    Almost all the Senate Republicans have endorsed Casey Cagle for Lieutenant Governor and Bill Stephens for Secretary of State. If there are Cagle and Stephens “camps” in the Senate, the camps are obviously not opposed to each other because they are made up of the same people.

    I like Shafer and lean toward Cagle for LG and Stephens for SOS, although I doubt that either Cagle or Stephens will win their respective primaries. What camp does that put me in?

  6. albert says:

    I don’t see McGuire moving. He’s gone through considerable expense already in his campaign and is backed by high calibur conservatives. Just today he sent out an announcement of additional supporters. He would be good at either, but I would prefer him as Secretary of State. We need a solid conservative in this post. McGuire is quite electable. Once the primary is over, I really doubt that the dems could put up anyone as qualified and as well liked as Perry.

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    I am glad to welcome the visionary of Crown Ministries to our campaign team,” Perry stated.

    Crown Financial Ministries is the result of a merger between Christian Financial Concepts, founded by Larry Burkett, and Crown Ministries. Crown Financial Ministries in located in Gainesville, Georgia.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Once again, Erick, I doubt your “sources” on this rumor. Why would people “close to the Governor” be looking to push Highsmith out (i.e., Former Deputy Executive Counsel to Governor Perdue) of the AG race in favor of some ex-state senator who hasn’t been in the legislature for several years?

    Answer: They wouldn’t if they’re truly “close to the Governor.”

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