Confirmation on Robert Ray

Peach Pundit has confirmed through sources close to Representative Robert Ray that he does intend to switch to the Republican Party. Rep. Ray represents portions of Bibb, Crawford, Houston, Monroe, and Peach Counties in Middle Georgia and will bring an evenly split local delegation for Bibb County solidly into the Republican camp.

Ray’s district went for Angela Spears with close to 70% of the vote and has trended for some time toward the Republicans. That trend has accelerated due to growth in northern Houston County and “white flight” from Bibb County into Monroe and Crawford Counties.

Ray’s switch comes at a time when Dr. Meg Nichols of Monroe County begins laying the groundwork for a campaign against Ray. Nichols ran against Senator Cecil Staton in Senate District 18, which covers portions of Bibb, Crawford, Houston, Jones, and Monroe Counties, in the 2004 Republican primary.

With this switch, Ray becomes the odds on favorite to keep that seat and, should Nichols decide to run, she will most likely face a united front in the Republican party. One Crawford County Republican tells Peach Pundit, “We, Democrats and Republicans, all vote for Robert because he is Robert. Party does not matter when it comes to good folk like him.”


  1. Bull Moose says:

    I’m tired of us just letting elected officials switch parties because its electorally in their best interests… What about ideology? What about their legislative record?

    If anyone remembers, back in the 1980’s when then Rep. Phil Gramm of TX was a Democratic Member of the US House of Representatives, he resigned and ran anew for his seat as a Republican.

    That is the principled thing to do.

    I don’t know this Mr. Ray, but regardless, I think that party switchers should resign their office and run anew under their new party ID.

  2. Erick says:

    Bill, I’m for holding the House with as little money spent. A special election would cost Republican money. Besides, Ray votes with the Republicans more than several existing Republicans.

  3. Tater Tate says:

    Erick, you are right. Robert Ray’s voting record would mirror most conservative Republicans. I believe he voted for Speaker Richardson. He has not attended the Democratic caucus meetings for some time. He held out as a “Zell Miller Democrat” for as long as he could. He should be welcomed. He is coming home to where his principles are clearly now found.

    I don’t know if the Doctor will run against him in a primary or not, but from work with him on Ag issues over the years, I know he is loved and many will sigh a sigh of relief that Robert has removed this one last concern about him.

    I have concerns about switching too, but not in this case. I hope the Republican party in his counties will welcome him.

  4. Rebel says:

    Landman asked me a question in another thread about Robert Ray and based upon BullMoose, Erick & Tater’s comments I thought I also belonged here:

    Landman – I am bothered by it pure and simple. And it’s not just Ray or Morris – it’s any of them NOW.

    Before we had 91 Republicans in the House, I’d have agreed to do whatever to get them onboard. But we have 99 now. Why are we (Glenn, Jerry, Mark and the Guv) out kissing the butts of any dem who is willing to switch?

    If their ideology was so conservative and pure, why did the women’s right to know legislation languish for a decade or more? Why did tort reform take so long? Why did they vote to destroy our communities with redistricting? Why did we have to battle to define marriage? etc….

    The 5 who switched BEFORE we had control of the house, made a sacrifice to join with us. We’ve sacrificed for years as we were shut out and belittled for our beliefs. By the same power brokers who now are out of power and crave it like crack cocaine!

    Part of the Governor’s problem is who he has appointed. From the crazy appointment of Harold “Dems Like Me, Vote With Leah� Melton to his reappointment of dem after dem. Are there no republicans worthy in the various areas of the state? Apparently not, according to our Governor. And this has pissed the base off more than anything in my opinion.

    The question has been raised, what is the difference between the current Governor and Cathy or Mark in terms of appointing democrats to boards and commissions?

    We don’t NEED the switchers now. If they come – fine. But NO deals or promises should be made.

  5. Silence says:

    This switch by Representative Ray coincides, interestingly enough, with the indictment of the chairman of the Crawford County Commission for theft by taking and false swearing.

    I think Rebel, Erick, and several other guys have made the point in roundabout way: make the switch on principle, not some “butt kiss” deal behind the scenes. If their history is conservative, if their voting record is conservative, and they are willing to toe the conservative line, we should welcome them with open arms. If, however, they are coming in as opportunists, wanting rewards, special treatment, etc, they can stay on the other side of the aisle.

  6. Rebel says:

    Close but not quite where I’m at. If the guy is more conservative than Ronald Reagan, still offer NOTHING to get him/her to switch. If they want to run in our primary and make their case to the voters – fine. The point is, we don’t NEED anymore to keep control. And we’ll still win some more by attrition.

  7. Doc says:

    Robert Ray is a conservative and we should welcome him but he should take his place at the end of the line with our freshmen.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    I agree with you Doc — he takes his place like a freshman and Rebel — I agree with you on the Gov’s problem… You really hit it right on the head about the appointments. Just thought I’d chime in…

  9. albert says:

    I wonder if this is mere speculation. He attended a weekend rally for Middle Georgia Democrats. They mustered up 125 attendees… Cathy Cox along with other candidates were in attendance. It doesn’t sound like their event was an overall success.

    The one theme that they did seem to point out was they decried negative campaigning. Russell Boston, district 3 chairman, was invoking Jesus saying he would be a democrat.

    To me, it appears that they are still trying to clean up after the last wave of Republican seats. Also, it means that Republicans have got to stay united and market our ideas effectively. The politics of personal destruction have got to go by the wayside or we will lose as quickly as we gained. People have hopes that we will lead with a sound agenda. We’ve got to do it.

  10. Rebel says:

    I don’t mind welcoming anyone. I just don’t want to make deals and offer anything to get someone to switch. I also don’t want to see long-suffering republicans expected not to run against these newcomers in our primary. If the switchers can hold their own, so be it. But if the voters prefer a republican that has been one since “before last week” then they should get the representation they want.

  11. landman says:

    Albert,Im sure you dont actually believe this anti- negative campaigning theme.Some how, I cant see Jesus being catagorized with the likes of Howard Dean.

  12. Tater Tate says:

    Russell Boston, the 3rd district Democrat chair is a dangerous person. He is an ambitious trial lawyer with money and a strong desire to run for office. Look for him to jump into some campaign soon.

    Obviously he is not all there if he really thinks Jesus would have been a Democrat.

    I’m not sure Jesus would have belonged to either party, but I am confident he would not have belonged to the modern Democrat party.

  13. albert says:

    landman,,, no I’m talking about what we do to our own. The Democrats are far more hospitable to their opponents than we are to our own when we have primaries. We skewer and roast em. It’s amazing that we can come together and win.

  14. Doc says:

    I agree with Rebel that switchers should not be “protected” from primary challengers. Welcomed but not protected.

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