The 159 Group

Rumor has it each candidate will be getting the same amount of money and the group will reassess later on. Probably the best that can be expected for either side. They are both quality candidates and the they’ve both only begun to fight.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Actually, Erick, I’m hearing that what you’ve heard is incorrect… They haven’t made any decisions…

  2. Erick says:

    Bull, they’ll each get a little something and get looked at again. I suspect that Cagle has the advantage with the group, given its make up, but for now, I’m confident that they’ll both get a little and it will be an equal amount for both.

  3. Silence says:

    Cagle has a definite advantage within the 159 group, because of the influence of his mentor, Senator David Shafer (R – Duluth). However, because of the presence of members of the “Georgia Republican Old Guard,” they’ll placate both camps with equal contributions, and re-evaluate after the December 31st reporting period, my guess.

  4. Booray says:


    I live next-door to Cagle’s district and he used to represent my county (Forsyth). Shafer has also represented part of Forsyth in the past.

    Since when is Shafer considered to be Cagle’s “mentor”? Cagle was in the Senate for many years before Shafer was there.

    I understand Shafer is supporting Cagle, but to imply he is somehow Cagle’s political mentor is way off base in my opinion.

    Booray Bussey

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