From the Tip Line

Will Robert Ray (D-136) soon be Robert Ray (R-136)? That’s what the tip line says. We don’t know if it’s true or not, but we’re just passing it on.

Also, we hear the 159 Group discussed Reed v. Cagle this evening. No word on the outcome. David Shafer is a member of the group and we can be sure he is lobbying hard for Cagle.


  1. landman says:

    CC and RR both attended the meeting and each had an opportunity to speak and answer questions.If this event is an indicator of things to come this is going to be a great race to watch.The questions started off soft but progressed to being very pointed and precise concerning Experience and Ethics.RR was his typical smooth talking head persona and CC was CC.It is interesting to see them work a room and the difference reactions they get.For those who think this is not going to be a race to the end are going to be surprised. There are more people than just Shafer lobbying hard for CC.I repeat my position….. at the end of the day ethics will be talked about but it will be Qualifications and Experience that will carry the day.

  2. BillyTheKid says:

    Good question, Rebel. I believe, and I could be wrong, but I believe that one would have had to be one or the other to attend and witness that meeting.

  3. Erick says:

    The 159 Group is a group of established and up and coming movers and shakers in the Georgia GOP would each pledge money to the group and the group then farms it out to Republican candidates.

    Dylann Glenn, David Shafer, and others are connected to the group.

  4. Tater Tate says:

    I guess no one wants to talk about poor old Robert Ray, a potential new republican? Will the party up there embrace him, or support that woman doctor who talks a lot and never listens?

  5. Hissy Fit says:

    I pulled the campaign disclosure report for The 159 Group. Erick, this is supposed to be an established group of movers and shakers?! I have never heard of most of them (sans Fleming and Kellett) and since when did Rob Willis become a Republican?

  6. Erick says:

    Hissy Fit, that’s silly. You have David Shafer, Rob Leebern, Jamie Tucker, Eric Tanenblatt, and a host of other upstanding, solid Republicans in that group. Just because you haven’t heard of someone does not make them less of a “mover and shaker.” It actually makes them more influential because they aren’t hiding behind their name to move a solid GOP agenda and candidates forward.

    Note, though, that while I tremendously admire the 159 Group for what they are doing, I am most decidely not a member. I doubt I could afford the dues.

  7. KJM says:

    Most of the names on the disclosure list are new to me but it looks like they gave almost 100K to Republican candidates in 2004. That is more than a little moving and shaking.

  8. landman says:

    Rebel,no Im not a staffer, just someone who chooses to engage in the process in hopes that we build a better Georgia.I would like to know your opinion in regards to Ray,it seems we share the same opinions with the exception of the CC\RR race.

  9. Erick says:

    Note to several: I have deleted 4 comments that were inappropriate related to the 159 Group. This is not the forum to debate the merits of the 159 Group or its membership, which, contrary to some on this thread, is fairly well spread through out the state and includes several legislators.

  10. Tater Tate says:

    I think their dues are $1,000. I know several Republican candidates even in south Georgia who benefited from their contributions. More power and money to them!!!

  11. Rebel says:

    Landman – I am bothered by it pure and simple. And it’s not just Ray or Morris – it’s any of them NOW.

    Before we had 91 Republicans in the House, I’d have agreed to do whatever to get them onboard. But we have 99 now. Why are we (Glenn, Jerry, Mark and the Guv) out kissing the butts of any dem who is willing to switch?

    If their ideology was so conservative and pure, why did the women’s right to know legislation languish for a decade or more? Why did tort reform take so long? Why did they vote to destroy our communities with redistricting? Why did we have to battle to define marriage? etc….

    The 5 who switched BEFORE we had control of the house, made a sacrifice to join with us. We’ve sacrificed for years as we were shut out and belittled for our beliefs. By the same power brokers who now are out of power and crave it like crack cocaine!

    Part of the Governor’s problem is who he has appointed. From the crazy appointment of Harold “Dems Like Me, Vote With Leah” Melton to his reappointment of dem after dem. Are there no republicans worthy in the various areas of the state? Apparently not, according to our Governor. And this has pissed the base off more than anything in my opinion.

    The question has been raised, what is the difference between the current Governor and Cathy or Mark in terms of appointing democrats to boards and commissions?

    We don’t NEED the switchers now. If they come – fine. But NO deals or promises should be made.

  12. landman says:

    Rebel,Im in total agreement with you,because I believe its pure self preservation at this point.Which I understand is politics 101,but the fact still remains that there are real Republicans in some (not all) of those districts that with some top shelf support could oust them anyway. Yes we increase our majority in numbers,but the question becomes is our conservative philosophy watered down in the process.In any event there should be no deals and they should fall in line behind the freshmen class of the year they cross over in regards to seniority.

  13. Doc says:

    This organization is a strong supporter of Republican legislative candidates all over Georgia. All the members deserve our thanks. We should stop taking shots at our fellow Republicans, especially the ones who are giving time, talent and treasure to the cause.

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